Ron Meyer

Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run)

Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run) on Thursday submitted a new project to be considered for addition into Loudoun County’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The proposal aims to initiate a public-private partnership to construct a performing arts center.

Meyer is requesting the board to set aside $20 million for the proposed project. He said centers of similar scope cost between $50 million and $100 million.

Meyer said during Thursday's business meeting the project will require finding the “right partner or partners and the right land."

“As we finally start to catch up on road and school construction in the coming years, we need to start planning for more quality-of-life infrastructure, as well. I have consistently heard from parents, seniors and other community members that we need our own performing arts center in Loudoun County,” Meyer said in a prepared statement. “This public-private partnership could be with a university, a nonprofit or even a developer. Without this project and some reasonable level of county funding, this type of project may never get built."

After hearing the proposal, Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) commended Meyer and said she would miss him on the board. During the approval of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan earlier this year, she too said there's a need for a performing arts center in Loudoun. 

Meyer’s proposal seeks to initiate a public-private partnership to construct a performing arts center in the Suburban Policy Area, preferably near transit-oriented development. It includes a large-scale venue and potentially smaller venues, classrooms and other "enrichment spaces."

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Could Meyer propose a resolution making Loudoun a 2nd amendment sanctuary county?

Chris McHale

If I want to see local talent I'll go to any one of the 1,000 wineries/breweries/local bars to see a nice band or artist. If I want yo see a global artist I'll go to Wolf trap or Nissan. If the art center were in Loundoun I would STILL have to bbn it a ticket AND my tax dollars would subsidize it. Thanks but no thanks I have all the Art I can handle.


Im surprised your view of art consists of breweries, wineries and local bars....time to step it up in Loudoun...maybe a college could be lured to Loudoun and build a facility like this....a George mason or nova cc add on to the campus would be fantastic.......


I would love to see more performances of all kinds here in Loudoun and not have to drive to MD or Fairfax. I absolutely want more Art


Dvis B If you are going to continue to be NASTY don't hide behind a make believe name. Can you understand the point of upgrading a new high school to function similarly to a performance closer to a center as discussed or would you just like our BOS to keep bleeding cash to please their donors who no doubt are behind the idea in the first place. All nasty commenters should use their own name or try being reasonable. :-)


Bob, what you label as being nasty I label as simply point out the errors in your many postings - for instance, you posted that current LCPS high schools are performance centers - this is not true. I would expect public figures like yourself to understand what we do and do not have without our schools


good idea and worth a discussion....would be good to have some quality performing arts facilities in Loudoun...


Perhaps they will let me hang out in the lobby and use the (presumably) excellent wifi, since most of us in the western half of the county still don't have access to a high speed connection. It's so very wonderful that my taxes fund the East's access to potable water and their ability to flush their toilets, but when it comes to a basic necessity in the 21st century such as a viable internet connection, there is no assistance from the County.


Fairfax county has GMU Performing Arts Center.

Montgomery County has Swathmore.

Loundoun County has blank.

As a taxpayer who appreciates musicians and world known acts, it would be nice to have a similar facility in our county which caters to a globally diverse and cultured audience.


LC resident to BOS: what do you plan to do about the low income housing problem? BOS: let’s fund a performing arts center so we can get some world known acts. Again, you simply can’t make this up folks.


why not consider both issues - we do not have to stop discussing everything else to focus on housing


Every LCPS high school is a performing arts center. Perhaps one of the new high schools could be built with significantly more capacity and have a more reasonable relationship with commercial users instead of principals having the power of "NO" because funding can always come from taxpayers instead of advertisers or organizations in need of meeting places they are willing to pay for. :-)


[thumbdown]. Yes, I’m sure it would be attractive to world-class artists to perform in a local high school......that is a first-class recipe for disaster!

Stevens R. Miller

Right on! The lighting and sound systems currently going into Loudoun's high schools are all professional-level equipment. Even middle schools are getting pro gear, which is kind of silly considering that it is rare to find a staff member who knows how to operate it. Community theater companies use it, on a pay-as-you-go basis, but almost always in middle schools (high school rental costs are higher).

The original plan for Kincora included a performing arts center that was replaced after some objections arose during public hearings and comments. Not sure, but some said it was because existing private arts schools predicted that they would face superior competition from groups operating out of a real theater.

Getting double-duty out of our first-class schools is a great idea. Even small colleges do this. There's no reason why our high schools couldn't too.


the sound systems and acoustics in existing high schools are highly inadequate for decent productions


no LCPS high school is a performance art center - so glad you are not in charge

It's very late in the game but the fact that a BOS member would utter the phrase "improve quality of life" in Loudoun is important. Rather than say it should only be done by private interests (which have shown no interest in this sort of thing), it makes sense for the government, representing the interests of all Loudoun's citizens and taxpayers) shouldn't contribute a bit to this project. Look how quickly the investment in Segra Field is beginning to pay off in economic development. People attending a performance have to park, eat dinner, socialize before and after the event...heck, maybe even spend the night in one of Loudoun's hotel.


Great idea! While I love Franklin Park and see a couple shows there each year, Loudoun has absolutely nothing in terms of a high-end concert hall with the size and gestalt to attract top-tier talent. I'm thinking something on par with the Strathmore. It will be neither quick nor cheap, but with the right partnerships, it's doable!


If it profitable let the private sector deal with it. No taxpayer dollars need be spent on arts centers!


Yes, that is exactly what Loudoun needs … said no one EVER!


@jke I couldn't disagree with you more. This could be excellent use of taxpayers $ for cultural, safety, economic benefits. There are countless examples across the country. It was the art world that was a major factor in turning 14th Street in DC, from it's dangerous past to what it is today (look it up). Safer, wealthier, and social improvements. Another example, is the Weinberg Center in Frederick MD, which brings tremendous value to the City. I hope the BOS will move quick on this.


Bravo to the Council for considering this. There are thousands of profitable performing arts centers being built and planned in communities much smaller and with far less per-capital income than Loudoun County. The only tax payer dollars would be from attendance at events. This type of project/building would take Leesburg/Loudoun County from its current ‘cultural desert’ status to one of substance for all tax payers. As a non-profit arts administrator for over 30 years, I would be very happy to help with this exciting proposed project. The key to this type of project: Naming Rights!

Chris McHale

If its profitable you know it's not government run.

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