Loudoun County now has 2,047 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the Virginia Department of Health. That's an increase in 226 cases from Sunday's report.

No new deaths have been reported. The last local death was reported on Saturday.

The age breakdown of the deceased is as follows: 38 have been 80 years old or older, 10 have been between the ages of 70 and 79, three have been between the ages of 60 and 69, and one between the ages of 50 and 59.

One hundred fifty people in Loudoun have been hospitalized, and 10,731 people have been tested.

The seven-day average for percent positivity in local testing stands at 15.9 percent.

On Sunday, regional health experts told chief elected officials that northern Virginia has met much of the criteria needed to move into the first phase of the commonwealth’s reopening plan, according to Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large).

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is expected to receive a copy of the report along with a letter from the chief elected officials. He is expected to decide whether northern Virginia may enter into the first phase of reopening after ordering the region be delayed through May 28.

Statewide, the number of cases on Monday jumped by 1,483 to 37,727 cases. A total of 1,208 deaths have occurred, 4,269 hospitalizations, and 256,913 people have been tested.

Virginia residents can search case and testing information by ZIP code through the county's website.

Over the weekend, Northam was questioned and criticized about not wearing a face mask during his Saturday visit to the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

Northam, who has urged Virginians to cover their faces during the coronavirus pandemic, was spotted posing for mask-less photos alongside residents.

Alena Yarmosky, a spokeswoman from the governor’s office, said in a statement to the Associated Press, “He was outside yesterday [Saturday] and not expecting to be within six feet of anyone. This is an important reminder to always have face coverings in case situations change — we are all learning how to operate in this new normal, and it’s important to be prepared.”

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at CDC.gov/Coronavirus and Loudoun.gov/coronavirus.


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No Northam was in Virginia beach without a mask taking selfies. How about you liberals quit lying your you know whats off. Northam did nothing to interface with the federal government. Sitting in his abortion ridden tax payer paid for home and whining that "Trump didn't do my job for me" is nothing short of an attack on every one of us in Virginia. You want to see results? Put a conservative in this state and then you will see. Trump saved this country and the likes of Northam, Como, Newsom and all others who say everything is Trump's fault can blow it out your you know what. Go ahead. Stay at home and never come out again. I promise we won't miss you. Dorks


true. He didn't expect to be within 6 ft of people, the people just love him so much (waiting for those comments) they had to have selfies with him. If try watch his briefing you would know what advise he has taken, but you shouldn't say he hasn't taken any when you haven't even looked to see. You know that he has the exact same abortion laws as the republicans did when they were in office with 2 small exceptions. 1) the building doesn't need to have the extra large hallways 2) a sonogram is not required before the procedure. That's it! So I challenge you to find anything different in the laws from when republicans led by Bob McDonnell were in charge and now. Trump can't handle his won job so I doubt any gov expects him to do theirs. Look at what a great job he did on filling the national stockpile, and getting testing started. We have had a conservative here, and all it did was make it so we had to sell things off to have enough money for infrastructure. God knows they can't raise taxes for it. Trump has destroyed the country. He doesn't put people in jobs that know anything about them and fires anyone who disagrees with him. He tries to sell off land in national parks without studies so his rich buddies can profit off it. He doesn't care about the next generation, not about lead in their water or the amount of debt he is putting them in. But it makes him look like he is great for keeping a great economy while he continues to raise the deficit. BTW, you are not under anyone so who are you talking to? and who is we? You got a mouse in your pocket?



It's Ok. We understand this is hopeless. He's a fool if he believes it. He's a bigger fool if he expects us to.

Ozark is alive and well in Va.


