Another Loudoun County resident has died as a result of COVID-19, state health officials reported on Wednesday, bringing the county's total number of the coronavirus-related deaths to 49.

The age breakdown of the deceased is as follows: 36 have been 80 years old or older, nine have been between the ages of 70 and 79, three have been between the ages of 60 and 69 and one between the ages of 50 and 59.

Loudoun County's confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 52 from Tuesday's report and stands at 1,579 on Wednesday, according to the latest figures reported by the state.

One hundred forty-six people in Loudoun have been hospitalized.

Loudoun County has updated its COVID-19 page to include interactive dashboards that illustrate key metrics important for decision-making regarding the region’s reopening.

The dashboards released Tuesday include the “gating criteria” important in determining reopening timelines regionally and also include other key measures. Data is updated daily from the Virginia Department of Health to provide information on testing totals, cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Loudoun.

Statewide, the number of cases on Wednesday jumped by 763 to 32,908 cases. There have been 1,074 deaths in Virginia, 3,979 hospitalizations and 210,965 people have been tested.

Virginia residents can now search case and testing information by ZIP code through the county's website.

In neighboring Fairfax County, the Associated Press reports that a child has been discharged and is recovering at home after suffering from the state’s first case of pediatric inflammatory illness associated with the new coronavirus.

Officials say the child was hospitalized May 5. No other details, including the age of the child, were provided.

While children have generally not experienced severe cases of COVID-19 associated with the new coronavirus, health officials have warned recently of a new inflammatory illness related to the virus that has affected children in New York and elsewhere.

The Centers for Disease Control issued an advisory about the syndrome May 14, warning of symptoms including fever, abdominal pain without another explanation, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, red or cracked lips, bumpy tongue and swollen hands and feet.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and


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If you don't agree with Fauci, Birx et al, don't blame the opposition party. They didn't pick Fauci, Birx et al to lead the effort.

The administration hired them. The President tried to have it both ways: (1) make it appear he had the best experts (2) but then push his own agenda, undermining their recommendations publicly. ("you must use a mask, but you don't have to)"

He doesn't have the chops to just go with what he wants and take the heat for it. Manipulation works better on his supporters.

If there are world renowned epidemiologists with differing viewpoints, then we should be hearing from them. The admin has the jack to hire them, but apparently it's only loyalists (some people call them sycophants) that claim there's other science to look at but only cough up various talking heads with dubious credentials, no data.

I and millions others welcome alternatives and debates; but the administration has no one to blame but themselves for the criticism (and election threat) hurtling their way like a


Wrong again. The administration did not hire Fauci.

pual mase

Fauci and Birx predate the current administration


Masks or No Masks?:

Two Experts from the Center for Infectious Disease Research: "Lisa Brosseau and Margaret Sietsema are both experts on respiratory protection and infectious diseases who have taught at the University of Chicago (Brosseau is retired). On Apr. 1, they published a paper for the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy in which they stated bluntly: "We do not recommend requiring the general public who do not have symptoms of COVID-19-like illness to routinely wear cloth or surgical masks."

Do these experts count or only Fauci?


if they're important, have Trump put them on his podium. Don't just cite them here. Get the Pres to tout their recommendations....he's in charge, not LTM readers.


The experts you used basically said the same thing as Fauci. They are saying that medical masks should be saved and that the problem is people wearing them improperly and having a false sense of security. “These types of masks may not be effective in blocking virus particles.” Sietsema noted there is a high level of divergence of opinion on this subject. “There’s a debate amongst all the experts,” she said. “Who knows what’s going on?” They said the cloth the masks are ineffective in protecting the wearer they felt that people to wear cloth or surgical masks could be interpreted by some to mean that people are safe to stop isolating at home. It’s too late now for anything but stopping as much person-to-person interaction as possible. Please say the entire story when you say something like that.


