Jeremiah Bradley

Jeremiah Bradley

Loudoun County authorities report that an Ohio man is in custody after being involved in an attempted robbery Saturday where a bystander discharged several rounds from a firearm during the incident. 

Jeremiah Bradley, 24, has been charged with attempted robbery and two counts of assault and battery.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office officials responded to the area of Holiday Park Drive in Sterling around 9:20 a.m. Saturday for a robbery call. The victim reported that a man who was unknown to him assaulted him and his mother-in-law and attempted to rob him. 

A nearby bystander reportedly brandished a personal firearm and discharged three rounds before detaining the suspect until deputies arrived. No one was struck by the discharged rounds during the incident.  

Bradley is being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond.

The circumstances of the incident and the discharge of the firearm remain under investigation.

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I don't know if LTM will allow this post to be published... but... if anyone is interested in seeing how these encounters with violent felons occur IN REAL LIFE, I strongly suggest checking out a youtube channel called Active Self Protection. The content is footage of violent criminal encounters which is then broken down step by step and reviewed with an eye toward learning how to better prepare for these unfortunate circumstances and/or how to avoid them all together. It is a Pro-2A channel, however the lessons extend far, far, far beyond just firearms. It is truly an incredible resource. DISCLOSURE: I have no affiliation with the channel other than being a long time viewer.

Chris McHale

ace - I do like that channel and have watched it for years. I agree that they show (1) how to avoid situations, (b) proper self defense techniques and (iii) they address what a person defending themself or others did wrong to make matters worse. Definitely recommended but be forewarned they do have a disclaimer as to violence because you will see attackers, victims and bystanders injured.


Compliance with the demands of a violent felon may work, or it may not work. The problem is that the outcome is determined solely by the violent felon. If you want to trust your life to the whim of a violent felon, then by all means, do not seek training in the safe and proper use of a defensive firearm and carry at all times. Another commenter mentioned relying on surveillance cameras to somehow keep you safe. LOL. I don't think they understand how these things work.


Use it or lose it. If you bring a gun to a fight and you can't use the gun (for many reasons) you have just given your opponent a dangerous weapon. Better to avoid escalating the situation to a fight (by handing over your wallet) and if you can't do that use defensive techniques that increase your chances of escaping. And if you can't escape you don't give your opponent a tool to efficiently kill you or other innocent people. Cameras are to identify the perp and allow an arrest at a later time and place where no one is likely to be injured.


Why are you handing your weapon over to the violent felon? Methinks you REALLY don't understand how this works. Compliance and "run fu" *CAN BE* the good/best options in a given situation, but each and every encounter with a violent criminal is different. Arming oneself with a firearm and being trained in its proper use gives the you, the "good guy," a fighting chance if/when it's "go time." But please, by all means, rely on those cameras to keep you safe. The violent felon doesn't care about them. And they certainly don't care about your safety.


I agree Ed, "fired 3 rounds" no idea where they went? For a wallet robbery that is rare? Somebody could have been seriously hurt or dead! Hope the investigation follows with "dangerous use of a firearm charges" and his god given rights of toting a pistol as a want a be hero are suspended. We can't afford to let this become a common occurrence.


If someone was beating on me, I would be very thankful that someone with a gun interfered.


I saw the LSCO alert and I immediately feared that the alleged robber would be a POC and the "bystander" would be a white nationalist because they are the only ones able to shoot up our community without being charged with reckless discharge or killed by the police for holding a gun.

If someone forcefully grabs my personal items I will let them have it. The $20 in my wallet are not worth fighting over let alone justification for attempted murder. We have face recognition and video cameras everywhere ... let the police use them to bring justice.

If you carry a gun do not justify it by claiming these situations are gun "saves". I do not appreciate use of a gun that endangers so many people to do a citizens arrest for a property crime against me. Next thing we'll have motorists enforcing traffic laws with handguns. Wait, I guess that already is a thing. Gun owners who carry into public places to enforce their prejudices are terrorist in waiting.


If someone was beating up on me, I would be very thankful to the person with a gun that interfered.

Concerned Citizen

Thanks for making this about race and for assuming the worst about a fellow citizen. Why would you assume that he is a white nationalist or that the color of the thief's skin had anything to do with his decision to use his gun? Did it say that anywhere in the article? Did it even mention his race? He may not even be white, much less a white nationalist. We can certainly have a conversation about whether it was smart for him to pull a firearm in this instance, but why make the leap that he did it to "enforce his prejudices"?

Also, thank you for implying that our hard-working sheriff's department allows white nationalists to shoot up the community with impunity. Super thoughtful comment.


Whatever, Beta Ed. Three bullets in the ground are a small price to pay for catching a lifelong criminal. You know who are terrorists? People who think they can beat someone and steal their things. Those are terrorists. You are their enabler. By all means, let those terrorists steal from you. The rest of us will stop them when they violate the social contract.

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