Can you prove that Governor Northam is "loved so much"? He is an elected official and not a cult leader. Therefore, I would expect that there is a swath of the electorate in this Commonwealth who would dispute the claim that he is "loved so much". The last time I checked this conversation was about the Governor's inability to follow COVID-19 precautions (social distancing) so a conversation that compares his abortion laws with previous Governors is not relevant. As for the National Stockpile, but Obama as well as other Republican presidents have to be blamed too as they did nothing about filling the National Stockpile and failed to take seriously the possibility of a pandemic. As I have stated previously, the U.S. Constitution does not include testing as a role for the U.S. President and the standard operating procedure for the handling of public health emergencies, as identified by medical experts, is that the state/local government is responsible for mitigation strategies (including testing). The Federal Government is there to provide logistical and policy support, that is it. To have Federal Government requires either a declaration or a request from the State. I don't believe that Trump filled EVERY job with unqualified people. An illustration would be Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA commissioner who was appointed by Trump. He is highly qualified and furthermore how can you make claims about people's qualifications? Did you look at their indvidual backgrounds/resumes and compare them to the position descriptions? Can you prove that Trump tried to sell off the National Parks to his "rich buddies"? How can you make claims (borderline slanderous) about the President's motivations? I hate to break it to you but the Democrats also don't really care about excessive spending and the associated debt that they are laying on this country. The proposed amounts and number of stimulus bills are a good example. Now, there is a need for stimulus to help the economy overcome the shock of this pandemic and associated Government response. However, one should pause and measure results but no, the Democrats want to go "gung ho" and spend until the cows come home. What are you going to do when the international financial community tells this country that "we don't want your Treasuries"? What about the effect on interest rates/inflation concerns? Oh, those are just dusty old basic economic concerns and we don't care about them because "we are in this together". Hypocrisy in motion.


Vol, Updated April 14 at 5:32 PM - According to a VCU statewide poll, 76 percent of Virginians approve of the way Gov. Ralph Northam is handling the COVID-19 response. His approval rating has always been higher even with the scandal. You don’t seem to understand about the national stockpile. I has to be refreshed regularly, we have had other crisis that have used the stockpile since trump has been in office, where did those items come from? Trump has been in office for 3 years and it hasn’t been to stock it? Of course, the constitution doesn’t include testing as a role for the U.S. President, they didn’t even exist then. Congress didn’t even enact the National Emergencies Act in 1976. However, there are departments of the government that exist now that carry those responsibilities. Trump declared the virus a national emergency on March 13 (which he authorized the emergency without a governor or tribal leader making a request) which brings departments of the national government into play such as HHS’s FEMA and the National Guard. That means that this is no longer a standard operating procedure. They aren’t there to just provide logistical and policy support. The HHS secretary now has the authority to temporarily waive or modify certain requirements. This includes the Medicare, Medicaid, and State Children’s Health Insurance programs and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Rule throughout the duration of the public health emergency declared in response to the COVID 19 outbreak. Governors and tribal leaders can make additional requests to the president for additional federal assistance and a major disaster declaration, if necessary, to support response and recovery. Tell me a position that trump filled with someone that had knowledge of the position? Rick Perry for dept he wasn’t even aware of? He has hired obscure campaign staffers (John Jaggers), contributors to Breitbart (Curtis Ellis) and others who have embraced conspiracy theories(Jon Perdue), as well as dozens of Washington insiders who could be reasonably characterized as part of the “swamp” Trump pledged to drain. At least 36 former lobbyists from health insurance and pharmaceuticals to construction, energy and finance. Many of them lobbied in the same areas that are regulated by the agencies they have now joined. The people he said he would have “no problem” banning, Alexandra Campau, Timothy Clark, Keagan Lenihan, Justin Mikolay, and Chad Wolf. That is a very small sampling. Dr. Scott Gottlieb was also on board of directors of drug maker Pfizer, director at Tolero Pharmaceuticals[16] and Daiichi Sankyo Inc.[17] and a member of GlaxoSmithKline's product investment board and Gottlieb worked as an advisor to presidential campaign, conflict of interest. Since the day he was sworn in he and his officials began opening up public lands to the energy industry. First, there was the announcement on January 30, 2017, to reorganize government agencies, including the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior. Two weeks later, Trump repealed a rule that stopped mining companies from dumping waste into rivers. Then Ryan Zinke was confirmed as secretary of the interior, and from there the deregulation pace quickened. Zinke oversaw reviewing national monuments, streamlining oil and gas industry permits, opening Arctic waters to drilling, and, finally, shrinking two monuments in Utah. Some of which is now being auctioned off for as little as $2 an acre. The democrats spending is for the people, can’t say that about trump, it’s to make him look good. You’re really hung up on the "we are in this together" thing. Who is not in it?

pual mase

Testing ramps up and more positive case are reported. The lockdowners react with horror, put down those that want to start reopening and demand continued lockdowns. How predictable and misinformed.

