Loudoun Water Administration Building

The Loudoun Water administration building in Ashburn

Loudoun Water has opened one of the most advanced water treatment plants in the commonwealth to help treat and tap water from the Potomac River to meet local demand. This is the first time Loudoun Water is tapping the Potomac to meet demand.

The utility company last week celebrated the launch of the Trap Rock Water Treatment Facility, which uses two-step ozone, two-stage mixing, flocculation, sedimentation, biological filtration, chlorine disinfection and ultraviolet inactivation systems to treat water from the Potomac.

Loudoun Water officials say the treatment system satisfies current treatment needs while positioning the company to address potential future regulations. Maximum day water demands in fast-growing Loudoun are projected to grow from 40 million gallons per day to 90 million gallons per day by 2040, according to Loudoun Water.

The opening of the Trap Rock Water Treatment Facility coincided with the 60th anniversary of Loudoun Water, which was founded as the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority on May 27, 1959.

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one sure way to limit Loudoun's growth is shut off the new infrastructure projects: water/sewage treatment, schools, roads. We are already overburdened with people.

Since all politics is local, we should build walls not at the mexican border but figurative walls at Loudoun's eastern edge. No more growth!


When it comes to LoCo's public works design and construction, it's nothing but the very best. And the voters eat it up because they simply don't understand or don't care about what it means to finance these Taj Mahals over multiple decades.


Call me crazy -- but as I already pay a ton in taxes -- I'd like to see Cinder Blocks used building sewage treatment plants.


It's not a sewage treatment plan, it's a fresh water treatment plant.



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