Welcome home Rob Jones

Rob and Pamela Jones react to seeing their new home in Middleburg on April 25. 

Marine veteran Rob Jones, a Republican, announced Monday he is running for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Democratic Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (VA-10th) holds the seat after being elected in November 2018.

In his campaign video, Jones said he is running for Congress in the 2020 cycle because it’s a “partisan warzone” and it empowers “political extremists on both sides.”

“Politicians like Jennifer Wexton are part of the problem,” Jones said in his announcement video. “They put political self-interest before the national interest—afraid of losing re-election—but I’d rather lose two legs than lose the country that we love because this isn’t about me, this is about us.”

Jones is a native of Loudoun County, growing up in Lovettsville and graduating from Loudoun Valley High School in 2003. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2007.

During his junior year at Virginia Tech, Jones joined the Marine Corps Reserve as a combat engineer stationed in Roanoke.

In 2008, he was deployed to Iraq, and he went to Afghanistan in 2010, where he was tasked with plotting safe routes through areas suspected of containing improvised explosive devices (IEDs), according to his campaign website. In Afghanistan he stepped on an IED in Taliban territory that resulted in double above-knee amputations. He was honorably discharged in 2011.

One of Jones' notable achievements was running 31 marathons in 31 days to raise money for charities supporting wounded warriors.

Jones also qualified for the 2012 Paralympic Games, bringing home a bronze medal in rowing.

Jones received the Purple Heart Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon, the Operation Enduring Freedom Campaign Medal and the Operation Iraqi Freedom Campaign Medal.

Jones lives in Middleburg with his wife Pam. They own a small vegetable farm.

Wexton became the first Democrat to represent Virginia's 10th Congressional District since 1980 by defeating Barbara Comstock by nearly 13 percentage points last November.


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Clearing IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan is the most dangerous job on the battlefield. Iran builds them using Russian and Chinese advanced technology. He is a hero. The Republican Party before Trump was just Democrat-lite with Democrats shifting so far left of reality by proselytizing the same text you will find in the Communist Manifesto. Wexton subscribes to creating divisions between people, creating class struggle across her divisions, then having government come to the rescue. Marx and Engels are smiling in their graves. Republican government and democracy are real and work everywhere enacted. Socialism is the most failed governance in modern history. Vote for one of the true patriots running as Republicans.


Is he a real Republican, or a Trump follower?


He's an American and a Patriot, unlike dumbocrats.

Duncan Idaho

So, anti-Trump then?


He has to be an American to run for Rep, so that's not very helpful. I assume he's patriotic, having served and paid a high price, but that doesn't really answer the question. Wexton is certainly patriotic. In a weird way, you could even argue Trump is patriotic....though it'd be hard and you'd have to ignore an awful lot of his actions. But from a policy and political standpoint, does anyone know if this guy is actually a Republican? I cant take anymore of these Vichy Republicans.


I am an independent so know all about it.....your advice could not be more wrong to Jones...if he denounces Trump he ends up like Comstock... If Trump destroyed the GOP than it was a party that needed to be destroyed....he added senators las time and would not have lost as many seats if the feckless and weak GOP all didn't retire from easy GOP seats....those members thought like you and are out of the game....which is good news for the country and my family.......


Yes, you must support Trump if you're to be part of the racist cabal of know-nothing self-dealers who are running (and ruining) our county.


racist cabal? Are you referring to KKK Governor Ralph Northum and Mark Herring where there is evidence of racist actions? The race card is old....everyone laughs at it now since the left uses it only to silence when someone disagrees with them....grow up Loudoun and maybe you will see Clear...


How is the country being ruined. And don't say by spending because in 8 years of Obama and 10 trillion dollars there was never a peep from you. Racist? Your loose use of that term has insulated us and it no longer carries the weight it once did. Try something new.


He won - She lost - Get over it.. Don't simulate cranial rectal inversion.

Trump Pup

I am in Henrico. Is he the only Republican running for Middleburg. I think they had the Democrat primaries here. I am so confused right now with our general Assembly and now the Congress seats. I am trying to get a copy of seats for General Assembly as well as congress both House and senate that are coming up for votes in November so I know where we need to start pushing for votes. Please someone help me.


Let it be known Duncan has joined the squad and the democrat team....Trump 2020!

Duncan Idaho

You do know that one does not have to be beholden to either party, right? I know it's a hard concept to grasp such non-binary thinking, but please try. Trump is destroying the Republican Party, which is shrinking by the minute. He can try and claim credit for the economy (with an inverted yield curve?) but most thinking people can see through that. He's creating more Democratic voters every day. I'm inclined to like Mr. Jones, I just want him to be independent of the president.


Wow. That's an impressive resume, professionally and especially personally. The 10th is a tough district for Republicans now, but 2020 is the time to try for an upset, before Mrs. Wexton is entrenched. Her first order of business, to replace her predecessor's POW/MIA flag with the transgender rights flag, says a lot about her priorities. Good luck Mr. Jones, and thank you for your service!


Comstock took the flag with her when she lost and left the building...


If your job is to find clear paths in areas which are planted with IEDs and you step on one is that really impressive or just not being so great at your job? That seems to be the sentiment expressed by President bone spurs about those that were POWs in Vietnam. To paraphrase the President, "I prefer people that weren't blown up."


Where do I send my contributions?? Let's get that lunatic wexton, with her crazed eyes, out of our district!!


I’m interested to hear his platform.


The first one to challenge Wexton is Jeffery Dove.

Duncan Idaho

If he repudiates Trump, he has my vote.


Anyone But Wexton….


Sounds like a solid candidate. The GOP needs to win the 10th back. Wexton is a do nothing candidate.


I'm right there with you. Seeing the agenda Wexton supports and what is important to her with all the problems this country has, I want her out. Two years of that is plenty.

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