Right on the button scott, as my daughter-in-law said early on and she is just a top notch molecular biologist, of course I'm sure she is not near as smart as AG here and she will let me know that. Anyway, she said from day one about the only transmission media is airborne droplets. Virus needs a host and this Fauci crack-pot, that when Trump questioned him he was bashed for, kept saying among other things, oh it can stay active on your clothes for 36 hours??? My daughter-in-law, who is working in a bio-4 level facility just laughed. Fauci is an irrelevant holdover that should have been retired a long time ago. Go back to work. Vote all Democraps out. Next thing you know they will be saying that Comey and others committed federal crimes by leaking the names to CNN and MSNBC of people he, Biden and others unmasked. Ha, oh wait, it's true, it's true. :)


This is amazing. Your daughter in-law who works in a bio-4 level (?) laughs about what Fauci had to say. Can you run through some of her contributions to the health care system and the world and compare it to Dr. Fauci please? Apparently your Daughter in-law is the best scientist/medical professional in the world. We are so lucky to have HardworkingAmerican represent her on this platform. Can we get her interviewed with all her infinite wisdom please!?!? This country is on the brink of disaster! We need answers from this “daughter in-law” now!

Every worker in any industry will, at times, disagree with their peers. Some for good reason and some for not. That doesn’t mean the person in question is wrong and should be discarded along with all their credentials.

HardworkingAmerican, more like LazyWhiningAmerican.


@OurBros - Hardworkingamerican doesn't need to ask his daughter in-law about laughable comments made by Fauci. You can use a fancy tool called Google. For starters, on at least (2) occasions in January, (2) in February and (1) in March Fauci said Americans can and should go about their normal daily routines, nothing we should worry about. Fauci also said, on 60 Minutes that masks are not necessary and may actually do more harm than good. If these completely contradictory statements aren't laughable, I don't know what is. Trump has been getting blasted for not doing enough, when in fact he was doing far more than Fauci in January and February. I'm sorry, but if someone as well credentialed as Fauci can't say whether or not a mask would help or hurt, well it's not much of a contribution.

One more thought, before you try and blast the daughter in-law, why don't you do a little research into what a bio-4 level lab does and then look up Gain of Function research. Once you do that, then try being a smart@$$ because right now you are cutting down someones family member that happens to be one of very, very few people that work in a bio-4 lab.


@sctVa: so you are taking 2 moments in time (in the past) and comparing it to what we know now? I thought you were one of the people on here who said China was not being transparent with everything they knew about the virus, which was back in January-February. At that time, no one clearly understood this virus. I can play this same game with just about anything? Late 1930’s America said not to worry about Hitler and the nazi party. Fast forward a few years (when more knowledge and things happen) the stance changed. So his comments from earlier this year, sure they are wrong, because we didn’t have all the information and knowledge that we do today (which isn’t a lot or enough). So your argument isn’t really valid. Also, couldn’t care less about the daughter in law and what she does. Facts are facts as well as Dr. Fauci’s achievements, contributions, and overall resume. I don’t see how you can compare anyone with that background and call them a quack because someone’s random relative works in a similar industry. Move on champ.


I guess he doesn't realize what his daughter in-law being a Molecular biologist does and that she has more than likely never seen a sample of the Covid-19.


Scott, You and all these recent, in the name of the liar in chief, Fauci haters have made up so many false and misleading statements on him that news medias are sending out statement about it. Compare your statement ot the timeline in which it was said, The CDC didn’t recommend masks until April. Try and put in entire statements instead of half-truths. Google search interest in “60 minutes Fauci masks” hit its peak earlier this week, and a video was posted on you tube with the wrong timestamp. The right will stoop as low as necessary to defame someone they perceive as a threat. Ouroboros did not blast his inlaw he pointed out the obvious. How was that cutting her down? She may be smart but she isn’t an infectious doctor. What is your deal?