Mindlessly following statistics they don’t understand and placing their faith in alarmist “experts” and hyperbolic media, they justify destroying businesses, jobs and lives.

The virus may be with us indefinitely and we have to learn how to live with it, minimizing spread, mitigating outbreaks AND letting people and business operate appropriately. Shut down as a temporary, short term approach may have made sense but is unsustainable and dangerous as an ongoing strategy.

The level of discussion in many of these posts reflects a simplistic, naive attitude of keep it shut until I am comfortable and the heck with those that need to earn a living, open a business and live their life.

The claims that opening the economy is somehow a political anti-dem strategy, are absurd. The dems are doing a fine job of discrediting their own credibility.


Testing ramps up more positive and negative cases are reported, because there are more tests, Duh. Sorry you feel like people are 'lockdowners',That would be like me calling those who won't wear a mask ignorant foolish spreaders. I for one can't wait till I'm free! But you are no psychic and you have no idea what is going to happen. Lots of things will be with us indefinitely and part of living with it is creating vaccines and medications. The flu is still with us but you get a shot every year right? To think people should just go on with life like there is no pandemic and not take precautions is simplistic, naive, and can be dangerous to others. Don't know where you got your talking point about it be a political anti-dem strategy, because nobody thinks that. It is a republican strategy pushed by trump, who is losing in the polls, to try and bolster the economy to make his numbers look good. If you think he cares about you or anyone else being effected by the virus, think again. He could care less because all that matters to him is him.


It is logical to assume that with the increase in testing the results would corresponding change. There have been comments made on this site that portray people who won't wear a mask as ignorant. Again, that is not very "we are in this together" and is wrong. Also, not everyone gets a a flu shot so that line of reasoning is incorrect. What is wrong with the premise that going with life, even with the pandemic, and simply take appropriate precautions as outlined in the guidance? That position is not naive and it is wrong for the collective majority to "judge" others simply because they don't prescribe to the hysteria. How is it "dangerous to others" to do this? The answer is it is not. But that is not the answer that the collective majority want to hear and not politically correct discourse. This is the USA and individuals have rights to be able make judgments about how to protect themselves. This is not Europe where the "ruling class" tells everyone what to do and when to do it. As for the premise that Trump is losing in the polls, that premise is questionable as there has been recent polling that shows that Biden/Trump are tied in key swing states. The argument about Trump either caring or not about individuals is not relevant. I hate to break it to everyone but the Democrats don't care about those individuals either. They do make for nice political capital and soundbytes for the fear monging media. This hysteria raising reporting by the media, with their scare stories and omnious background music is not productive to anything except ratings. It would be nice if the media would be objective but unlikely.


V, I don't think that is what they are worried abut. Many states didn't open until they met the below 10% benchmark for positive cases. NOVA is at 14.7%. It may not be Europe but there is a president that thinks he can rule and rile up his base to get his way. Caring is relevant when he is the president and takes actions that endanger the citizens.


Vol, you keep talking about hysteria. Where is the hysteria? The only samples I've seen are the nut cases at the protests to open.


For those who do not think Covid-19 is political I suggest you read this article from Politico -

"The general election scenario that Democrats are dreading"

Furman, tapped to give the opening presentation, looked into his screen of poorly lit boxes of frightened wonks and made a startling claim.

“We are about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country,” he said.

Furman’s counterintuitive pitch has caused some Democrats, especially Obama alumni, around Washington to panic. “This is my big worry,” said a former Obama White House official who is still close to the former president. Asked about the level of concern among top party officials, he said, “It’s high — high, high, high, high.”

