Motorcycle 911 through Leesburg

Motorcyclists ride through Leesburg during a previous year's 9/11 ride. 

America’s 9/11 Foundation's annual motorcycle ride will roll through downtown Leesburg on Friday, according to town officials.

The ride, set to begin in Somerset, Pennsylvania, and stop at the Pentagon before ending at the World Trade Center site, honors the memory of the volunteers and victims who lost their lives in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

The parade of motorcycles is expected to enter Leesburg heading south on Business Route 15 around 1:15 p.m. and will travel down King Street through historic downtown. The motorcycles will proceed from South King Street to the Route 7-Route 15 Bypass and onto the Dulles Greenway.

The 1:15 p.m. mark is an estimation, town officials say. Shifts could come due to traffic, weather or unforeseen circumstances.

King Street will be closed to traffic as the motorcycles pass through town. All King Street intersections will be closed to east-west pedestrian and vehicular cross traffic. The road closures are expected to last 30 to 45 minutes until the motorcycles clear town.

Anyone wishing to see the riders as they pass through Leesburg are encouraged to arrive no later than 1 p.m. Parking will be available in several areas around downtown, including the Town Hall Parking Garage, the Church Street Parking Lot and the Liberty Street Parking Lot. In an effort to ensure safety, spectators are asked not to hand anything to the riders.

More information can be found at

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Fortunately I missed the parade by avoiding the area completely. I respect the right of the group to have a parade but object to their disrespect of our constitutional freedom not to participate. We know authoritarian right wing politics is behind this force patriotic unison...they are after all the same who demand everyone stand for the national anthem.


Why is it that all the right wingers in this thread have to be nasty and degrading? Can't you guys just hold a conversation. Couldn't you just have said why you support them without making fun of other people. The hostility from the right is overwhelming in almost every post in every article. You can have a debate without being angry all the time.


The very first comment about this was from Loudounclear and started the nasty baseline tone in the comment section. Defenders appeared. What's the problem with that? How about "if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all?" Rules for "right wingers" only, right? Wrong.


The fact that there are some posting negative comments about this ride speaks to just how miserable you are. So far the foundation has presented scholarships to children of First Responders totaling more than $420,000. The foundation has donated additionally more than $530,000 to First Responders Departments and their families. Each year they present 15 - $2,000 college scholarships will be awarded to family members of active First Responders. The foundation has presented 17 brand new police Harley-Davidson Motorcycles to escorting departments.

If you find something hateful to say about that, then you just suck. Period.


So glad that you decided that other people are miserable. What makes you qualified for that one? The info is great and I'm really glad to see that it is not just a bike ride. The info has given me a new perspective, but your first comment makes me think not to much of you. Maybe you should have led with that and skip all the nastiness.


Reading these comments on here is clear.1) Liberals are so butt hurt by the election loss 3 years ago that honoring 9/11 victims and their families is something they now see as racist? 2) Loudoun County really has gone down the tubes with liberal field hate these past several years. 3) Everyone needs to grow up!


I could not agree more. This ride is to honor those that were lost. People are just pathetic.


[offtopic] How would this have anything to do with the election? Stop your whining about liberals. Nobody but you said it was racist but you and after you said it, it was you that complained about it. Making a problem where there isn’t one just so you can attack your so-called enemies. I can see who needs to grow up.


county, how hypocritical that you praise a bunch of veterans for riding bikes but you give another veteran craq because they don't agree with you. If they did something like get companies to sponsor them by the mile and had the money deposited into an account for the 9/11 victims families then I could see this ride as something to honor those victims.


Wrong - I was pointing out the hypocrisy obviously. The left simply cannot grasp that - again.


Uh, sure you were.


Waterfors, if " Bigots are not allowed to voice their opinions when being ignorant." then trump would never have anything to say.


The ride is to honor and respect those who lost their lives in the cowardly murder of Innocent people. I pity the misfits will seek any excuse to display their jealousy and

envy of the Presiodent.


Long stretch, how does this have anything to do with trump? There would be much better ways to honor them. If this is their way that's fine but I don't see how it helps or honors them.


Is his an excuse to ride bikes, I don't see how it honors the 9/11 victims or first responders.


You do know they have raised over $420,000 for scholarships for the children who lost parents in 9-11 right? SMH


No I didn't. Thanks


Can we keep this on schedule? Once I changed my schedule to avoid this based on published times and then they were late. I was going the opposite way on 15 but some motorcyclists couldn't keep in their lane or purposefully drove the wrong way because they wanted everyone to stop and watch their parade. It would have been less obnoxious if it wasn't so overtly political.


Why don't you just take it for what it is then and not politicize it in your own mind? It's an awesome tribute, sorry to hear they were briefly in your way.






Yes, to think people would actually come out and support one of the nations more horrific events is AMAZING as well as all those VETERANS on the ride that are supporting and hailing all those people that lost their lives.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and yours is why we are where we are today with society. Always forgetting those who have lost their lives to make sure YOU have a place to reside your opinion

Punchy...I'm a veteran who thinks this sort of thing is nonsense. Is that OK?


LOL- so you like your freedom of speech - just like the 9/11 Riders, right? Never mind, it's probably lost on you


no, not OK - for those of us who watch, it is a very, intense emotional moment , much more than any parade ever does - perhaps because we lived through this and know families who lost many loved ones

those here who are inconvenienced by a little traffic or who try to make this a political statement or who this it is nonsense to remember need to get a grip - no one cares for you negativity - let it be


No it’s not. Bigots are not allowed to voice their opinions when being ignorant. We get’re not a happy person. Every single post you make proves to everyone how miserable you are. Your screen name and profile picture says it all.


So it's nonsense to raise over $420,000 in scholarship money for the children of first responder's?




I guess this is the day a democrat congressperson stated "some people did some things"...bigamist Rep. Omar is another stain on the democrat party...

Glad you were able to work in that non sequitur. Getting harder every day for Trump supporters to find something to talk about...




To think that people would actually line the streets to watch a bunch of old fat guys tool by is kinda amazing. Dog days indeed...

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