@hardworkingamerican - Not sure you can get closer to an inside source than your daughter in-law, level-4 bio nonetheless! I bet she has some stories on Gain of Function research that would blow us away! Ok, so the CDC just reversed their previous position that COVID could be easily spread on surfaces. Now, and this will make all the Loudoun Liberals apoplectic, JP Morgan finds infection rates are decreasing in states that ended lockdowns. CNBC anchor Carl Quintanilla posted a lengthy thread to Twitter outlining the investment bank’s research, which counters many media and political figures who predicted dire consequences for those states when coronavirus lockdown measures began lifting.

Older people are certainly at a higher risk of COVID, but it doesn't help when Liberal governors dump infected people into nursing homes, causing huge increases in death counts. LL, look at the overall death count in nursing homes in Florida, very, very few. Why? Because the governor, who happens to be Republican executed a strategy to protect them unlike their Liberal counterparts.



-----> " CDC just reversed their previous position that COVID could be easily spread on surfaces."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has always warned that "it may be possible" to become infected with coronavirus by touching contaminated surfaces or objects.

Scott - will you please stop with the misinformation.


Scott, it still can be spread on surfaces, they are still learning about the virus. The exact explanation, before someone takes your word for it and touches everything people have coughed on is: "It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes," the latest guidance says. "This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, but we are still learning more about this virus."



---> "Fauci is an irrelevant holdover"

This is sad. Why you would discredit a world leader in infectious diseases and who led the research at NIH in HIV/AIDS while isolating AZT and designing the AIDS cocktail.

"Carl Schmid, executive director of the HIV & Hepatitis Policy Institute, was among the advocates fighting HIV/AIDS who hailed Fauci’s work both then and now.

"No one does a better job at explaining and conquering infectious diseases, whether it is HIV/AIDS or coronavirus, than Tony Fauci,” Schmid said. “Not only is he one of the world’s top infectious disease doctors but he knows how to articulate complicated issues and on top of it, understands how to address them utilizing an all parts of society approach. He has been there since the earliest days of the AIDS crisis and can take all of what he has learned and done over the years, including working with presidents of both parties, to now deal with the coronavirus.”


The geniuses who tell us it's all OK and we should immediately and without hesitation open everything up...what do you make of that graph at the top left of this story? Does that look like things are improving? Go ahead, bet your life on it but stop trying to convince others with your short-sighted, no doubt self-serving views. If your dream came true and things opened...guess customers much are going to show up.

Loudoun Observer

LoudounClear wrote; "what do you make of that graph at the top left of this story? Does that look like things are improving?" There we go. The public doesn't understand the charts. These are cumulative. That means the total and....wait for it...when you are always adding and never subtracting... it's never going to go down. So as long as you keep looking at that chart things are never going to improve. Clearly genius is among us.


Sorry to have to point this out but if I give you a dollar a day, you have more money. If I stop...and the graph showing my cumulative contributions goes level. You have no more money coming in. Now substitute virus cases for money and you'll see what an improving graph might look like...

More Cowbell

One thing clear from you LoudounClear, You failed math, not understanding what cumulative means. Yes, that chart that means so little will keep increasing into next year and beyond, so for everyones sake, you should stay home forever.


The cumulative graph is exactly what he was pointing out. Where is the plateau or lessening of the increase?


Amerigirl, you act like all the numbers are solid. The fact that you simply accept what your told doesn't make you informed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conflating the results of two different types of coronavirus tests, distorting several important metrics and providing the country with an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic.


SureScott, it is all a big conspiracy.


News Flash - CDC does it again, The CDC is conflating the results of two different types of coronavirus tests, distorting several important metrics and providing the country with an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic. Look it up or not, I really don't care.


RE: scottva your post make no sense. With any new pathogen, not a lot is initially known. Data is produced as the disease progresses. It's perfectly normal to eventually have contradictions of initial conclusions.

A far bigger problem is having a leader who has been given the facts by professionals, doesn't like the facts so gives his own "expert" opinion. Now that's what you call dangerous.