And top policy officials on the Biden campaign are preparing for a fall economic debate that might look very different than the one predicted at the start of the pandemic in March. “They are very much aware of this,” said an informal adviser.


So, democrats will change their talking points because trump is changing his? That is still one mans opinion. I hope Biden points out just how much it has raised the deficit that trump swore he was going to get rid of.


Based on your comment you seem to be disappointed by his opinion. So you don't agree with Trump providing people and businesses money now to help them through this crisis?


Springer, trump didn't just start raising the deficit. Look at how long he has been doing that while we had a good economy to get the numbers he wanted.


I hate to break it to everyone, but none of the elected officials will do anything to reduce the deficit/debt. Why? Because everyone, Republicans and Democrats, likes their pet projects and some of these projects are classified as mandatory entitlement spending thereby having big lobby groups who fight any change to them. They know that, if they have a serious discussion on spending, they are out the door so they don't do squat. They have had commissions (Erskin/Simpson) that provided a clear approach to cut spending/debts but didn't follow through on them. Paul Ryan developed a plan and that went nowhere fast. The Federal Reserve has warned them that spending was out of control and needed to be reined in before the pandemic. Did they listen? Of course not. Maybe, as before, the financial market needs to send a reminder to policy makers that you can't spend indefinitely no matter how politically favorable it is.


Vol, stop with the naysaying, you are not a psychic. How do you know what they are going to do? Can you tell me the ratio of pet projects between parties? You don’t think that tumps tax bill had a big chuck of debt In FY 2019, the federal government took in just under $3.5 trillion in revenue, which is equivalent to 16.3% of GDP. Revenues are expected to increase to 18.2% of GDP in 2029, primarily due to the expiration of personal income tax cuts in TCJA attached to it? His tax bill sparing the wealthiest from paying their rightful share in taxes was responsible for about 25% of 2019's deficit. The guy who said he would eliminate the national debt has increased it nearly 70% in the 3 years since he took office. You aren’t breaking any news to anyone that they can’t easily look up.


The full story is yet to unfold: approx 10-14 days from now look at the numbers. They will reveal the effects of opening-up (partial or otherwise).

Those stats will also tell us whether we should listen to the scientists/medical personnel or the folks not wearing masks/social distancing.


Can't we just use other states as examples instead of having to expose Virginians to their mistakes? Guess not because the virus is really starting to spread in rural VA, look at Greensville, Allegheny, Rockingham, Chesterfield, Prince Edward, andMecklenburg Counties. Martinsville had only had 2 cases back in April then none until they opened, now they have 25.


I don't have a problem with using other states as examples. West Virginia, in relative terms, have few cases of COVID-19. Montana and Wyoming also qualify under few cases. BTW, Chesterfield County is a suburb of the City of Richmond and really doesn't fall under rural VA. It has grown significantly and has high density areas nowadays. If you want rural, I would recommend Brunswick, Nottoway, Dinwiddie counties. They have low rates in their counties and meet the criteria of rural VA.

pual mase

Maybe an recent increase in available testing is exposing a more accurate picture of exposure?

The raw numbers are not actionable without context and shouldn’t be used to drive policy.


Pual you don't think the data should be used to make informed decisions?


Sure, are you planning on using NY, NJ, PA, MI, CT, CA, MD, and/or DC as examples?


V, you don't have a problem with using other states that have a small population and don't compare to VA? Think of what Dr. Birx said on Friday. Northern Va and DC are the worse hot spot right now. They want to be under 10% of testing being positive , before starting a slow open.and we are at 14.7%.


