Update: Feb. 17, 2020, 1:33 p.m.

The charges in this case were dismissed Jan. 24, according to online court records.


Original story: May 3, 2019 (Editor's note: The suspect's name has been removed due to the dismissal of the case.)

A Maryland man is facing a felony charge for the attempted carnal knowledge of an animal after allegedly soliciting an undercover Loudoun County Animal Services officer in Leesburg for the opportunity to have sexual relations with a horse, according to Loudoun County authorities.

Animal control officials say on Thursday an investigation by LCAS resulted in Leesburg Police Department officers arresting the suspect at Balls Bluff Park, where undercover animal services officers met the suspect. Authorities say he intended to engage in the illegal activity.

“Loudoun County has zero tolerance for criminal acts that include cruel and heinous behavior towards animals,” LCAS Chief of Animal Control Chris Brosan said in a prepared statement. “We routinely conduct investigations to protect all animals in Loudoun.”

Following his arrest, the Maryland man was released on a $2,500 bond and is prohibited from contact with animals of all species pending a court appearance. An arraignment is scheduled for Monday at Loudoun County General District Court.

“We recognize that proactive investigations are one of the best ways to ensure the community is safe,” Department of Animal Services Director Nina Stively said in a statement. “We do not want to wait for crimes against animals to happen, we want to prevent them.”

Under the Code of Virginia, crimes against nature involving animals are a Class 6 felony, which carry a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and a $2,500 fine, according to LCAS. Earlier this year, the Virginia Court of Appeals upheld the commonwealth’s ban on bestiality through the crimes against nature statute, recognizing that animals are not able to provide consent.

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Do we know if it was a Shetland pony or a young colt? Would he be charged with both beastiality and pedaphilia if it was a colt? Is there a Federal beastiality crime here given the guy had crossed state lines looking for his little filly? And as noted above, kudos to our tech savvy police beastiality squad for taking the time to set up this sting! It’s comforting to know they are keeping Loudoun farm animals safe from Marylanders!


Neigh means neigh


Finally tax money being spent on something worthwhile. These abusers belong in prison and on a registry. Animal abuse is highly correlated to human violence, especially child and domestic abuse. So many lives could have been saved if animal abuse was taken seriously, as it should be. And this wasn't 'sexual relations', this is rape. wtf is wrong with the columnist?


A horse is a horse,of course,of course,and if a perv wants to hook up with said horse,make sure the horse is not the police force,nor the famous Mr.Ed!


Has anyone thought to ask the most germane question? Was a crime truly committed.. Do we know that he didn't "identify" as a horse? Could we ever know that the horse didn't "identify" as a human?


If this is going to be a lead story in your publication, at least spend some time on the proper wording. This proper term for this is bestiality and should have been reported
as such. Not sexual relations.


enough horsing around already. I say Nay to this type of activity in Loudoun! Let's close the barn door on this sort of thing immediately.

More Cowbell

I see why so many dead deer along highways/roads, too busy under cover sting operations.


I think they used all those turkey vultures and black vultures that have inundated the county to take care of the road kill.


You can’t un-read it.

Ew, okay. Just ew.


with you on that!


Undercover animal control officers? Seriously?? Another example of Loudoun County government spending money foolishly. I say neigh to this!


This place is hilarious. Oversexed teachers. Guys loving animals. Confederate statues. Crying Nazi’s. KKK Flyers. And they get made at A skeleton wearing a Santa Suit.

Chris McHale

Lawman - your one sided politics is showing. Please cover that up by at least pointing out the racist governor and the Lt. Governor accused of sexual assault. One is accused and the other is admitted.


[offtopic], and he gets an opinion. All he is saying is there is crazies in Loudoun. Fairfax and his problem didn't happen in Loudoun.


Won't happen, he's a hypocrite. Just don't pay attention to him. He's an uninformed clown.


Giddy up!!

Representing the Mambo

Maybe he should be introduced to Chip, the promiscuous peacock.


LOVE IT! Is beastiality so prevalent in LOCO that we have specialized officers for this!? Are they developers?


These comments are hilarious. I just hope SNL doesn't pick up this story or Loudoun may become known as a place Marylanders go to horse around. :-)


So when people talk about building a new bridge between Loudoun and Maryland...I'm going to bring this up.

Chris McHale

What school was he employed at?


Every part of this story is odd. Though this dude should be presumed innocent until proven guilty – and not be subject to LTM form of journalism which posts photos of folks that are just charged.

Second, I cannot believe Loudoun County Animal Services is actually running an undercover sting. There has to be more to this story. How many do they run a year? How many charges and for what? Would also be interested to know how much of our tax dollars are spent protecting against ‘nonconsensual’ sex with animals. And does consent rule also apply to when you bread your dog? Is the dog owner allowed to provide the consent for the animal for breading? If so, is the horse owner allowed to provide consent?

So many questions. Perhaps the LTM will give us a special report from the court house.


So you are unable to discern the difference between breeding within a species and the act of a human forcing sex onto a farm animal?


While one might breed a dog, they are not normally "breaded." Chickens on the other hand, are frequently breaded. A good chicken parmesan starts with the good breading, preferably Italian spiced crumbs!


Are you serious...all of you...this dudes dusgusting... sex crimes arent usually fabricated..you want this predator to meet your child or get caught trying to sexually abuse an animal ?? Ill gladly take the sting....and pay a little extra in taxes anyday...this is sick to crack jokes..what was he going to try next..sick twisted trash..


A Horse? Hahahahahahaha... Build that wall. We need to keep out these lunatics from coming into Loudoun.


If/when convicted, a horse kick to the crotch would be a fitting punishment. On a side note, who knew LCAS ran undercover operations? Well done!

Loudoun 4 Trump

Brings a whole new meaning to “mount up”


Leesburg should build a wall to keep these types of people out!


Whack his #ee #ee off. Seriously, you can't fix this.



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