Virginia Traffic

Northern Virginia's roads are among the most clogged in the country.

Loudoun County was awarded more than $54 million on Thursday from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) as part of the authority's fiscal 2020-2025 Six Year Program.

The funds include $36.7 million for the construction of Crosstrail Boulevard (Route 653) from Sycolin Road to the Dulles Greenway (Route 267) and $18 million for the widening of Evergreen Mills Road from Northstar Boulevard to Stone Springs Boulevard.

“The adoption of the Six Year Program Update demonstrates an ongoing commitment to a multimodal approach that addresses northern Virginians’ mobility needs and challenges, and [it] supports the region’s economic vitality while providing an economic stimulus to the region’s economy,” said Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large). Randall is the chairwoman of NVTA.

NVTA Executive Director Monica Backmon said this is the authority’s fifth funding program and the most competitive to date. More than $1.4 billion in multimodal transportation funding was requested by 13 northern Virginia localities and agencies, with $539 million in authority regional revenues available, according to NVTA staff.

The authority voted unanimously to fund or partially fund 21 of the 41 transportation projects submitted.

The fully-funded projects will receive sufficient monies to advance to construction, while the partially funded projects will advance to the early phases of project development, but not necessarily completion.

Supervisors Mike Turner (D-Ashburn) and Matthew Letourneau (R-Dulles), who chair Loudoun's transportation and finance committees, respectively, said they were excited to hear the news.

“I was very pleased to learn Loudoun County will be receiving a significant amount of funding to support much-needed transportation improvements in the county," Turner said in a prepared statement. "Both the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, upon which both I and Supervisor [Matt] Letourneau serve, and the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, upon which Chair Randall serves, are vital, regional bodies continuously working to support critical, multimodal transportation projects that help fully integrate our regional transportation networks."

Letourneau said, "NVTA provides a critical source of funding for Loudoun's capital program. While I'm concerned about the future availability of sources like this due to the pandemic, I'm pleased that this year we'll be receiving $54 million which will help us continue to make improvements to our transportation network."

Backmon said NVTA is no different from any regional governmental agency with regards to the impact COVID-19 has had on revenues. NVTA staff estimated a net reduction of $240 million dollars over the life of the Six Year Program.

"The fact that we were able to advance a funding program of $539 million given the $240 million loss was very significant ... This imbalance really made this funding program one of the most competitive that we've had," Backmon said.


Click here to learn more about each phase of the Six Year Program Update process, submitted projects, and project descriptions.

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Widen VA Route 15 should have been in the priority list, it is not safe and a real issue; rather than accessing an expensive toll road.

Chris McHale

I though traffic was solved, I haven't seeing traffic in the past 4 months.

David Dickinson

The novelty of paying a fortune to exit off the Greenway right onto dirt roads is now a distant memory. Looking forward to these positive changes...that will take 5 years to use.


Am I mistaken or did Loudoun's unpaved roads become eligible for a "historic" designation, thus complicating if not preventing future paving?


LCS--I think that Loudoun County's unpaved roads are designated with a historic designation and that would impact any ability to pave them or make improvements.


Where is the money to widen RT.15? Want to see traffic congestion, try driving from Leesburg to Maryland at rush hour. on RT.15.


When will Montressor be paved so local can get off Route 15 north?

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