AG, I was responding to your base premise that "...can't we just use other states as examples instead of having to expose Virginians to their mistakes." So, I provided three different U.S. states that satisfied the initial premise. Now, there was not any discriminator such as state population size provided. So, no I don't have a problem with that. You are trying to compare VA, yet you are only taking Northern Virginia. That is not a real comparison. If you are going to use VA as a tool for comparison, then the whole Commonwealth should be used, not just a region. It's similar to using Chesterfield County and calling it "rural" as it is a suburb of Richmond and hasn't been "rural" for a long time. Concerning Dr. Birx's concerns that "....Northern Va and DC are the worse hot spot right now. They want to be under 10% of testing being positive , before starting a slow open.and we are at 14.7%." I believe that Governor Northam and Mayor Bowser, not Dr. Birx, are responsible for the determination to re-open or not. Apparently both the mayor and the Governor have taken that advice, along with other recommendations, into account when they have made their determination.


Vol, then you should make that response realistic. Use states that have similar types of populations as we do. How many NOVA residents lives miles away from their closest neighbor? How does comparing Virginia to thoses states that really are not even close to the way Virginia is satisfied the initial premise? Get real. Alabama’s new cases rose 28% from the previous week, Missouri’s rose 27% and North Carolina’s rose 26%, according to the Reuters analysis of data from The COVID Tracking Project, Georgia, one of the first states to reopen, rose 21% after two weeks of declines., How is that only taking in NOVA? Did I say Birx was responsible for the determination to re-open or not, uhhh NO. I said the other states had hit the number below what was considered safe and their numbers went up anyway.

More Cowbell

Oh no, another spike. but now BOS OK with moving forward. The extra week didn't change anything and we still don't have numbers from 3 day holiday weekend. I could see both Northern VA BOS and Gov pulling rug out from under small businesses again this week, pushing the date back further due to more positive tests.


You know if the test had been provided as trump has said they were(lie, anyone who wants one can get one)we could have tracked this better but having to go by results half way through is utterly ridiculous. On may 22 is when the cases started to plateau, it was still climbing last week so how does it mean the extra week didn't do anything? Of course it will be just about impossible to figure out now that we are comparing previous counts when you couldn't get testing to now when you can. We have even gotten an email saying that our lab will give test without a doctors approval and our insurance will cover it. Your predictions are based on hate.


Please also blame Trump for Virginia being 42nd out of 50 in tests/million.


I don't believe the first premise is valid. If Government (state/local/Federal) had conducted testing early, would it be possible for tracking to be better? No, because, the supporting infrastructure (contact tracing, laboratory resources) would not have been there therefore testing results would be delayed which is the current situation now. The last time that I checked testing is a responsibility of the state/local government as part of the mitigation of the virus, so how are you going to blame Trump for that as the Federal Government only provides guidance and logistical support. If you are going to blame the issue on the amount of testing materials found within the National Stockpile, then you need to blame more than Trump as the supply situation there occurred under the administration of more than one president. Again, another illustration that "we are in this together" campaign is flawed when someone opines something different and then is painted with the "hate" rhetoric in the last line of the comment.

pual mase

What a surprise AG and others use raw data without understanding to take a shot at Trump and and label those with other opinions as “selfish”, “hate(ful)“, “stupid” and “pesky right-wingers”.

And then they try to justify destroying businesses, jobs and lives with continued lockdowns as if there are no reasonable alternatives that protect lives and livelihoods.


adopted, you mean the same trump that decides which states get what supplies? The same trump that has lied numerous times that anyone who wants a test can get one?


AG, concerning management of the supplies under national stockpile, Trump doesn't make a determination as to who gets what. That decision typically falls under FEMA which has a standard process for supplying items. Again, Trump nor the Federal Government responsible for performing testing as testing falls under the mitigation/containment function of public health and that is the responsibility of the state/local government. There is nothing in the U.S. Consititution that states that the Federal Government performs testing or that the President of the United States are are responsible for testing management or testing performance. The states/localities do it. So, if you feel that testing in VA is not sufficient then Governor Northam and Chairperson Randall would be more appropriate targets as they do have a role in management of testing in the state (for Northam) and county (Randall). The Federal Government can only directly intervene (as in other disaster areas/situations) through either a formal declaration or a request by the Governor of the state. That is codified in Federal Code.


