Alamo One Loudoun

Alamo Drafthouse in Ashburn's One Loudoun development.

Money magazine, in partnership with, has tagged Ashburn as the second-best community to live in the U.S. in its annual roundup of the nation's top 50 places to reside.

The write-up highlights Loudoun County Public Schools nutritionist Stefanie Dove and well-known restaurateur Tony Stafford, owner of Ford's Fish Shack, which has locations in Lansdowne, Ashburn and Chantilly.

Money writer Sara Ivry also notes the county's strong school district, wine, beer and entertainment culture and the soon-to-arrive Silver Line Metro service.

“You can never get bored here,” Dove, the LCPS nutritionist, says. “It’s typically not what can we do, but what should we do? There are always festivals and fairs — music festivals, seafood festivals.”

The survey weighed economic health, cost of living, diversity, public education, income, crime, ease of living, and amenities.

The list's top five included Frisco, Texas; Ashburn; Carmel, Indiana; Ellicott City, Maryland; and Cary, North Carolina.


-Trevor Baratko

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Frisco TX?? Texas has poor air/water quality (EPA kicked out by Gov Perry) Texas publishes their own version of the truth when it comes to pollution. Texas has Independent School District (ISD), vaccination is often optional, Bible study maybe not so. Texas is a low tax state, so forget about amenities such as public pools and bike trails. The state of Texas is 95% private land, if you want to enjoy a park or go camping you will have lots of company and best book 6 months ahead. Texas is un goodly hot for 8 months of the year, if you want to walk the dog get it down before 5am.


Ellicott City, Maryland, I guess they mean during the dry season.

Charles Houston

Build the wall!


Around Ashburn? What does this article have to do with the wall?

Doug Glatt

The same article on WTOP cites Ashburn's smart growth as a deciding factor. Hilarious!!!

Duncan Idaho

Frisco, TX: 75% white, Median income: $109K
Ashburn, VA: 71% white, Median income: $100K
Carmel, IN: 85% white, Median income: $101K
Cary, NC: 73% white, Median income: $111K
Ellicott City, MD: 64% white, Median income: $103K


IKR Chris, all about optics my brother. Completely dysfunctional operations and looming failure due to bloated salaries, corruption, and uber generous pensions aside, LOL!

Duncan Idaho

Ellicott City?? Really? The others in the top five are yuppie strongholds. Ellicott City? Not so much.

Chris McHale

"the soon-to-arrive Silver Line Metro service."
I just shot coffee out of my nose laughing so hard.


That the 70+% white population will NEVER utilize, if the cement ever hardens!

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