Mi-Allah Justice Grant

Mi-Allah Justice Grant

A Lucketts man has been charged with carrying a firearm on school property in relation to what authorities are calling a suspicious incident Tuesday at Tuscarora High School in Leesburg.

Mi-Allah Justice Grant, 18, of Lucketts, is being held without bond at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.

Leesburg Police Department authorities say they responded to the high school around 2:30 p.m. for a report of a man inside the school carrying a holstered gun. The man was identified as Grant.

Officers say they made contact with Grant, who reported that he was a recent Tuscarora and military boot camp graduate intending to speak with students about joining the military.

Grant was eventually charged with carrying a firearm on school property.


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The next School Board meeting is this Tuesday, March 26 at 6:30pm

We are hoping a large number of parents, students, friends and neighbors will attend this meeting to support anyone willing to speak. The Board Meeting provides a good opportunity to express our individual concerns and to have as many people as possible request a THS Community Meeting (like the ones held at Lucketts ES and Madison’s Trust ES earlier this year. Please see my post from about 4 hours ago that starts with “First Step of Action Plan” for more info about the Community Meeting we want to request). Without a lot of requests for the meeting, we will likely not get one and it would be a missed opportunity to establish a dialogue about all our concerns with THS Administrators.

We are asking everyone to wear Tuscarora Blue shirts to symbolize our unity.

Public Comments begin at 6:30pm. You do not need to stay after that portion of the meeting.

Location: Loudoun County Public Schools Administration Building
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, VA 20148

Please COPY & SHARE this post on your personal FB page to help expand our outreach. We want to ask ALL local friends (from any neighborhood or school) to attend this meeting (wearing Tusky Blue) to show their support so please help us spread the word! Please ask your children to help spread the word all over social media as well because we want students to attend too!

If you are interested in speaking at the meeting, please read the following to find out how to sign up. Speakers normally have 3 minutes to speak, but it could be less (depends on the number of people who sign up):

Contact the Superintendent's Office at 571-252-1020 or via email at clerk@lcps.org prior to 5:00 p.m. the day of the School Board meeting. You will be asked to provide your name, address and telephone number, subject matter, and organization represented, if applicable. The Public Information Officer or designee will accept walk-in registrations in the media box at the back of the Board room up to five (5) minutes prior to the posted start time of the Board meeting.


When did boot camp graduates become recruiters for the military? The military has their own recruiting officers, and they no better than to come to the school with a gun

Ben Cates

Whatever his intentions, the punishment is appropriate. Anyone stupid enough to bring a gun on campus deserves to loose that gun, and we don't need them in the military either.

I'm not anti-gun. I carry all the time, but knowing that you can't carry at school is practically the first thing you learn in concealed carry.

But this genius did not have a concealed carry permit - He was 18. You have to be 21 to own a pistol and get a CCW permit.

So, illegal concealed carry + weapon on school grounds = prison time and dishonorable discharge.


It's nice to hear from a responsible and informed gun owner.


The guy broke the law the moment he decided to leave the house with a handgun concealed on his person.

Chris McHale

I don't think the story said it was concealed.


right, it was holstered. So why was he allowed into the halls anyway?


More details have come out that he was allowed to setup a table in the hallway, and it wasn't until a student saw the gun tucked in his pants did anyone question him.


That is the stupidest thing I've heard in awhile. If he was a graduate he know guns weren't allowed in school. He had to have known that you just can't " speak with students about joining the military." without a meeting being set up, and being authorized to do so.

Jeanne T

What is your point?


Exactly what I said. Did you not understand?


It's possible he completely missed the "Gun Free Zone" signs, after all he was a former student. Ooops, my apologies, "Gun Free Zones" are only for law abiding citizens and not bad guys.

Why was this guy in the school for two hours?
Why wasn't there a school wide lockdown? Not sure you can get a more text book scenario than this.
Why is the principal telling staff that SHE does not have the authority to place the school on lockdown, a lockdown can only be done by police?
Why is the principal still employed? This was the same school, under the same principal where football players inserted a broomstick handle into some kid?

Is this a case where LCPS is scared to rock the racial boat and fire one of the only black female HS principals in Loudoun? No everything should not be about race but a student sodomized by a broomstick handle and a non student roams around the school for 2 hours with a gun in plain site on his hip and this lady is still employed . The best qualified should be running the school and this lady clearly isn't it so why hasn't she been fired?

Remarkable similarities between the Black Panthers barging into an elementary school and this guy walking around a school with a gun.



You are absolutely correct. The responsibility has to be maintained at the administration level. In the military the CO is held responsible-in this case the principal has to be the one. The school board needs to act and put the safety of the kids before politics.


An armed person hanging around inside the school, while in session, luckily the Loudoun Sheriff was on-site. How did he get in? Why was he allowed to hang around the career center inside the school before being caught? Why didn't the Principal order a lock down? There seems to be massive failures across the board within the school itself. Thank God nothing worse happened. Do we need to witness another horrendous event before LCPS addresses glaring failures at Tuscarora? LCPS and the Administration at Tuscarora need to provide answers to the community. Fortunately they cannot hide behind child confidentiality concerns so they should be completely transparent, ha.

Chris McHale

Seems suspicious to me. Now was the gun legal? Does he have mental issues? How did he enter the school? Was the school locked down?


My God Justice for Grant -- please


And we don't need SRO's, why?


I believe the canned response would be because the guns would scare staff and students


Yeah We know Tuscarora is an unsafe school, likely why he was carrying the pistol. LOL. But no news from Loudoun Times about the shootout in Leesburg Saturday morning?


Sounded like he had good intentions but grossly neglected to know that you can't carry on school grounds. Hope this doesn't derail his military service and future job prospects. know the laws if you're going to strap one on.


Yes, it's not like he used to go to school there or anything.


Well, the dude is 19. Too young to buy a handgun and too young to conceal/open carry a gun. "Grossly neglected" shouldn't derail is military career? Gross negligence is what gets people killed. He was too stupid or had malicious intent, either way, the military and law enforcement doesn't need a guy on their team. Being held with out bond suggests there's things the general public may not be aware of.


Obviously this guy wasn't a Tuscarora Validictorian.

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