Vol, trump has his teeny tiny hands in everything. Read the article in Forbes ‘10 Democratic Senators Claim Trumps Coronavirus’ Trump has also repeatedly told governors (including ours) at the epicenter of the pandemic—most of them from blue states—that they don’t need the volume of equipment from the federal stockpile of ventilators and PPE that they have requested. That standard policy went out the window a long time ago. Please stop with the constitution stuff. Do you really think that testing was available when the constitution was written? Laws for that have been enacted, look it up. Also checkout the role of FEMA during a declared emergency. The states DID a formal declaration in the forms of a state of Emergency as required, and DID make the request as required. It was the trump admin that decided who they wanted to give it to. Some of the red states got more than they even requested.


I wish the stupid, selfish, open-everything-up-because-we've-decided-it-is-a-wedge-to-use-against-Democrats people would quickly get over themselves. This is a pandemic and no amount of clever-by-half political nonsense is going to do anything more than make it worse.

Loudoun Observer

Looks like those pesky right wingers have been caught yet again. This whole "open up businesses" effort was never anything more than a giant wedge deployed against the democrats. It has nothing to do with saving the livelihoods of lots and lots of our Loudoun resident friends and neighbors that have worked and saved their entire lives - and often risked significant personal funds - just to build a little business that shares their passion with us. That's just the right being stupid and selfish again. LOL.


First, everyone in the United States (Democrat/Republican/Independent) knows that this is a pandemic so that is not news to anyone. The blanket characterization of people who want to reopen as "stupid" "selfish" is wrong. Can someone explain to me what is wrong for individuals to want to reopen their enterprises that they created with their own sweat/equity? What is wrong with wanting America to move forward? Do you favor an unemployment rate of approximately 36M? If I watch television, I believe that "we are in this together". Apparently, as I have previously said that is clearly a false premise as this comment once again shows the classic "us being right and you being wrong" mentality and the typical slamming those with different viewpoints. Also, the political "nonsense" you describe also falls on the Democratic side of the aisle too. The last time I checked a public health emergency is not a way to "adjust for social injustices." However, on MSNBC the other day, they were talking about that point. A public health emergency also does not allow the Government to recklessly spend taxpayer dollars and rack massive deficits/debts that will, if you believe economic theory as I do, lead to higher taxes and/or inflation.


Some people act like this is an everyday situation that is taking away their rights. If someone thinks that people are being stupid and selfish for opening, they have a right to their opinion. There is nothing wrong with wanting to reopen. They need to think about how this would affect the entire community not just themselves. Everyone wants to move forward, SAFELY. There is no reason to kill off people with herd immunity or for any other reason. It’s time to have actual respect for life and your neighbors by showing you care enough to wear a mask. But the people posting here say they are stupid. If people knew they could count on the public to watch out for everyone and not just themselves we would all be in a better place. If you can’t trust people to have to decency to try to protect the public and you can’t trust them why would you want to open when the numbers are still high? Instead you have a community where people are yelling and spitting on essential workers that know they could be making more on unemployment and $600 a week and are risking their lives so people can get what they need. It is just not right.


AG, the comment about "...Some people act like this is an everyday situation that is taking away their rights. If someone thinks that people are being stupid and selfish for opening, they have a right to their opinion." apparently is flawed in that those individuals who voice a differing opinion as that of the majority are either shunned or blasted or both by the collective majority. Since state/local government is responsible for developing the policy for reopening that they should encompass that into their policy making process? Further, what scientific background do you have to conclude that herd immunity will kill off people? Sweden, for instance, took that approach and it worked to a certain extent. There are countries in Asia that took that approach as well and it too worked. Two points on masks. That statement about showing "respect" for others by wearing a mask is rather "holier than thou". Who appointed you moral officer for this county to make that type of statement? Second, how can you claim that wearing a mask shows that you have respect for life and your neighbors? What evidence can you show to support that claim? As pointed out elsewhere, Wuhan China wore masks throughout the first wave of COVID-19 and implemented lockdowns and it didn't miraculously solve the problem as there is a second wave underway there with additional lockdowns forthcoming. I find the following premise to be skewed..."if people knew they could count on the public to watch out for everyone and not just themselves we would all be in a better place." You stated in other posts that individuals should be able to determine how to protect themselves. You can't have both ways. Individuals should take individual responsibility for themselves and take the necessary precautions. It is not logical or plausible for the world to cease to function because everyone is waiting for the numbers to decline. There is no way that you can reach zero with a virus unless you have a vaccine. The virus, by its biological nature, will spread and people simply have to contend with that. The founding fathers, in 1789, dealt with Yellow Fever in Philadelphia while they were establishing this nation. Using today's idea, they would have hidden in their homes and we would still have under the jurisdication of the British Crown because the "nasty" virus might get them. No, they decided to take individual responsibility, analyzed the risks, and decided to carry on. Same during the outbreak of the Spanish Flu in 1918. Again, the world continued to move forward. The spitting on essential workers is not right and violates the criminal code so the legal system should be able to handle the violators. However, it is not right that the majority does not allow for others to have a viewpoint that differs. When someone does speak up, then they are shouted down and name called as "haters" or "stupid" people. It is just not right.


