Coronavirus Graphs | May 17

Graphs showing figures up to May 17.

Loudoun County's confirmed COVID-19 cases stand at 1,446, according to figures released by the state Sunday. The case count jumped by 16 Saturday and is up 72 from Friday.

No new local deaths were reported Saturday or Sunday, leaving the county's coronavirus-related death toll at 48.

The age breakdown of the deceased is as follows: 36 have been 80 years old or older, eight have been between the ages of 70 and 79, three have been between the ages of 60 and 69 and one between the ages of 50 and 59.

Loudoun County has seen 139 hospitalizations.

Statewide, Virginia's death toll surpassed 1,000 over the weekend, with 1,009 deaths now reported. Virginia's official case count is 30,388, which is a 705-case jump from Saturday.

While most of Virginia began reopening Friday, Loudoun County and the rest of northern Virginia remains closed until at least May 29.

A small “reopen rally” was held outside the Loudoun County Government Center Friday morning.

“We live in a world in which we take risk. I took a risk driving down here today, I take a risk when I get on an airplane,” organizer John Tigges told WTOP. “I take a risk, living, and someday, we all die. But, today, it’s time to reclaim our right to live again.”

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and


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(23) comments


This virus is not going away. Ever. It will always be with us just like the many other viruses out there in the world. Spare me the there is no cure. That statement is only dependent on what you want to believe, arguments can be made either way. It is not selfish to want the economey to reopen, nor is it selfish to want it to stay closed, what is selfish is to try and impose that will on others. I often wonder of the people who want the shut down to continue, how many have done something that was non-essential to live? Ordered from Amazon? Bought cloths online? Got alcohol from a store? Ordered from a restaurant? Took a walk and had to cross paths with someone else? Open the economy and the country, allow the people to determine what steps they feel for THEMSELVES to remain safe. This is NOT we the people, this is the People, and then the Government. We are no longer one. The government is not for the people with the Wuhan Virus, they are in it for their political futures. Decisions being made are almost all partisan and blame game, nothing more. As someone else already stated, keep this up and watch the economy continue to crumble. It will be way more devastating than this virus.


The Government has never been for the people, this country has always been run by the elite who care about 2 things, money and themselves. We’ve never been one but like to play make believe and make a blanket statement of “We are all in this together”. Nah, that’s a hoax and fake news bundled into one. I guess this is what makes America so “great”.


5 hospitalizations and 0 deaths in Loudoun County over 2 days but businesses are not open? That is is lot of lost tax revenue to the county. Anyone heard the amount of lost tax revenue to the County since the shutdown?

More Cowbell

As long as the media keeps over hyping the virus and putting out misinformation, the Dem BOS and GOV will keep small businesses shutdown. There are many large businesses open even though they are non essential, however they have a large lobbyist group. Majority of those testing positive are coming from nursing homes, retirement homes, over crowded sleeping arrangements(10-20 people living in 2 bedroom apartment). Over 75% of deaths in Loudoun came from Nursing/retirement type home/centers, hospitals(patients there for other emergency surgery). Of course the media doesn't report that useful information. And just because they test positive, live in Loudoun, doesn't mean they were infected in Loudoun, Good chance is was while metro, shopping/working somewhere else, like DC, MD. Still many working/getting paid under the table.

Eric Trump says it's all a Democratic hoax and that it will vanish after the election in November. Wonder if the 100,000 will resurrect shortly after the vote count?


While I feel that the virus infections need to be brought under control, the governor and other government officials need to realize that if they wait too long to permit businesses to reopen, we can get ready to see large numbers of unemployed people n the state and many shuttered small business. Costco is a very good example of a company that is taking all the necessary precautions and also reopened normal hours. Sadly, the Democrat controlled legislature and governor in Virginia are not doing anything positive for our state that has been so prosperous in the past few decades. Just take a look at the traffic patters. Commuters are driving from MD, WVA, PA, and DC to Virginia for jobs. Don't destroy this beautiful prosperous state. Also, people MUST realize they bear some responsibility for social distancing, wearing masks and taking all necessary precautions to avoid spreading this virus. Unfortunately that is not happening. Take a look at how people behave in the stores and shopping centers or just on the W&OD trail.

Science Can Save Us

The "reopen rally" was led by a guy who wants you to come to his winery and wedding venue. Give me a break...


So what if he is. You do understand that this guy is a small business owner and employs people in this county. Every day he is closed he does not bring in the revenue to pay his bills and his employees.


Lol! True! He should make better wine, then he won’t have this problem.


You win the stupid comment of the day Ouroboros.

pual mase

That’s saying a lot!


Ouroboros - Have you ever tried their wine? Do you even know the name of the place? Do realize that having some people at their place is better then none?

You do know that Weddings can be set up to meet social distancing rules.

You really are a snob.


@SpringerDad, thanks, didn’t know you were the judge. Also, even if the shelter in place is lifted, there will be a cap on occupancy at each establishment. Also, I don’t know who would want to go to a wedding now or in the near future given what’s going on. So, yes, make better wine because that is the product you make. If you want to run a wedding venue just build a hall and rent it out. So many wineries putting more stock into the venue than the wine, sad.

pual mase

What’s wrong with that? Who doesn’t have a business or a job they need to support themselves and family? Oh that’s right “science” will save people’s livelihoods (sic)


Keep it closed until 0 cases and 0 businesses left. Let the BoS and Governor pick up the pieces and see how they fare.


Yeah, why should we try to think about this stuff. Just knee-jerk reactions....that's what we need. MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why are local reporters or officials not giving an update on the BOS request to Northam to re-open Leesburg and Western Loudoun? Has anyone asked Northam for his response? Is he just ignoring it? Why isn't a journalist or two camping out in front of Northam's mansion with a camera crew? I really can't believe it's been 4 days and no response from our Governor who has no management experience in his entire career before becoming Governor.....

Loudoun Observer

Northam said NO to this request Friday at 3pm.


Observer, thanks for that info about Northam denying Western Loudoun. I guess LTM took a long weekend starting noon Friday. Then news of the pandemic can wait til Monday.


My over under is 65 posts. One side saying open up and the other side saying keep it shut down. Same people and the arguments every day for the past 6 weeks.


No, I think those who want to push politics over science have just worn people out. Thinking people know when the state says it's OK to go out to stores, most folks will remember just how much they trust government...and they'll wait to see how this thing shakes out. So "open up" just means, can we get some guinea pigs (or coal mine canaries if you prefer) to test this stuff for the rest of us. And "keep it shut down" isn't actually an argument anyone's making. The debate is between "can I resume normal activity" or "is it still not really safe."


How about this, you stay in your home as long as you want to and I will be free to roam. It's called a damn choice. Got news for you BLT, like it or not we have all been guinea pigs for quite some time.


Most small business owners and people out of work are requesting that the county open up again. You seem to always forget that fact and play the politics card.

Yes there are people posting that we need to keep things locked down.

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