Del. Minchew will withdraw controversial Electoral College legislation

Randy Minchew (R)

Former state Del. Randy Minchew made it official Friday, announcing his campaign to reclaim the Virginia House of Delegates 10th District seat.

Minchew, a Republican, was known in political circles to be considering a campaign for his old seat, which represents most of Leesburg and portions of western Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick counties.

“Virginians deserve better than the national embarrassment on display this week,” Minchew said in his campaign announcement, referring to the scandals involving Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax. “That is not the Virginia I know and love, we must do better … I will fight for more jobs, less congestion on our roads, and a world-class education for our all of our students.”

Minchew was defeated by Del. Wendy Gooditis (D) by nearly 4 percent of the vote – roughly 1,100 votes – in 2017.

Regarding the current political turmoil noted in Minchew's announcement, the candidate said he believes Northam should step down because he believes the governor has lost the confidence of the people to effectively govern the state. The governor is under fire for a racist photo in his 1984 medical school yearbook. Northam first apologized for appearing in the photo, but he then said it wasn't him. He has resisted widespread calls for his resignation.

On the sexual assault allegations against Lt. Gov. Fairfax, Minchew said he finds the claims against the lieutenant governor “very credible,” but he also believes due process should be afforded to Fairfax. He said he hopes investigations into the allegations bear out the facts.

Minchew said he believes Herring, who has admitted to wearing blackface while dressing up as a rapper in college, can stay in his position because was proactive in disclosing a “youthful indiscretion of insidious racism.” Minchew believes Herring can still effectively do his job, and he noted many African-American organizations are still supporting the attorney general.

On his campaign website, Minchew touts his support of and role in crafting the 2013 state transportation funding overhaul that has led to more money for northern Virginia transportation projects.

The Republican also highlighted his support for increased solar energy production and agricultural net metering with regards to solar. Net metering essentially allows excess solar production from one meter, building or “solar farm” to be credited to another. Minchew's solar proposals have also included allowing credits for people whose solar farms create more energy than the operator uses.

Should he be elected, Minchew said he'd like to continue fighting for “bread-and-butter, kitchen table” issues like pay raises for teachers, low taxes and more funding for northern Virginia roads. He also said he'd like to strengthen the commonwealth's Freedom of Information Act laws.

Minchew's 2017 loss to Gooditis was credited in part to the anti-Donald Trump backlash in Loudoun County. Minchew told the Times-Mirror he's well aware of the president's unpopularity in Loudoun, but that he's a “very different” Republican than President Trump.

A longtime Leesburg resident, Minchew is managing shareholder of the land-use law firm Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh's Loudoun office.

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VA voter

How does Randy Minchew feel about removing all signs of racism as with Confederate statues and preserving slave burial grounds? Gooditis has a voting record which I have looked up and very much appreciate. I think most of her area appreciates her as well, which is why she won by over 1000 votes. She is exactly what the area needs.


Didn't want to say it Concerned, but you are spot one wants to vote for a land use attorney involved in having the fox watch the hen house...


About time developers had a candidate who supports their interests....


By "recycled candidate", you mean Loser? The GOP really knows how to pick them. Joe May is another relic just on the recent loser list and now here comes Randy. Randy Minchew is nothing that Loudoun wants or needs. I suspect his developer clients want him to run so they can get there special favors . He is an insider that has ignored the rule of law. He pretends he is not involved in unseemly maters until the emails surface. Oops. We already tried to drain the swamp, but now he is back. Go away. Cash your developer checks and tell your lies to your own reflection in the mirror.


Another recycled GOP candidate....


Nice political opportunism there. What does Gooditis have to do with Northam or Fairfax accusations? Is Minchew responsible for Tommy Norment accusations?


Wendy Gooditis was a co-sponsor of HB2491 - you know the one that allowed for the killing of 39, 40, and 40+ week old babies. According to a Gallup poll from 2018, over 80 percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in the third trimester, while only 13 percent think it should be legal. So Wendy Gooditis believes her constituents are with the 13%? Who does she support? Gooditis - you don't have a future!


Still telling that same old lie? It was an amendment to the amendment 18.2-71.1 and to repeal § 18.2-74.2 of the Code of Virginia, relating to partial birth abortion; penalty. Patrons by McDonnell, Albo, Athey, Rapp and Suit, republicans


I'm sure the good people of Clarke Co. share her extreme views on partial birth abortion (not). This evil will be out soon.


The state of Virginia restrict second-trimester abortions to licensed hospitals, with third-trimester abortions legal only to save the life or medical well-being of the mother. There are laws in VA, maybe you should get acquainted with them before spewing any more of the disgusting lies you are spreading. Any person who knowingly performs partial birth infanticide and thereby kills a human infant is guilty of a Class 4 felony. Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion: First trimester, no restrictions; second trimester, in licensed hospital; third trimester, continuation of pregnancy likely to result in death, physical or mental impairment of mother. Physician Licensing Requirement: Anytime, licensed M.D.; second and third trimesters, licensed hospital; third trimester, attending M.D. and two consulting M.D.s certify medical necessity; if necessary to save mother's life, or substantial and irremediable impairment of mental or physical health of the mother. No condition applies except licensed M.D. Life support for the child must be on hand and used if necessary. I know you have seen the bill so why are you still making up stories about it? If you forgot go to It is terrible that you try to destroy someones reputation, like Goodlitis or Tran with these made up stories. Slanderous.

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