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Construction of Metro's Silver Line, which will extend the D.C. rail system to the Dulles Airport and farther into Loudoun County.

Construction of Metro's Silver Line into Loudoun County has run into another delay.

Capital Rail Constructors, the contractor for the $5.8 billion second phase of the Dulles Corridor Rail Project, says concrete pedestals at the Dulles Airport station were built without proper internal reinforcement, according to the Washington Post.

The project is being managed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, or MWAA.

The Post reports the pedestals, which sit atop 20 concrete columns, are critical because they serve a dual purpose in helping anchor the glass walls on the station’s first level and the glass windscreens that will be installed on its second level.

“We are aware of the situation and monitoring progress as MWAA and the contractor work to resolve the issue,” Metro said in a prepared statement.

It wasn't immediately clear whether the second phase of the Silver Line extension, which will run track to the Dulles Airport and to two stations in Ashburn, will be able to open in the second half of 2020, which was the most recent projection before the most recent issues were found.

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.-10th) issued a statement on the delay Friday afternoon.

“Loudoun County is impatiently waiting for a Silver Line expansion to bring connectivity and greater economic opportunity to our region,” Wexton said. “These delays have real consequences for the people of Northern Virginia, and it’s unacceptable.”


This is a Times-Mirror news alert. Check back to for more information as it becomes available.

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At 4 million dollars a mile for a 2 lane road Metro is the equilvent of 1450 miles of 2 lane road, lol!


Where are you getting your info?


Who knew you could troll right wing cranks with a story about Metro...

More Cowbell

They knew of this problem over a year ago, yet MWAA and media were AWOL on this issue. And the cost will be just passed on to Loudoun as usual. Metro should have stopped at Dulles Airport. GM professor should be made to pay $500K since he pushed this(same goes for BOS).


You sure demand a lot of jail time and fines for things you perceive to be or are crimes.

Charles Houston

It was a fool named Ken Reid who cast the deciding vote on brining Metro here (a 5-4 Board vote.) Loudoun taxpayers are on the hook for all sorts of Metro mismanagement, system wide, not to mention the unwanted growth it will bring. and the stations are butt-ugly.

(Edited by staff.)


Wexton is a loser....can we delay the toll increases you voted for ms. wexton...union work at its finest....they probably did it on purpose to keep a paycheck coming in at the taxpayer about someone sue the contractor and have them pay for their screw up....


That is the problem, even though Metro wanted to continue using the unions McDonnell threatened to withhold funding if they did. They yielded to him and got workers that didn't have the same training and certifications as union workers. You have to prove your ability to hold a union card with construction unions like steel and masons.


Delayed, overbudget and unsafe thanks Randall!


Randall? This all began in 2012 and she has only had the position She has only been in since 2015. Wouldn’t that have been Scott York?


The only benefit from the Silver line will be to the developers who profit from areas near the stations (minus their contributions to politicians that made it happen).


What is Leo Rogers, the County Attorney, doing about this? How has office protected the public (our) purse?


Ms. Wexton, please be quiet. Nobody needs yours grandstanding about the obvious just so you look like you're actually doing something.


says the person whom stands up for trump when he takes credit and lies about everything.


Contractors who screw up should be paying out of their own pockets.




Originally phase 2 was scheduled for completion August 2018, then a 13 month extension was granted by MWAA for a delay that occurred during the first 6 months of the project, do the math. Now there are 2 more time extensions being negotiated that will bring the project in more than two years late and hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. Clearly MWAA project Controls has mismanaged Phase 2. MWAA is supposedly overseeing the contractors, question is, who is overseeing MWAA?

Chris McHale

MWAA states they are now monitoring the situation, what were they doing before this?

Wexton states this is unacceptable, what is she doing about.


Wow...Weston really let them have it. Knowing her, she will vote to increase our taxes to pay for this delay.


Truly don't know how a subway line equates to economic prosperity. If you are thinking that people are going to sit on the Silver Line for an hour or more to get to jobs in DC, I think you are smoking something. Same for people flying to Dulles with bags and exhaustion won't want to take the train all the way into DC either. I think the BOS who approved this ridiculous line extension into Loudoun must have been in the pockets of developers. I don't see any real boom in Anacostia, yet they have had Metro for years! This Silver Line has been a disaster since Day One!


I don't understand why you would think it would take an hour or more. I'm sure there are people that are really tired of spending as much time as they do driving it when they could just drive to Metro instead. Anacostia isn't on the silver line and you really can't make comparisons to it. I bet within years it will be heavily used.


Actually, there are a lot of people who ride Metro into NOVA (Arlington) and DC for work every day. And there are a lot of people who ride Metro to Wiehle-Reston for further transport by bus to Dulles. I know, I ride the Silver line daily and see this happening.


Jennifer Wexton. #NotMyCongresswoman.

Chris McHale

This is Trump's fault.


Ace10, Why? Do you feel that people are really interested on your feeling on Wexton when they are commenting about the article on metro and you are making personal comments? Maybe stick to the subject, I know you find it hard to do.


Like we care. Got any comments on the actual article?


We? You're royalty now?


OK . Understand delay for safety reasons but still waiting to read what quality of service did the BOS negotiate. How many express trains or almost express trains does Ashburn Metro Stop receive? What discount do Loudoun residents receive for riding the Metro considering we are underwriting the capital cost to the tune of about $370 Million? I assume the BOS also negotiated to have the MWAA parking lots that service the Metro returned to Virginia from federal control so Loudoun could at least get property taxes from these non-national security related assets located in loudoun.

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