Governor blackface and his "rules for thee but not for me"

How many have tested positive since May 10? Thats roughly the current number of cases.


How racist! Shame on you. The original lockdown date to expire was May 8th, not 10th. On May 10th there were 1159 cases today, 2,186. So we have 1,027 more cases, almost double. May 10th there were 35 deaths, today 52 deaths, 17 more, half again as many


How in the world can the the gentlemen's first claim be racist? He is stating a fact that Governor Northam did wear a "blackface" when he was in college. Governor Northam himself stated that and apologized for it so again how is the gentlemen's observation racist? That's a reckless challenge to make, at best. As to the lockdown, Executive Order 53 was set to expire on June 10, 2020, not May 8 or 10. The Governor had the discretion to revise it earlier but the original order was June 10, 2020.


52 deaths, where do you get that number? I see 28 deaths reported today (5.26) and 37 reported yesterday (5.25). (And btw, pictured don't lie.)

pual mase

How is it racist to call out a governor for past racist behavior?

Libs overuse of the race card is pathetic.

Counting total cases, which are simply cumulative positive tests, and total deaths are crude indicators of health risks at best. They are certainly not a sound basis for public health and economic policy without a lot more data and context.

Shaming others with dishonest comments is desparate attempt to defend the indefensible.


Adopted. Between the time we would have shut down (5/10) to the current day (5/26). Subtract the shutdown day from the current day. It gives you the balance of deaths between the date we were supposed to lock down and the current date. (BTW Math don’t lie)


Pual, how is it not racist to call someone that hen noting has been proven? If people were called names for every rumor that was made everyone would have stupid nicknames. Again, with calling data stupid? Get more tests get more data. They should be shamed for their racist remarks because they are nothing but racist remarks built on rumors and pictures can’t be proven. You also should look up the term indefensible, it doesn’t apply, it does apply to those who use the racist remarks for their own pleasure. And yes I meant pleasure.

pual mase

AG do you even realize how hypocritical you sound. Leveling charges without proof against others is your specialty .

I certainly believe data can be valuable, just not your selective misuse of data to suit your arguments.


@AG -- I still don't understand your math calculation, but i'm just a deplorable, enlighten me/us?


The comment about math not lying is incorrect. Math, like statistics, can be manipulated in order to fit one's purposes.


Pual do you even know what hypocritical means? You said the data was stupid. So how am I hypocritical?


adopted, the current tally of deaths in Va is 52, if you subtract the number between when we were supposed to shut down and now you balance is 17.


yeah …… the free covid tests that got shut down 4 hours early.........… glad I expected as much and didn't waste my time to drive there for it.


The whole subject of COVID is turning into a scamming and grifting session writ large.

