Jennifer Boysko

Jennifer Boysko (D) at O'Faolain's in Sterling after defeating Joe May (R) in the Jan. 8 special election for the state Senate 33rd District seat, which was previously held by Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D).

The sales tax on tampons, diapers and other personal hygiene products will be reduced by more than half beginning Jan. 1, 2020.

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced Wednesday that he signed SB 1715, sponsored by Sen. Jennifer Boysko, (D-86th), and HB 2540, proposed by Del. Kathy Byron, (R-22nd). The bills will lower the retail sales and use tax rate on essential personal hygiene products to 2.5 percent.

The new law will apply to feminine hygiene products and non-durable incontinence products including diapers and other materials.

“We know that menstrual supplies and diapers are necessary to leave home for work, school, and social activities,” said Boysko, who called her bill the Dignity Act. “I am so glad we have made progress on the issue of menstrual equity and at long last will have tax relief for these products that women and families have to purchase.”

Currently, consumers pay the regular sales tax rate on these items: 7 percent in Virginia’s Historic Triangle – Williamsburg, James City County and York County – 6 percent in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia and 5.3 percent elsewhere in the state.

Byron said the law will benefit Virginians of all ages.

“This legislation won widespread bipartisan support because it provides tax relief on necessities used by women and men young and old,” Byron said. “For the young family buying diapers to those purchasing other essentials for their health, the savings because of this bill will add up and be appreciated.”

Northam commended the General Assembly for passing the legislation.

“I am pleased to sign this commonsense legislation that makes these necessities more accessible and affordable,” he said. “The essential nature of personal health care products is not up for debate.”

The law will make these products subject to the state’s reduced sales tax of 1.5 percent, which currently applies only to food. In addition, local governments add a 1 percent sales tax on such purchases.

Boysko had wanted to remove the so-called “tampon tax” entirely. Byron pushed for a compromise on grounds that a tax exemption for personal hygiene products would have a big effect on state revenues.

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I just got off the phone with the governors office asking why he is pushing this no cell phone legislation when our rural roads are crumbling and I'm told there is no money for VDOT in Loudoun County!! In addition the hateful person who answered the governors phone tried to tell me cell phone legislation was more important that road and rural infrastructure. OK, time to eliminate democrats and liberals in the next election and take back our state. Liberals have spent 35 plus million dollars and 675 days on a witch hunt which is over and they don't like the outcome. Since liberals, democrat, socialist want to harm all hard working tax payers it's time to vote the ALL out. Take back Virginia!


Why is this guy still the Governor? Why is Herring still A.G.? Why is Fairfax still LT.Gov? Virginia is represented by a bunch of Democrat Racists.

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These people are completely nuts. In other news, Del. David Reid has gone into hiding since the HB2491 debacle. No public events since. Del. Reid, you cannot hide forever and if you cannot face your constituents you should resign ASAP.


Boysko is not very good at her job is she. I think fishing equipment should be tax deductible as mental health equipment!


Not a big deal. It’s been non taxable in Maryland for over 50 years.


No tax on bras!


Northam is an embarrassment...


I assume she introduced legislation to reduce spending by the same amount as the lost tax revenue, right?

Chris McHale

jke - No

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