Bleach anyone?


@loudouncommonsense - COVID is new, learning a lot about/from it, I agree, however, I'm no doctor but seems to me whether or not to wear a mask, well that should be a no brainer for a scientist. Something that is not new are cardiac conditions, cancer and other serious ailments. Sounds like you are a believer in playing God, by extension of your "experts" because there are many lives being lost or have become far worse off because of the lockdown and not because of COVID. Why do your God like figures think those lives are any less important OR are they just a casualty of war against an invisible enemy?

Bleach anyone you say? What a stupid comment. Until you learn how to read beyond the Fauci files, your comments are as irrelevant as your previous comments. You don't want to consider other professional view points or other very relevant perspectives of this whole COVID topic, you seem to wallow in the fact that the more people become ill, are hospitalized and die, the better your chances for winning back the WH. Frankly, you're short sighted and are wearing blinders to the broader picture. Please, when lockdown ends, stay in your home, last thing we need is more hateful people walking around.



---> "whether or not to wear a mask"

You do realize that a cancer patient wears a mask to protect himself while his immune system is compromised. We wear masks for COVID-19 to prevent transmission but also to somewhat protect the wearer. Supposedly, 75% of virus shedding can be stopped by wearing a mask.

---> " last thing we need is more hateful people walking around"


BTW, how old are you Scott?


----> Bleach anyone?

No thanks. I'll settle for hydroxychloroquine. [rolleyes]


@ExitRamp, tell you what, you believe what you want and are told like a good Liberal and I'll learn more from different perspectives from a variety of experts. Are masks useful/helpful? Yes, Are they for everyone? No. Why? Because it's by choice and if someone chooses not to wear a mask then they are at risk, and if the rest of the world is wearing them, well they are much safer. I believe every law abiding citizen has the right and should carry a gun and I'm sure you don't and I think that's your choice, not my business until you and your cohorts try to remove those rights. You wanna be a sheep go ahead, I'm fine with that. But I can think for myself and learn for myself. Try it sometime


Big jump considering that free testing just started today.


This clown governor, who can't remember if he painted his face black or wore a hood in the yearbook denied Western Loudoun from opening but just opened the beaches in Virginia Beach but kept the rest of the beaches closed! I wonder if he was this wishes washey in medical school when he thought about posing for the I want to pant my face black or wear the hood?

Thank goodness, Virginia governors can only run one term!




Numbers include those tested in march and april. Someone testing positive on May 1 should be over it or dead by now. Democrats aiming to make everyone dependant on government handouts. It worked in the inner cities. Suburbs are next.


BAM! Well said.


No they have 4 days to report cases not months. That i why when you go to the VA dept health site it has the figures for those days shaded in grey. Seriously, you can not believe that BS about Dems. Prove it.


Now, the CDC has come out and said that COVID does NOT spread easily on surfaces. It is constant conflicting messages like this that keep the wonderful dialogue in LTM churning.


Just goes to show that science is almost NEVER settled. :)


I suggest once every small business is allowed to open they add a small produce, pet food and hardware section to their store. The only reason the big boys are allowed to stay open is they sell one of these items that meets the criteria to stay open.


And they should be fined or shut down as they are not foolowing guidelines established for businesses being open. Every employee is supposed to be wearing a mask, social distancing and limits of people in stores. Walmart and Home Depot, Leesburg are blatantly disregarding these parameters. It's bad enough that the clientele is clueless but to put employees at risk is pure negligence. Whether it's for the almighty dollar or to not piss off the entitled shoppers...neither are acceptable reasons. Everyone one of you moaners and groaners have either been to Walmart or Home Depot!!!


Not a bad idea. The mattress/furniture store near the CoCos Food Mart in Sterling started selling masks to allow their store to remain open during the closures.


