Loudoun County has 2,429 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). That's an increase in 111 cases from Thursday’s report.

Since yesterday’s report, VDH adjusted Loudoun’s number of deaths related to the coronavirus. The number of deaths now stands at 62.

The age breakdown of the deceased is as follows: 48 have been 80 years old or older, 10 have been between the ages of 70 and 79, three have been between the ages of 60 and 69 and one was between the ages of 50 and 59. One hundred fifty-nine people in Loudoun have been hospitalized.

Loudoun partially reopens on Friday since being shut down by the state government in March. Loudoun joins the rest of northern Virginia, Accomack County and City of Richmond reopening for the first time under the first phase guidelines.

Kevin Bednarz, owner of The Ashburn Pub and The Purcellville Pub, told the Times-Mirror, “We are beyond thrilled to enter Phase One and want to thank every single customer, friend and community member that helped us get past the last 60 days, which were obviously the hardest for any small businesses let alone restaurants."

Under the "Phase One” guidelines, retail establishments may operate at 50 percent capacity, and restaurant and beverage establishments may offer outdoor dining at 50 percent occupancy.

Personal grooming services may operate with one patron per service provider, fitness centers may offer outdoor exercise services, and campgrounds may begin taking reservations for short-term stays under the “Phase One” guidelines.

Drive-in services may continue at places of worship, and services may be held inside at 50 percent capacity.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) said if northern Virginia leaders feel comfortable, they will have a chance to enter the second phase along with the rest of the commonwealth, potentially on June 5. The governor had said each phase is expected to last between two to four weeks.

"I'd really like to see everybody in Virginia moving together at the same time," he said.

Northam said state officials will continue to collect more health data before deciding to move to the second phase, “but our trends are encouraging."

Statewide, the number of cases on Friday jumped by 1,132 to 42,533 cases. There have been 1,358 deaths, 4,529 hospitalizations, and 296,321 people have been tested.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at CDC.gov/Coronavirus and Loudoun.gov/coronavirus.


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To my "let's open everything and get back to living our lives" friends. A family member who's a nurse reminded us yesterday, "All this talk about it's safe to open up is crazy. It's not safe. What it means is we have room for you now in the ICU."


Sounds about right. Currently, there is sufficient capacity within the health care system to treat people who may become seriously ill. You'd have everything remain closed until such time as what... there isn't any more money remaining for the government to redistribute? You do realize that there are people in the community who are facing serious financial consequences, right?


If reopening is not safe, then what is the alternative? Viruses have been here since time immortal and will be on this planet as long as it turns. You can't hide under the bed or in a bunker indefinitely while waiting for a vaccine.

I didn't say anything about hiding under the bed, Voltaire, or staying shut down forever. I merely point out that it's still very dangerous out there and to pretend otherwise is, well, stupid.


OK. The second sentence of your initial comment was ".... a family member who's a nurse reminded us yesterday, "All this talk about it's safe to open up is crazy. It's not safe. What it means is we have room for you now in the ICU." So, if it is not safe to reopen, then what is the alternative? The alternative would be to continue to stay home orders which would be an extended shutdown. As I have said, viruses have been here since time immoral and will continue to be. Individuals, as part of their deliberations, should understand that and take precautions if they determine that they want to carry on in this environment.

I guess we're quibbling over what reopen means. If you mean back to business as usual" when you advocate reopening, you're likely setting us up for a new spike in cases. If you mean taking sensible precautions then yes, it is time to do that and at least here in Northern Virginia, that's what's happening. My assumption has been that those shouting to reopen mean something more than the phased reopening that's underway.


Great, now I know where you'll be. Stay in, stay in for a long time. When you see snow, then you can come out.


Here's how you grieve 100,000 lives:

You wear a mask at the damn grocery store and you wash your hands and you keep your distance and you show kindness to cashiers and you follow the simple rules put in place to keep people healthy and alive because that's what decent human beings do, and because 100,000 grieving families deserve it.


ER, as one of those families, I appreciate your sentiment. Thank you.


I’m all for opening up completely. Let the Conservatives go get up in each other’s faces with no masks and spread it to their families. Thin the herd because they don’t want to listen about Science. Yesterday 103,000 people were dead in the US. Like 50,000 military died in Vietnam. Those Conservatives god love ‘em. Wave that flag but these days gripe about and ignore Science. Let them go out and get up in each other. We need a registration system. Let them admit they’re not going to follow directions and when they get the Rona they are the last to get treatment. People ignore history. The greatest flu pandemic lasted from 1918 to 1920. This is going to go as long unless a vaccine happens. And this is going to be like the Flu. Other strains and mutations have already been identified.


