Matthew Holland mugshot

Matthew Holland

A man from Newark, New York, has been arrested after allegedly soliciting explicit photos from a Loudoun juvenile over the Internet, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Matthew Holland, 27, reportedly met the victim over Snapchat earlier this year, using a fake user profile to portray himself as a juvenile and exchange photos with the victim.

Officials said Holland later coerced the victim into sharing more explicit photos via the app, threatening to post her images if she refused to send more.

The victim's family contacted the LCSO, and after an investigation by the LCSO Special Victims Unit, Holland was taken into custody at his New York home with the assistance of the Newark Police Department.

Holland was charged with production of child pornography and use of a communication system to solicit a minor.

The suspect was transported Tuesday to the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, where authorities say he is being held without bond.

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Pretty disturbing the lengths you will go to with defending this guy.

Antifa wants him free

Is this guy still in jail? I would have thought all of you liberal Antifa/BLM'ers would have him free by now as part of your no police no jail agenda


Boomers: There is a difference between defunding the police and abolishing the police.

Chris McHale

There is also a difference losing be a touchdown and losing by a field goal, either way you lose.


Chris McHale--comparing police operations to a football game is not a good premise. There are areas within police operations that need to be reformed. The amount of overtime pay that police get is a good area.


Losing “be” a touchdown?


Citizen--thank you for the post clarifying this point. It is an important technical point that needs to be emphasized.


It seems to me the only appropriate response to this sort of behavior is to defund the police.

But since he has been caught and has no visible intersectional bona fides, I am sure our very apolitical C.A. will throw the book at him.


Correcting the commenter who posted the lie about a specific political affiliation.

Per New York state public records, this monster is not enrolled in a political party. He is a registered voter, though.

And, in addition to all the short-term jobs he has held in education and related fields, this guy's apartment is less than two hundred feet from an Elementary school.

I truly feel for the families of anyone with whom he has come in contact.


Where's the dingbat who always comes running to the defense of these scumbags? You know the one...


Ace10--everyone, even "scumbags", are entitled to due process and the right to competent legal counsel.

Loudoun Observer

We're going to stop arresting these guys once we defund the police, right? Asking for a friend.


LO--no, the current emphasis is not on the dismantling of law enforcement but the redirection of funding from police agencies to other social programs. There is still a valid need for law enforcement agencies and that isn't going away. However, there are areas within law enforcement funding that could be reformed. It is not a bad thing overall.


His FB is full of MAGA. Go figure, shocking.


When I look at his background I see some really shocking and potentially devastating stuff. And it has nothing to do with politics.

This monster currently runs a photo studio for children's and family portraits.

He was a teacher's assistant for the Newark High School.

He is currently a teacher with the Head Start program in Wayne County, NY.

He worked for a short time at the YMCA in Canandaigua NY.

He was a teacher for a short period at Childtime in Penfield, NY. This is a preK and daycare program.

He also worked at Volunteers of America in Palmyra NY. A position where he may also have had contact with vulnerable children.

There are FAR bigger fears than politics for the thousands of parents whose children have come in contact direct with this guy.

That many short term jobs dealing with children? I hope and pray there aren't a lot more victims than just the one here in Loudoun.


Good info ace10. You need to go work in journalism


On the contrary, his FB profile is rather normal looking. My larger concern is that it looks like he was a HS teacher, working as a Pre-School teacher, and side hustling photography. I'm worried about what else they might find.


100% LIES


That's actually not factual at all.


This actually isn't factual at all.


A juvenile post. His actions have noting to do with politics.


you are full of Sh1t re: MAGA stuff.

Chris McHale

What's his immigration status? Did he sneak across the Canadian Border?


What does that have to do with anything??? Many US citizens are like this.


Its an ongoing joke. welcome.


Save the taxpayers some money. Just give the father of the juvenile a baseball bat and 5 minutes alone with this scum.


you’re advocating defunding the police


Guest--actually it sounds more like vigilantism. Let the system do its job.


Great job police! Another pedophile behind bars...

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