Minchew enters Delegate race in 10th district

Randy Minchew 

Former state Del. Randy Minchew has submitted his resignation to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority after serving on the body for six years.

While Minchew's current appointment runs through June 30, 2020, he said in a Nov. 27 letter to legislative leaders he believes “it is in the best interests of our commonwealth for me to submit my resignation … well in advance of that date so that Speaker-Designate [Eileen] Filler-Corn may make an appointment of another individual to represent the Virginia House of Delegates on the Authority as soon as she may wish to do so.”

Minchew said he will continue to serve until his successor is named.

The authority is responsible for long-range transportation planning, prioritization and funding for regional transportation projects.

Minchew requested in his letter that the General Assembly restore approximately $100 million in transportation funding that was shifted from the authority to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro).

Through legislation that enacted the shift, Minchew said, state lawmakers “moved Northern Virginia regional transportation dollars from a highly efficient body, namely the Authority, to a highly inefficient body, namely WMATA, and should be reversed by superseding legislation during the 2020 Session.”

Minchew, a Republican, served in the House of Delegates from 2011 through 2017. He was defeated by Del. Wendy Gooditis (D) in both the 2017 and 2019 elections.


Here's Minchew's resignation letter:

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Its a pretty sad day for Loudoun County. I wish Randy had just held on to the rest of his term. There are precedents for Democrats putting Republicans on NVTA and the Commonwealth Transportation Board. Heck . Ralph Northam put Republican Aubrey Layne in as Secy of Transportation. The lack of Randy's expertise and bi partisanship on NVTA and NVTC, where he also served, will be a real problem for Loudoun County and suburban commuters. That's because the newbie Democrats who would replace him are going to get pushed around a lot by the veteran Dems from Falls Church, Alexandria and Arlington who want money for bike trails and transit -- not highways. The Fairfax County Dems don't stick up for their suburban interests. So, it has been up to the Loudoun and Prince William reps (at least with NVTA) to push for roads. And believe me, it's a real fight some times. That new interchange at Battlefield Parkway and Route 7 would never have gotten the funding had there been no bipartisanship. I have long given due credit to Chair Phyllis Randall for being a key ingredient in making that money happen, but she had bi partisan help from Randy Minchew and Dick Black, who are now gone. Had she had no Republican votes looking out for suburban highway interests, I wonder how that vote would have gone in 2017? A good story for this paper is to find out whom the Dems on the BOS will put on NVTC and the COG regional committees. Will they show up and "do the time" that people like Minchew and Jim Lemunyon, a former delegate did? Well, when you see a veteran like Kristen Umstattd take on the low-energy assignment of chairing the Joint Schools Committee instead of Finance or being the vice chair of the new, what can we expect from the newbies who were just elected when they are assigned to go to a COG TPB meeting mid day or a four to five hour NVTC or NVTA meeting in the evening in Arlington or Fairfax?


Maybe the developers told the failed shill to step down so they can put another in place?


Transfer Dulles Airport land back to Virginia so MWAA can pay property taxes on its highly profitable parking spaces!

Set up interstate meetings with W. Virginia to get commuters from West Va. off Loudoun highways and onto mass transit would be obvious too.

Start assessing the Greenway (properly) for its market value or provide Loudoun commuters with highly discounted credits to ride it.

Great things are pretty simple to understand once you get past the secret agenda to develop the hell out of Loudoun for state and land lawyer revenues. :-)


How does Loudoun keep getting screwed in money? Is there a way to sue that makes them either restore our money or make things more equitable to keep it out of court? I thought once Greenway debt was gone the tolls were gone and the State stepped up together with County, to maintain it. It seems Loudoun keeps "bending over" further and further every time something runs over budget or gets screwed up; i.e. crappy concrete that logically and legally the builder should be responsible for and that a bond or insurance should handle. That there are so many entities that pay no taxes is appalling! Isn't there someone who doesn't care about lining their pockets that can step up to the plate on behalf of US, the residents and those that DO pay taxes!?


Because many of the BOS, like Minshew main donors were builders. They own them.

Having seen Minchew work over the past 20 years or so, I assume there's no longer a way to get consulting or legal business out of the membership on this group...so he pulls the plug.


Considering this so-called blue wave the only people getting rich will be the liberals. If you don’t see this then you are the problem. Might want to invest in a mirror

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