Loudoun-Danville Exchange Program | Northam

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) in February 2020 welcomes guests to the executive mansion at the kickoff for the pilot exchange program between Loudoun County and Danville. 

At least 70 percent of Loudoun County’s more than 80 COVID-19 related deaths are connected to eight senior living or long-term care facilities, according to Virginia Department of Health figures shown Wednesday.

Out of the deaths, at least 60 are from the eight sites that include nursing, assisted living and general senior living facilities. Death count data from two facilities is being suppressed by the state health department to preserve anonymity. (See list below)

Out of the county’s 3,683 COVID-19 cases Wednesday, the facilities made up 10 percent of the cases.

Heritage Hall Nursing and Rehab in Leesburg was the only facility to have a currently active outbreak as of Wednesday. Heritage Hall had seen 90 cases and 14 deaths.

Outbreaks at the remaining seven facilities were pending closure.

Specific case information from long-term care facilities has not been disclosed due to patient confidentiality requirements. Altogether, Loudoun County has had a total of 13 outbreaks, including the 10 in long-term care facilities.

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) said despite some misinformation being released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) regarding long-term care facilities, he felt it was important to take another look at disclosing the information. He initially said he wouldn’t do so, citing patient privacy information.

“Now that there are more cases in these facilities, we can make an exception and release this information without compromising confidentiality,” Northam said. “ … I understand that it has been difficult for families who wanted information about the facilities where their loved ones are living and it’s time we make this change.”

CMS in May outlined its reopening criteria for nursing facilities across the country, including a recommendation that all facilities conduct a baseline testing survey and that facilities with outbreaks test residents and staff weekly.

VDH’s guidelines during the first phase of reopening required licensed nursing homes, certified skilled nursing facilities, and certified nursing facilities to conduct baseline and ongoing testing of all facility staff and residents. State officials said testing recommendations for later phases of the reopening process are under development and will be informed by what is learned in the initial part of reopening. Northam said $246 million in funding – mostly from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act – will go to support long-term care facilities. A majority of funding will go to nursing facilities, which receive Medicaid payments. More than $56 million alone is being provided for periodic testing of nursing home residents and staff.


Outbreaks in Loudoun senior communities

Outbreak in progress

-Heritage Hall Nursing and Rehab (Nursing home) — 90 cases, 14 deaths

Pending closures

-Ashby Ponds (Multi-care) — 62 cases, 10 deaths

-Atria Sterling (Assisted Living) — 19 cases, deaths unknown*

-Johnson Center at Falcons Landing (Multi-care) — 48 cases, deaths unknown*

-Potomac Falls Health and Rehab Center (Multi-care) — 86 cases, 21 deaths

-Sunrise at Countryside (Assisted Living) — 14 cases, 5 deaths

-Tribute at One Loudoun (Multi-care) — 48 cases, 10 deaths

Figures as of June 24

*Death counts suppressed by state

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wow the government is so smart...they figured out that the elderly are more susceptible to die from COVID than others....pure brilliance by these bureaucrats....(sarcasm)


So close all businesses based on these facilities? Moronic.


I hope that is sarcasm because that isn’t at all what the article said. It says that originally, they were not going to release the info on the facilities because of privacy, but now they are gong to “Now that there are more cases in these facilities, we can make an exception and release this information without compromising confidentiality,” Northam said”. You don’t have to be so smart to read the article and understand that.


Ignore science at your own peril.....CDC says actual covid cases are 10x what is being reported. So Texas opened fast and early, making the "open all the businesses" folks very happy. See where it got them? Back-pedaling, that's where.

So, you don't like public health professionals or seasoned professional bureaucrats who are experts in their field? What makes you more expert in their field than they?

Arrogance can't replace knowledge and is no substitute for facts.


LCS--typically, I don't have a problem with public health professionals/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in general. What I do have a real problem with is the overall lack of effort done by both Loudoun County and the Commonwealth of Virginia on mitigating COVID-19 in long term care facilities/nursing homes. Governor Northam appointed the Deputy Health Commissioner to head a task force to directly work on mitigating this problem. To date, she has done NOTHING to solve this problem but sit in her office on 9th Street in Richmond and hold grand meetings. My dad told me, before he died from COVID-19, that they had done NOTHING to mitigate the problem in his facility. There was no testing or mitigation activities being conducted by either Loudoun County Department of Health or the Virginia Department of Health. Maybe if these public health professionals and SMEs had actually gone out in the field and do what they are supposed to do then maybe my dad and others like him identified in this article might still be here. The lack of action by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Loudoun County on this front is utterly appalling (bordering on sheer professional incompetence) and people should be held accountable. At least, the Governor should publicly state that he is sorry for the loss of these people as these people are more than statistics, they were his constituents. I don't think that is too difficult for the Governor and/or Health Commissioner to do and it would be the RIGHT thing to do.


You apparently haven't figured out what blue ribbon panels, task forces and committees do. They hold meetings to talk things to death, collect a pay check and do nothing. This is government in general today and apparently everyone wants more of it. Why, I don't know.


Let's have you ever even looked to see what results have come from them?



william g gruff

Knowledge and facts, i believe, are closely related. Facts state case are going up, which common sense say they should, as more people are being tested. Facts also state hospitalization and mortality continue to trend down. That is the knowledge I have.


