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Multiple instances of vandalism were reported in the areas of Creekspring Court, Lancer Circle and Lincoln Road just south of Purcellville between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. Tuesday, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Multiple mailboxes and vehicles were reportedly spray painted with swastikas, racial slurs, phallic symbols and vulgar language.

LCSO officials are currently investigating and say the victims don't appear to have been specifically targeted. No suspects have been identified.

Investigators have reached out to nearby residents for information or possible exterior video surveillance of the acts.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is encouraged to reach out to LCSO Detective Ortutay at 571-258-3375.

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Time for a video camera to be placed on my mailbox.




Such actions are a sure indication of mental deficiency and cowardly lack of morals.

David Hazard

Gee. Waterfordresident - last year a black church was vandalized and the kids who did it were caught... and now we have more racial slurs and swastikas. But by all means, keep pushing your gaslighting / "it was liberals" nonsense.

Chris McHale

Purceville- The gift that keeps on giving.


Suspects were last seen in the LTM comments section.


Sounds like more liberals causing damage to make it look like we have a so-called racial problem and oh...let the Trump blaming start.


Really? Sounds like a bunch of stupid teenagers with too much time on their hands.


I live in that area and based on what I’ve seen to include other graffiti not in this article, it’s more likely kids than some of the other crazy political conspiracies in the other reply’s. This is on top of over 50 mailboxes and posts being destroyed a few weeks ago (mine included). Dumb kids doing dumb stuff.


Sounds like WaterfordResident is getting tingles from pushing a false flag narrative. LOL ok boomer.


Hypocrite, you say things like "let the Trump blaming start." in the same sentence that you starting your liberal bashing. [rolleyes]

David Hazard

You don't have the guts to use your real name. Cowardly.


You really need to find a new scapegoat because you comments are starting to sound crazy. I suppose that all those KKK, neo-Nazis, and other white supremacy groups are liberals?

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