One Family Brewing Gold Star Memorial graphic

A digital representation of the Gold Star Memorial to be displayed on the future property of One Family Brewing Co. in Lovettsville.

Upcoming Lovettsville brewery One Family Brewing Co. has partnered with the Kentucky-based Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation to raise $50,000 for a memorial to honor families of fallen U.S. veterans.

Named after the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from the Battle of Iwo Jima, the Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation seeks to establish permanent memorials to Gold Star Families, as well as conduct outreach to these families and provide them with educational benefits.

The Gold Star Families Memorial to be erected on the brewery’s future property will be northern Virginia’s first, according to One Family Brewing Co. officials.

“Our goal ... is very simple. Make great craft beer, partner with world-class people and companies while giving back to our community and families in need,” One Family Brewing Founder David Keuhner said in a prepared statement.

Leading up to its impending opening, One Family Brewing has taken several steps to establish itself as a company that honors the U.S. armed forces and their loved ones. In May, it partnered with Ashburn company Flags of Valor to assemble a Memorial Day display on its future property comprising a large wooden cross and dozens of miniature American flags.

The brewery also recently partnered with Pennsylvania-based Funk Brewing Company to launch a West Coast-style IPA called “The Fallen,” each can of which bears the names of more than 50 veterans who died in the line of duty or succumbed to suicide as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder.

“We only work with people and organizations that ‘get it.’ They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves,” Keuhner added.

The new memorial is scheduled for unveiling Sept. 11 at 11:30 a.m. at 12851 Lutheran Church Road in Lovettsville. More information is available at

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As a vet I confess I don't find these sort of corporate piggy-backs on veterans all that inspiring. Granted I was a draftee in a very unpopular war in Asia but you know what, I did what you have to do when life hands that to you. I don't need some beer company erecting a monument to make me feel better about anything.


Does seem a little gimmicky

Skyprince This is who you pay allegiance too "hardestworkingAmerican?" He claims he won't throw out the ball at Yankee Stadium on August 15 because he has to pay serious attention to fighting CV19? It is because Yankees kneeled at the start of a game the other day. If he was so serious about fighting CV19, how did he have time to golf with Brett Favre this weekend in NJ? How can you be so blind to what is in front of you? Speaks volumes about your mental health.


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You are the contradiction to all live matter.


They knew what they were signing up for, no need for a monument.


They knew what they were signing up for, which makes a monument even more worthy. Thankfully to ALL Americans, those men, women and their families made the ultimate sacrifice in order to earn and protect our freedom... including the freedom to make ignorant, ungrateful, anti-American comments.


As a proud Republican I fully endorse our great President he is callous but such emotional intelligence is needed when working with Russia and Israel to make our troops great again. Get off of faux news and come see the truth at OANN


What intelligence? He said the cognitive test he had was hard, Why was he being tested? Obviously someone called for it that has second thought about his abilities. You're right he does work well with Russia, gives them anything they want and won't speak ill of Putin. You've been hornswaggled


So sad that you get your news from such a biased source. They’ve been in business 15 years and still have less than 3 million viewers.

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