Manhattan Pizza donates pizza, produce and paper to community members in need

Jack and Jumana Azar give a free large cheese pizza to a local resident. 

When Leesburg resident Jack Azar and his wife Jumana were out grocery shopping for their family recently, they were reminded of people in the community who might not have the financial means to fill up their shopping carts during this time of crisis, and they wanted to do something to help.

Azar, who owns Manhattan Pizza restaurants around Loudoun County, is known for his generosity with local schools and nonprofit organizations. He reached out to Mobile Hope, a nonprofit working with homeless or precariously housed teens, to see how he could help feed people who are in need of a meal. 

Mobile Hope agreed to help distribute gift certificates for free pizzas to families they knew could use assistance. 

Azar said he plans to work with a variety of Loudoun's nonprofit organizations each week so he can feed people who are especially in need. 

In addition, Azar coordinated with several of his vendors like U.S. Foods and P-Plus to provide free bags of fruit and vegetables as well as a free roll of toilet paper at the Leesburg location.

"We were so glad to put this together. We wanted to do something to help. If other distributors have produce they are looking to donate we will take it," Azar said.

While Azar's business has slowed down, he said he hasn't had to let anyone go.

"We have a lot of good people here. We are here in the community, and we want to do this for local residents," Azar said.

Manhattan Pizza donates pizzas, produce and paper to community members in need

Jumana Azar fills a bag of fruit and vegetables for a local resident. 

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This is great, very kind and appreciated!! However, is it really necessary to show a person being handed the food? Is it required to take the dignity of the less fortunate in order for them to be provided kindness? Why not celebrate what is being done without the picture of the woman being handed food, as her child looks on ... it quite obvious by the lady’s expression that the experience is sad and humbling, why make it worse by sharing her despair for all to see?

Love this story and love Manhattan Pizza!


Such amazing charity and kindness. So glad we have this in our country and our local community. What a great man.

John M

I met Jack many years ago while doing fundraising for a local little league, the man is always giving back. The funny thing about Jack is, he will usually reach out to you to offer his help before you can even call him. He is a terrific human being.


Best pizza in town - and obviously run by good people .

More Cowbell

I've knows Jack for about 20 years. good guy.

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