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The interior of Nichols Hardware in Purcellville. [Shot in High Dynamic Range (HDR).]

Update: May 22, 9:54 a.m. 

Nichols Hardware management has issued an apology for last Friday's incident during which an employee kicked out a Boy Scout seeking help with a project. The employee, who made a homophobic statement during the incident, has been terminated, according to Nichols management.

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What did the business do wrong? They had and employee act inappropriately and they quickly terminated that employee.


@loudouncommonsense Could you please describe what "tradition" people feel "pressure" to comply with? Thank you


Wow these comments are so shameful. Regardless how you feel about "liberals" or any sort of "homosexual agenda" the point still stands that a grown man went off on a little kid for a belief system the kid had nothing to do with, it was immature and totally inappropriate.


As the father of two Eagle Scouts, I agree with the former hardware employee's sentiment, for a number of reasons besides the obvious. However the rude and crude way he allegedly expressed that sentiment to a young customer and his Dad was a problem. The owners addressed that problem swiftly.

But that's not good enough for the homosexual lobby. Scores of outside agitators who have never set foot near Nichols are now trying to shut down the Purcellville landmark. Nichols is being bombarded by false and defamatory online "reviews" from "customers" about their "shopping experience." The punishment does not fit the crime.


What homosexual lobby are you talking about? I haven’t heard anything like that at all. I also couldn’t find any bombardment of lie in reviews, in fact nothing negative since the situation was resolved.


A good example of the tension in today's society:

The pressure to conform to tradition vs pressure to conform to new norms.

"Getting on with our lives" can mean either of the above.


How about Caryn Hamilton handle it like a grown up and not run to the media and smear a wonderful store because of what she heard an employee say. Its so like the leftists to smear someone who doesn't agree with them. So tolerant. So open-minded. So helpful.


You tell 'em Big Mamma. So like a leftist to smear someone with their own words... It's so, um, accurate.


How about being a grownup and not blaming liberals for anything you disagree with. That was her decision. I'm guessing you don't even know her and have no idea what her views are.

Duncan Idaho

Can we all get on with our lives now...and keep shopping at Nichols?


OK, so they fired the employee and apologized for his inappropriate actions. Yet, unfortunately the barrage of hate towards the STORE in online reviews, etc. (not the fired employee in question) will not be rescinded nor deleted and the store will suffer. This is what is wrong with social media and people jumping to conclusions and hurting the livelihood of good people because of the action of one employee.

Also, who on earth is Noel Pinson to declare that the employee "has not and will not be fired" - what an absurd statement to make at a time when the dust hadn't even settled.


It's why they call in the Drive By Medicaid. The LTM doesn't care who they hurt as long as it advances their Leftist agenda.


Noel Pinson, have you ever ran a business or had any experience in business. No good business own comments on or takes action on a personnel until they have investigated what is reported. For you to make a statement as you did, without the facts leaves me to wonder what your agenda is.


No one working in the public should be sharing his/her views with the public and should never kick someone out of a store because they don’t have the same views as they do. If they don’t embrace the views they have no right to refuse a customer service. Since the story was confirmed to be true then Nichols Hardware should make public how they handled it. If they felt it deserved termination then that is what they should have and did do. The hardware store is responsible for the actions of their employees. If they let them attack the public because of their opinions then why would anyone shop there? Nichols Hardware needs to protect their business and they do that by helping customers.


Thank you Nichols Hardware store for doing the right thing and letting go an employee. Loudoun County is a home for all people from all races, all religions, and all sexual preferences, etc. It's this diversity that makes Loudoun County beautiful and home to diverse group of people from all backgrounds that teach each other and opens each others eyes in a respectful way. We may not always agree with each other, but we need to ALWAYS respect one another.

(Edited by staff.)


Social media, social justice warriors will express their "outrage" and not a single person who already goes to Nichols will stop going .


Although the Appalachian area and pockets of the southern U.S. standout for straight white christian male supremacy attitudes (studies suggest this). And, of course, the vast majority of WCMs would not act this way. And, I have no idea if this report actually occurred, but why does it not surprise me this story is being reported in Loudoun County? If it is the liberal media, why are stories like this not being reported near as frequently for areas such as the local news for the Washington Post, Philly Enquirer, NY Times, etc.. Seems either the LTM either feels they get the most reactions from these type stories, or maybe there is some of that appalachian ignorance amongst us?


We rush to judgement without ever checking for the facts. If true he needs to be fired ASAP. I love all the folks posting how they will never shop at this mom and pop place that live in completely other states.


I guess time for me to support Nichols hardware....I'm sure another embellished and distorted story to make ordinary Americans look like hateful villians....the song and dance is way old by now...


First you had to accept homosexuality, ok. Did that. Now you must love, embrace and promote it, otherwise the Stalinistas will shut you down. And the local paper breathlessly promotes this story.


Seriously? No one asked the employee to embrace the kid. You just need to refrain from opening your trap and letting lose a homophobic diatribe. It's really not that hard.


'We do not support homos around here, I can tell you that' sounds quite accepting and tolerant. Granted, the grumpy white guy wasn't talking to a 'homo', but it sure didn't sound live and let live ya know?

As to the Loudoun Times Mirror's coverage of the story... well, it was National news. I saw the story in the Washington Post. Where I come from, local papers are pretty much guaranteed to, if not obligated to, cover local stories that made the national news.

You must not be from around here?

Chris McHale

so the hardware store should fire the employee without trying to confirm if the story is true? This is the problem today. Let's confirm the person did something wrong first and then terminate him if it is.


Blaming the hardware store over the actions of an employee is stupid and is being blown up to feed the 24/7 liberal media. The store already said it would terminate the employee if their remarks turn out to be true.

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