I have looked at the "new" Loudoun County dashboard, I see no difference from the VDH dashboard. And the MOST important data is not being supplied by either dashboard or the AHHA dashboard regarding CURRENT Covid Hospitalizations at our 2 hospitals. There's no reason to publish cumulative hospitalization numbers, what purpose does that serve!! If I'm understanding correctly 146 hospitalizations is NOT the current number. If I'm in error, please feel free to correct me. If I'm not in error, then this shows MORE incompetence on the part of Dr. Goodfriend. The whole point of the shutdown WAS to track current hospitalizations as related to the capacity that exists.


The main point IS there has not been a DECREASE...14 days with NO NEW CASES! The part of VA still locked down has transients! Whether for essential or non essential and until there are no new cases....

Figures always fuctuate as this is a living breathing entity. Should they? In a perfect world, no. But I'm supposing that even the info coming in has variables in understanding of what is to be included. I'm bored out of my skull but I'm at risk so this is better than checking out the inside of a coffin because I need another gallon of paint or another 24 pack of TP!

Loudoun Observer

Current numbers and facts do not promote the fear and emotional response needed to maintain support (among the scared) for the shutdown. Northam and Randall have all the data but we all know data is not what's driving these decisions now. It's way more scary to have the public believe that 146 people are in the hospital in Loudoun vs. the 15-20 that are actually there for Covid.


Part of the story that is not being told is how hard this is hitting the Hispanic community, 50% of the cases but only 10% of the population means the infection rate is 10 times higher in the Hispanic community and that assumes the same level of testing. What are the chances that lack of access to healthcare means the real infection rate is much higher?


Current numbers and facts show that there were 121 cases reported in Loudoun today, along with the 52 yesterday. Six more hospitalizations reported yesterday and so far, 1 more today and it’s not even noon. So, what data are you talking about or are you just ignoring it instead of following it? People can read the charts; they understand the difference between cumulative and daily. Please don’t act like those 15-20 people you talk about are just statistics they are real Loudouners that are suffering and may die.


The concept of anyone "attacking" businesses because of covid is absurd. As a business owner I never envisioned having to shut down because of an epidemic. BUT I did know that being in business comes with risks, the most threatening of which is a recession i.e. a huge loss of business.

Some owners are able to accumulate "rainy day funds" for bad times. But too many businesses start on a shoestring and continue that way. They are constantly at risk of failure, and as we see now, are the first to go under,.

Restaurants are particularly vulnerable in this way. It's almost the nature of the business. And likely the underlying cause is actually TOO MANY restaurants for the population. It has been said that Loudoun county suffers from this..we are "concept-restaurant-ed" beyond our capability to fill them. Together with concept-entertainment venues (breweries, vineyards, distilleries) we are over-saturated.

Not all could or would survive even in the best of times........


Some serious questions.

1) Is your business still open or closed. It seems to me you have an "essential" business

2) If you are closed are you still paying your employees or are they collecting unemployment?

3) If you are closed, how long before your rainy day funds are dried up and you find yourself in the same situation


Amen, brother.


How many sole/proprietor businesses have been killed/destroyed. Can you please go out and do some research and real reporting to bring to light the true pandemic. That of attacking businesses for political reasons. I'm sure plan parenthood is committing death by abortion and still getting their 500 plus million in tax payer dollars. Stop this scoreboard and report the true crimes to citizens.


Along the same lines, a report on CNBC this morning indicated that nearly 8 in 10 unemployed Americans believe their layoffs are temporary, but new research suggests that may not be the case for many people. The University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute predicts that 42%, or 11.6 million, of all jobs lost through April 25 due to the coronavirus will become permanent. “The current crisis may be so severe that the fraction of temporary layoffs that become permanent ends up being much larger,” economist Jose Maria Barrero told CNBC.

So all of these people that want to keep it shut down, thinking they can return their jobs at some point in the far future when there are zero (0) cases, quite possibly will see a much more rough transition back into the workforce, if at all.


Holy segue, Batman!


You are the one that makes every article they ever print political.

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