Dennis Lopez mugshot

Dennis Jose Lopez

Twenty-one-year-old Dennis Jose Lopez was sentenced to 10 years in the Virginia Department of Corrections on Sept. 27 for one count of grand larceny of a firearm and one count of conspiracy to commit larceny of a firearm.

In August 2018, an Ashburn man and woman awoke to discover that her two cars — a BMW and a Porsche — had been stolen from their townhome, according to the Loudoun County commonwealth's attorney's office. The man also discovered that his .50-caliber rifle and 150 rounds of ammunition were missing from his garage.

Law enforcement collected fingerprints and sent them to the Virginia Department of Forensic Science to be analyzed, where they were reportedly matched with existing prints in the FBI database for Lopez. Officers also were provided video footage from the victims' home security cameras.

Lopez, of no fixed address, was arrested and interviewed by law enforcement and admitted to stealing the rifle and the Porsche. The Porsche was recovered from a New Jersey auto auction, while the whereabouts of the BMW and the rifle remain unknown.

“While some may look at this a simply a property crime, the reality is that this defendant was immersed in the movement of stolen property, including firearms,” Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Nicole Wittmann said in a prepared statement. “Many property crimes are not as simple as they may appear on their face, and they deeply impact the quality of lives of our residents every day."

Lopez pleaded guilty to the charges on Aug. 23, 2019, before appearing before Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge James P. Fisher for sentencing. The commonwealth's attorney's office says that three charges — one count each of burglary, conspiring to break and enter and felony grand larceny of an automobile — were dropped as part of a plea agreement, though the court could still consider facts from those charges during the sentencing process.

Fisher opined that the Virginia Sentencing Guidelines for the case were "wholly inappropriate and inadequate" and addressed the defendant directly before imposing a sentence.

"You preyed upon residents who have every right to have their property and home protected," Fisher said to Lopez. "You're a criminal, and the court will treat you like one."

The judge imposed 15 years of suspended time with the condition that Lopez behave well and successfully complete five years supervised probation upon his release. Fisher also ordered that Lopez pay $49,311.45 in restitution to the victims.

Officials report Lopez had six pending charges in Maryland related to stolen firearms, use of restricted ammunition, unlawful possession of a firearm and unclassified weapons offenses at the time of sentencing. He had one prior conviction for destruction of public property in Washington, D.C. in 2017.

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Ace, you are really trying hard to wiggle out of answering that question. I demand you prove exactly what you said. Who is trying to take away your guns? You stated that it was a fact so if it is it should be easy to prove. candidates Booker and O'Rourke do not approve of taking all your guns as you stated. They both believe that assault style rifles should not be on the streets of this country. It would make Americans much safer to not have these military style weapons on our streets. They have been banned before and they never should have let that ban expire. There is nothing in the 2nd amendment that says you can have any type of weapon you want, so how would banning assault rifles infringe on that? You can’t own a rocket launcher, or a sawed-off shotgun.

Common Ace, answer the question.


I'm done playing games with you. I posted two (D) candidates who want to confiscate lawfully-owned firearms after you stated that NOBODY want to take guns away. Now you try to move the goal posts. Bottom line: You lied. I nailed you on it. Yet you continue to claim otherwise. You've repeatedly demonstrated that you know nothing on this issue, yet feel it necessary to post incessantly. It's not a good look.


21 but looks 21 years older.

More Cowbell

Curious if these two were involved in the many break ins around Ashburn at that time? I recall reading about many car break ins over night.


you see, criminals will always acquire firearms, yet Libs continue to push to eliminate 2nd Amendment.

I'm also wondering it LTM will print anything related to Fairfax officer suspended for working with ICE....


You have really upped the level of you non-sequitirs


The Libs? Really? Every "Lib" as you put it, I know is not for full gun control, only for assault weapons and weapons of mass destruction. I think every person should own a handgun! Most "Libs" I know, approve of owning a handgun for protection. The radical right, thinks it's ok for citizens to have an AR-15 and tote it around like a purse. If your going to talk about us "libs" get the facts down and stop making up fairy tales.


See, guns owned by good law abiding people DO get into the hands of bad people. Enough with the libs want your gun lies. I have asked you before (many times now) who said they wanted your guns and you haven't been able to give me an answer. I'll ask again, who wants your guns? Who wants to get rid of the 2nd amendment? Why is it you can't tell the truth and insist on perpetrating conspiracy theories and republican talking points that are simply lies?

Since no one wants to take your guns you should understand why people (up to 90% of the public) want gun laws. Having that gun locked in a safe inside the house could have prevented the gun being stolen. Too bad about the cars though.


"Since no one wants to take your guns...." Has there EVER been a bigger lie posted? There are well-funded organizations dedicated to that very activity. There are national candidates and politicians who have stated that they want to take away law-abiding Americans' right to own firearms. Enough of the lies, already.


Ace, still can't answer the simple question? Who is trying to take away your guns? This is at least 5 times now in different posts and you still haven’t answered me. There are no candidates that said that they want to take away your or any law-abiding citizens right to bear arms. If you truly believe that just tell me who and I’ll research it. The only guns they have talked about is assault style rifles they are not trying to take your rights away. You say I’m lying and I say your pushing the NRA’s propaganda. PROVE IT!


Are you kidding me? You lie about something, and then demand that I provide proof that you are lying? Wow, just wow. How about (D) POTUS candidates Booker and O'Rourke both support GUN CONFISCATION. The rest of the candidates appear to support radical gun control measures, which won't do anything to make American safer and will certainly infringe on law-abiding citizens to exercise their rights guaranteed to them by the 2nd Amendment.


Even in gun loving Texas they have a Safe Gun Storage Program Law despite objections of the NRA. It can keep guns like in this case away from criminals. Helps protect the children from playing with firearms in the house too.


So you think that a trigger lock or locked storage box will keep a felon from stealing a firearm?


Ace if that gun had to be stored in a locked gun cabinet in the home then yes I do believe so. Garages are broken into more often than houses. People should no be allowed to leave guns they own anywhere that they are not going to be for long periods of time without them being secured. Like people who leave them in cars are just asking for trouble


OMG, so now you want law-abiding citizens to lock up their legally-owned firearms in a location where they won't be accessible? Do you ever think through ANY of your comments? Ever?

Chris McHale

Restitution is a joke. That fact that they add this is nothing but a line for a news article. Good luck getting $49k from someone with no fixed address. Heck even OJ never paid a dime.


I know, and I'll bet the judge knew too. Shame on that judge.The sentence was way too light.

Chris McHale

We have to stop agreeing. It's bad for my reputation.


Chris, don't worry, it just show that you make your decisions without the bias and pressures of society.

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