May 31 COVID chart

Loudoun County reported 146 new COVID-19 cases between May 29 and May 31.

Loudoun County's COVID-19 case count on Sunday stands at 2,575, according to the Virginia Department of Health, a 46-case increase from Saturday and a 146-case jump from Friday's reporting.

No new deaths have been reported thus far this weekend, leaving the county's coronavirus-related death toll at 62. Loudoun has seen 162 hospitalizations related to COVID-19. 

The age breakdown of the deceased is as follows: 48 have been 80 years old or older, 10 have been between the ages of 70 and 79, three have been between the ages of 60 and 69 and one was between the ages of 50 and 59. One hundred fifty-nine people in Loudoun have been hospitalized.

Loudoun County's current 7-day average for percent positivity in testing has fallen to 13.8 percent.

Daily Percent Count May 31

Loudoun County's current 7-day average for percent positivity in testing has fallen to 13.8 percent.

Statewide, 44,607 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed, a 996-case increase from Saturday's reporting. Virginia has seen 1,375 deaths related to COVID-19 and 4,643 hospitalizations.

Gov. Ralph Northam on Thursday said the commonwealth was at least a week away from entering the second phase of reopening guidelines.

Loudoun County and northern Virginia as a whole entered the first phase on Friday.

With crowded protests and vigils over the killing of George Floyd taking place across the nation, some politicians and experts are worried a new round of COVID-19 outbreaks will sprout up.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and


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At least 2 Italian doctors are stating the virus is losing it's potency in Italy, saying "the viral load is absolutely infinitesimal compared to the swabs of one to two months ago." This is GREAT news assuming the virulence decreases here in the U.S. too.

Wouldn't that be something if Trump's comments come true......"one day the virus will just disappear." !!!!


I believe that is what happened with the Spanish Flu of 1918. It simply disappeared. As someone who has lost someone to COVID-19, I hope that "one day the virus will just disappear" and nobody else would have to go through what my family did.


Yes, after the first wave subsided, people returned to their lives as if the flu had "disappeared". This was an open invitation for the second wave that was much more devastating.


ER, hopefully, maybe in 2020, people will be a little smarter and incorporate the social distancing practices into their lives and a second wave of COVID-19 won't appear. Some of those social distancing/hygiene policies (hand washing/covering you face when sneezing, etc.) should be common sense and have already been done before and not needed Government to tell them to do. Apparently not.


Because some of these things are seasonal. Covid isn't, it has wreaked havoc around the globe in countries that are in summer and winter. I feel the same. We have lost 3 people to it. One was very close the other 2 were acquaintances. People don't realize how hard it is for the families. The woman we were close to was pregnant, too early for it to be viable, left her husband and kids behind. Even when the person dies the families suffer too.


It would be amazing considering it's the guy who wanted us to inject disinfectant. Some day it may mutate enough that it won't be a major problem. But Italy has had many more cases per capita than here so they may have some immunity, too bad they don't know how long that lasts. Also it mutates which is how we know that the virus strain affecting the east coast came from Europe


"Mineapilis"??? Really?


Once again the media seems to gloss over the fact this virus is far more deadly to older people than younger people. We have not had anybody in Loudoun under 50 die and the majority of deaths have been people over 80 years old.

Time to get back to work. If you are over 80, stay sheltered.


But how many people f other ages have gotten sick? Just because they don't all die is not a reason to blame older people for the problem. Those younger people have a blood clotting problem, they have strokes and heart problems from that. empathy fails you.


I am grateful to hear that nobody in this area died from COVID-19 this weekend.

"...With crowded protests and vigils over the killing of George Floyd taking place across the nation, some politicians and experts are worried a new round of COVID-19 outbreaks will sprout up..." You can almost hold your breath until Trump will use this as an excuse that's upset his perfect plan for dealing with the virus. As it says on his desk, "The buck stops over there somewhere...."


You are trying so hard to make a relevant point and still come up empty. You see, the majority of major cities and states (run by Liberals) are the ones that have implemented massive lockdown procedures, carefully crafted social distancing and mask laws to stop the spread of COVID. Now people like you are pushing those Liberal COVID boundaries that were created. One of two things will happen, either there will be a massive resurgence of COVID, in which case you can poke Trump in the eye, however, if there is NOT a resurgence, then you must accept the fact that Trump and many others were right yet again. We shall see. Keep trying to post a meaningful comment, personally, I don't think you have the ability, but hey, why you wait for your next government check you have nothing else to do.


I would say if major cities are run by democrats and that is where most of the population is that the people have spoken. Trump didn't want to do anything with covid, he won't again when it rears it's ugly head up with the re openings.


Ferguson like Mineapilis, two cities run by Democrats, police dep't run by Democrats, black man killed by a cop.


typical republican, talking about the wrong subject, reading comprehension, narrow minded.


Must be married to amerigirl or Cindy lou

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