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Even as people across the country turn in record numbers to their community newspapers for vital news about COVID-19, not to mention the usual fare of stories about local personalities, businesses, government affairs and crime, those newspapers are suffering. With so many businesses closed or operating on reduced schedules, the advertising revenue that sustains local journalism has dried to a trickle.

That puts tremendous pressure on free-distribution papers like the Loudoun Times-Mirror, which are almost entirely dependent on advertising revenue. The current crisis has driven home the fragility of the free-paper business model, and it is now forcing us to make changes to ensure the long-term survival of the Times-Mirror as an outlet for high-quality local reporting.

Beginning this week, we are reducing the frequency with which we deliver the print paper to portions of Loudoun County. Although we will continue to reach about 50,000 households over the course of a month, with 30,000 to 35,000 to be distributed every week, in some areas delivery will be reduced to every other week. On those "off" weeks, we will boost the number of copies we deliver to stores in those neighborhoods, but many readers will lose the convenience of free driveway delivery.

To ensure uninterrupted, convenient home delivery, we encourage Times-Mirror readers to support our award-winning local journalism by subscribing. Please subscribe online at LoudounTimes.com/subscribe or call 703-669-3039 to arrange weekly delivery for just $99 a year.

We know many of our readers appreciate the 24/7 convenience of our website, LoudounTimes.com, where they can read our local reporting updated daily as news happens. Changes are coming there, too. Later this month, we will roll out a metered paywall that will grant casual readers free access to a few articles a month in exchange for registering. After readers hit the free article limit, we will require a subscription. We are still finalizing rates and article limits, but one thing is clear: Print subscriptions will include unlimited online access at no additional charge.

We are honored to have earned the trust of so many people in Loudoun County and beyond, with more than 1.5 million readers through the first five months of 2020 alone. And we are committed to serving the community with credible, reported journalism for the long term. But for us to continue providing the kind of journalism Loudoun deserves, we need reader support. Thank you for considering a subscription today.

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LTM days are limited. Tik Tok. Tik Tok.

If they weren’t so biased I’d consider supporting.


Thank God. I grew up here and the LTM was the main source of local news. Over the years it is nothing more than a reprint of other news release or advertisement releases by local businesses. A few years ago they started throwing free copies in my yard each week. I have had them stop this on 3 occasions but every time they change delivery person they start back up. I don't want their paper thrown in my yard, it just gets put in the recycle. Maybe now they will stop and until they actually do non-biased, fact based reporting they are nothing more than a rag that needs to go away.


I hope folks like David Dickson, Scottva, VA SGP are subscribing and showing their support with their wallets. Without this site, where would they post their hate-filled rants!


My goodness, aren't we a tad judgmental no? Can you prove that their postings are "hate-filled rants"? No, you can't but it easier to paint differing opinions as "hate-filled rants" when it doesn't fit the neat tidy majority narrative. That is what the liberal elites do and is being illustrated here. Get over it.


Oh volt guy. Please pay attention to those around you. BTW. Have you subscribed and paid your fare share? Where else can you be you without someone who knows you telling you to stop?

pual mase

Fair (not fare) share is a code word for socialism popularized by the Socialist-in chief Obama.


Fare share is paying for the services you use and not sticking others with the tab. You are relying on the charity of others when you neglect to pay your tab.


Guest--I am paying attention, thanks for your concern though. As to whether I subscribed or not is none of your business. I tend to get my news from a variety of sources, notably the Wall Street Journal.


Guest--there is no "tab" that requires payment for posting on this site. That isn't relevant here. Since there is no payment for use of this site, the premise that someone is relying on the charity of others when you neglect to pay your tab is not valid.


V-you thrive on the freedom LTM provides. Help the folks out there so they can continue to give you a platform. Or don’t and take advantage of the free space others are paying for-your choice. But don’t be like the other guy and called is socialism to ask for financial support for a site you definitely are happy to use. Even better, stop being cheap and support local companies. Why not?


Guest--um, no, I thrive on my own and my advancement doesn't center on the "...freedom that LTM provides". It centers around self-determination and individual initiative. The determination of whether or not I subscribe to a newspaper does not have any direct correlation to whether or not I use this website. The website is free to use and the comments section is also free. As I have said that I get my news from a variety of sources, but my preference is the Wall Street Journal. Can the LTM provide me with the coverage that WSJ can provide? No. BTW, how do you know my spending habits? You don't so calling me "cheap" is inappropriate.


If the paper would charge commenters by the word, between Voltaire and Brian Davison they would be able to stay in business another decades. I bet when you see a buffet that says all-you-can-eat you plan on a few hour meal. Slow down and leave some for the rest of us, especially if you are getting this for free


Saw this coming a mile away - when both your paper - and our county - got hijacked by Lefties - the outcome is inevitable....


Lefties???! Have you not read what the most prolific posters write? This is a platform for the radical right. Read Brian Davison, ACE, David Dickson, Pual, Scotva, etc.


Yet another left leaning rag that can't cut it on its "content" . Good riddance. Just a few steps ahead of the NY Times.....


Us lefties think this paper leans right


I Have subscribed to and read the Loudoun Papers since 1954 and have seen the degeneration from what was an excellent "Country" paper into what is Editorially now a junior grade Wash Compost. And differently not worth a double subscription price.


I'll miss all of my comments being deleted by your censors simply because they don't like the content of the message politically ...

best of luck you ya.


While I appreciate being able to get coverage of local news, if that news has any implications for the moral, social, economic, or political good of our area, I already know LTM's take on it. That take will be not be based on fact, logic, or common sense, but rather an agenda that may have good intentions but guarantees harm to people and increases the divisions in our society.

I do contribute to organizations providing news from a more balanced perspective. But not to those with an agenda that harms, and blinders to consistent bias that misses basic reality.


Recently resubscribed. Sticking with you. Best of luck.

Charles Houston

I understand your dilemma, and that of media as a whole. I'm sure you gave this great thought, but just in case you decided wrong, add me to the list of readers who will leave.Change your mind and I'll come back.


Sorry to read this. As much as I value local reporting, most information is available on other local web news sites. Best of luck.


Bye Bye LTM


The old adage..." no news is good news"! But local papers ARE biased, in any journalistic endeavor I don't think there is non-bias as we are humans responding to events. I'm still searching for a TV station rhat can...Lester Hilt is closest, but would LOVE to have someone interview HIM re all this....

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