Past 7 days 5/22 - 5/29: Eleven COVID hospitalizations in our two Loudoun Hospitals. This is not taxing our ICU beds, vents, or staffing at all. I think Northam is finally coming around and gets that this is the REAL barometer to access the "crisis".

Stop with the positivity rate and other BS. The elderly and compromised need to learn to live with this virus in our midst. Stop blaming others. It's a virus, this is what a virus can do.


Fake numbers....probably tested the one COVID person 111 times....cant trust the state or county government to do the right thing and open up already...


Loudoun4Trump, please go educate yourself, and stop being so selfish.


Stay in your home Guest. Keep all us non-compliers safe, keep yourself safe, it is not for the weak out here.


How is Loudoun4Trump being selfish?


It must be convenient to believe that things you don’t like aren’t real.


All you government haters: we get it. You don't trust, you don't like, you want nothing to do with government, and you can't say anything that isn't disrespectful of your "opposition."

Since you have convinced the rest of us of your disgust, vented many accusations of incompetence ad nauseum and won your own argument, let's move on already and make debate points for a change.


Not everyone hates government. Government has a valid role to play in society and in emergency situations. The issue is the role of Government versus individual rights. People don't want the central government to overreach and take away individual rights. Now, both sides of the spectrum are guilty of being disrespectful of the opposing viewpoint.


/*enable pedantic mode

Ad nauseam

disable pedantic mode */


I don't know what the argument here is. The Commonwealth of Virginia is now open at Phase 1. Loudoun County is now open at Phase 1. So, what's the point here?

Comment deleted.

Wow. That's constructive, no?


Very good to see the positivity rate is decreasing.


When the authorities invite healthy people to be tested, this is the result. It's called cooking the books. My best guess is that the (D)s have decided that they've gotten as much mileage out of this public health issue as they they can, and have manufactured an exit strategy.


The authorities are inviting "healthy" people to be tested to expand the testing base in order to see how far the spread of the virus has occurred and that will predict any adjustments to the mitigation/containment strategy.. Why would the public health authorities gain by "cooking the books" during a public health emergency? I don't think that anyone is working a political angle on this virus and further really doubt that any of the elected leaders have crafted any thing resembling an "exit strategy". Wow. Another game of political gotcha! Does it ever cease? Doubtful, unfortunately....


Yes, cooking the books. It's an age-old concept. And I'm not speaking exclusively of elected "leaders." This goes for bureaucrats, as well. The reported numbers don't support their words or actions. Local or statewide. Not even a little bit. Moving averages are still on the increase. Some jurisdictions were allowed to enter "Phase 1" while others remained closed. Despite better rates per 100,000 and more treatment capacity in those that remained closed. Virginia has been a disaster. Communication has been poor, and that's being generous. Testing numbers were being manipulated until very recently. And now we're doing cattle-call-style drive thru testing. No symptoms. No residency. I agree that there wasn't an exit strategy in place throughout. Goalposts were constantly being moved. And now that there's enough momentum pushing against the stay-at-home-forever crew, there was no other option but to throw the commoners a crumb and begin to reverse the lock down.


Expanding testing beyond the sick is a good tool to find asymptomatic carriers. Chances are you will also find negative hosts as well. Both help the rate of positivity reflect a more complete picture of the rate of infection.


I've been consistent on my position that random testing is OVER-RATED and not essential like CNN and other bureaucrats whine for. There are certainly some applications where it is essential, such as long-term care workers, visitors to hospitals, first-responders, etc. I don't think we need a complete picture of the rate of infection.......it's estimated we are at .6 of 1% have tested positive in DC, MD, VA. Until we get to herd immunity (60-70% rate), if ever, or a vaccine, the virus is here and having drive-thru testing stations accomplishes and adds little to the narrative about modified, cautious re-opening of business and of our society.


As someone who has recently lost a loved one to COVID-19, I wanted to take this moment to simply say that I understand your loss, am truly sorry for it, and wish you and your family solace/comfort during this tragic time. God bless you.


itching for camp grounds in shenandoah to open up. car is packed and I will gleefully yank my children away from the tv and get them out to reboot. hopefully soon...


I thought those fully opened today? The map from yesterday’s phase 1 has camp grounds as fully open. I too am itching

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