With more test there are more positive and negative results. The problem isn’t the actual amount of positive cases but the percentage of testing is yielding a higher percent of positive to negative results. CDC; The percentage of specimens testing positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, also increased from last week.



---> "Facts also state hospitalization and mortality continue to trend down. "

Hospitalization and mortality are trailing indicators of infections. If the rate of infection has increased, we may see an increase in hospitalizations and mortality in a couple of weeks. Are we controlling the spread? Are we wearing masks? The virus hasn't gone away. It doesn't understand boundaries, age, gender, or race. Why is Europe succeeding and we are not?


William and exit, I think one is talking about local and the other about national data. Or am I confused?


All we need to do is look at the trends everywhere. Many states are pulling back after reopening and seeing increasing cases of infections. What a surprise. 100 Loudoun County teens test positive after Beach Week vacation bringing their coronavirus back home. Cases like these are not due to increased testing. Add that to your "knowledge" base.


To all those families, like mine, who have lost a loved one either due to COVID-19 or non-COVID-19, I am very sorry for your loss and hope that you, like me, will find comfort/solace during this difficult time in your life. God Bless You.


Just when I thought there was going to be a break from covid bad news I found out that my nieces fiance is getting tubed today. I feel so bad for her.


AG--I am very sorry to hear that about your niece's fiance. I sincerely hope that he recovers from it.


So what does our national leadership that's been asleep at the switch for months when it comes to COVID-19 do this week to help average Americans? Hint, we're in the middle of a pandemic and many, many people have lost their jobs and health care over the past few months...wait for it. Oh...I'm sorry, it is a tough question. They asked the Supreme Court to abolish the Affordable Care Act, in its entirety. Now, it's true that perhaps Donald Trump isn't paying attention to this but you can be sure the ideologues and grifters he has around him are paying close attention and they could care less what happens to you. So, in November, remember stunts like this and what we're seeing with this pandemic and vote like maybe your life depends on it.

Agree. Returning to having insurance companies put you in a high risk pool when you have a pre-existing condition would be a terrible thing. I do know that Trump said he'd never abolish the pre-existing condition portion of Obamacare...but as we also know, he lies. And, looks like he's done it again.


So true. Trump should be gathering information about what's going on in the country and as President, use that information to identify and develop ways to bring the power of the federal government to bear on these problems. But that's not happening. Why? Well, Trump has borrowed himself into a cocoon of praise and sycophancy and as any failed authoritarian could explain, that hinders your ability to respond to conditions on the ground, whether that’s a pandemic or a presidential race. You can’t change course if you refuse to see what’s happening right in front of you. So, that's the sad state of the US under Trump. Solution? I'd recommend we cancel this loser of a bad-reality show and get back to what America's always been very good at...overcoming adversity.

Clint Cole

It means that the cases, not the facilities, are being closed after the deaths.

Duncan Idaho

Well Duh.

Now open the schools.


with masks for all

Duncan Idaho

Masks, hand washing, etc.


Duncan Idaho--not so fast there. You may want to look at the experience that Israel is having with schools reopened during a COVID-19 outbreak. They are thinking about reclosing them after massive outbreak hit the children in those schools.



---> "Now open the schools."

The germ factories? Just open them? No mention of how we should do this?


Why so nasty? Loudounfan asked what it meant. Not everyone wants their kids in school.


Cautionary note: There is a tendency to focus on the metric of mortality; But getting the disease with symptoms is no picnic; it can be excruciating even in "healthy" non-senior adults. So the issue isn't just death, its suffering by its victims and attempting to control its spread. Just look what happened to states that "opened" early: Texas, Fl etc.

So I'm just waiting for the "no-maskers" to tout covid as a nursing home/only old-folks disease to support reckless ignoring of mask requirements and social distancing. My advice is to accept science as your friend, not view it as your enemy.


They are saying there has been a shift and now younger people are getting it at a faster rate. The biggest fear with that is the clotting factor that seems to hit the age group 30-59 which cause heart attacks and strokes. The average age of people diagnosed with COVID-19 is decreasing slowly but steadily throughout the pandemic, said DSHS spokesman Chris Van Deusen, If you look at the CDC site; https://gis.cdc.gov/grasp/COVIDNet/COVID19_5.html it is easy to follow.


AG--you are right about the shift to younger people. They have been reporting that Israel tried to open their schools but there is an outbreak in those schools and they may have to reclose them. The fact is that the COVID-19 virus does not care how old you are. You are just a nice host for it to occupy.


No it doesn't. but now younger people are getting more severe problems than before and they are the ones filling up the hospitals.


AG--True statement. That is very sad. It is unfortunate that people don't take this virus very seriously and we, as a nation, can get a handle on this item before it does spiral out of control.


Very good article, very necessary data FINALLY being released. However, very poor terminology being used.....what do you mean LTM by "pending closures"?

David Dickinson

It means they copied it from somewhere else and didn't bother looking it up.

Clint Cole

It means that the cases, not the facilities, are pending closure.


The cases have not closed as of yet so the facilities haven't reported all their info.


LeesburgFan--I agree about the article. I know that those facilities do not do a very good job at reporting that information to family members of the loved ones. The facility that my dad was in until he passed away from COVID-19 didn't keep me or my family informed at all even though we asked repeatedly. It makes me sad/angry that I have to learn about that information, not from the facility or the Government, but from the local newspaper.

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