Youtube it - "BREAKING: Funeral Directors in COVID-19 Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic"


Jeez, do you think this might be tied to the free COVID testing in Leesburg the other day? Why don't we start classifying by tested-positive-asymptomatic or would that not be as alarming as the media would like. Northam could still count the follow on verification tests as additional positives. He doesn't realize why people want to get back to work. The only time that snowflake has ever gotten his hands dirty was when he was putting on makeup in college.


at least Northam isn't the "whiner-in-chief" Governors have acted like leaders; our president can't shut his complaining mouth and just do the business of the people. He sounds so shallow complaining about of all things, the Press; also he continually blames everyone else: the last president, candidates in the last election, former candidates for governor, the house of representatives and blames the opposition for problems with the Federal government that he's had 3 1/2 years to fix, and failed.


Can you explain to me how Northam has acted as a leader? He doesn't even answer questions at the press conferences that he orchestrated. Delegating everything to someone else (the health commissioner, secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, Secretary of Administration, etc.) to do/answer is not leadership.


V, sounds like the white house briefings. What is wrong with letting the people that head those depts answer the questions?


AG, there is a difference. At the White House Briefings, the President, if you agree or not agree, does answer questions that are directed to him. At the press conferences in Richmond, Northam does not even address questions that only he can answer, instead he delegates them to a member of his cabinet. He still doesn't answer the question when pressed by the media. That is not leadership.

Mike Kay

Yes, there should be a "percentage of TESTED people" reported as another metric to follow. It IS possible that the new numbers reflect the free testing. As for your other comments, get a life in the adult world.


The article does tell you the running average positive rate, , which has stayed around 15%, you can reverse the math and get a rough estimate of how many were tested. Unsymptomatic positives are the perpepuatots of the ongoing pandemic.


OMG I hope so. That is an awful high number considering you didn't have to be sick to get a test, Northam is following the way the CDC recommends. Blame them.


The article clearly mentions that % tested positive vs. Total tested has remained the same at approximately 15%. The graphs show that very clearly



Total tested not a random sample.


Well said!


I definitely think this sudden spike in positive tested individuals is related to the testing in Leesburg. We have to provide prescise guidance on how people are to conduct themselves in stores and public. There must be personal responsibility counting on people to follow the rules. Sadly the large numbers of Democrats in NOVA voted in this governor, lieutenant governor and legislature. Notice the traffic flow is from WVA, PA, MD, DC into VA? VA is where the jobs are and hopefully the Democrats do not destroy this prosperity. Northam can continue to keep the state locked down. Watch the numbers of unemployed rise. Many of them will be in neighboring states. Watch the businesses close down for good. Great job Northam in destroying small businesses in the state of Virginia. Next you will be asking tax payers for more money to give to illegals like Newsom is doing in CA.


Funny how you say “We have to provide precise guidance on how people are to conduct themselves in stores and public.” But then bash the people giving that advise. Why would you even say that Democrats would want to stop people from coming from out of state? Maybe now due to the pandemic but that just seems like a strange statement about leaders that promote tourism in the state. Really that is a lot of doomsday narrative for a couple of weeks actions.


So those results don't count? Simple metric: is the risk going down, staying the same or getting worse? Most people read these stats and get it...


^bingo - daily hospitalizations and deaths are the only numbers that matter going forward.


New infections are an indicator of the potential for further spread - COVID-19 reproduction rate is R2.7 which means it's very contagious. Since there is as much as a two-week lag time between infection and symptoms, waiting until hospitalization or death is too long.


Why doesn't Loundoun Times show a graph of daily hospitalizations? That number is independent % of the pop being tested and is really the only stat that should dedicate public policy with the virus.


RoundHillRes, if you click on ‘ZIP code through the county's website.’ A little more than half way through the article it will take you to the Virginia health dept. site. On the top of the dashboard in the center you can click on ‘locality’. On the page that takes you to, in the center box where it says ‘all’ go down to Loudoun and click that. Just to the right of that box you can choose from cases, hospitalizations, or deaths. At the bottom the graph to the right will give you the daily report, you can move your cursor under the dates to pick a certain day. Hope that helps.



---> "daily hospitalizations and deaths..."

...are trailing indicators of new infections. They lag as much as two weeks post infection.

So let's wait until a bunch of people die to realize that just maybe we've had another outbreak.

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