Loudoun Valley Protest

Parents have voiced concerns and frustration over the learning environment at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville. On May 29, about 20 protested against Principal Sue Ross. 

A group of about 20 parents protested outside Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville Wednesday morning amid concerns about Principal Sue Ross' leadership and worries that their children are not in a safe and effective learning environment.

Purcellville resident Amy Rogers, whose daughter is a rising ninth-grade student, addressed the group with her concerns about Ross.

“Google Sue Ross' name and you will find a list of scandals over the years. Security threats not addressed, the grading scandal, and more. The only time we as parents have been able to talk to her is at the recent meeting on personalized learning. She has never made herself available ... she was not even at the ninth-grade orientation for parents,” Rogers said.

Over the past few weeks, Loudoun Valley parents have told the Times-Mirror there is an atmosphere at the school where students have the freedom to stand up and leave a classroom at any time to “have a break or have a wellness walk.” Students can obtain car passes so they can leave the building and go out to their cars for an unspecified amount of time, according to numerous parents. They went on to say there are students lounging in the hallways on their phones, vaping in the bathrooms and leaving school and roaming the hallways unsupervised.

Parents said they are worried about their children's safety, accountability from the teachers and their child's ability to learn in this environment.

After three parent meetings where parents have expressed their concerns, Ross released a letter to the school community on May 17 saying she will monitor classrooms differently than she has been in the next school year and will utilize student and parent surveys more frequently “to maintain a finger on the pulse of their experiences with teachers.”

Ross said she will be prioritizing visibility throughout the school day and throughout the building to ensure school safety and security. She said there will be daily reminder announcements providing clarity and guidance to students and teachers about hall traffic. She said hall traffic should be academically purposeful, monitored and verifiable.

Rogers said the letter is “too little, too late.”

Loudoun Valley Protest -- Greenly, Ashton

Purcellville Town Councilman Ted Greenly and parent Stacy Ashbton were among the parents at the protest.

She pointed to a LCPS climate survey from 2018 where teachers and students were asked if they strongly agree or disagree to the following statement: discipline policies are clear to school staff members. The results at Loudoun Valley showed 54 percent said they strongly disagree, while other high schools, including Loudoun County, Tuscarora and Park View showed less than 10 percent strongly disagreed with the statement.

“It shows the lack of structure and discipline that exists at Valley. I do not have a good feeling sending my daughter here,” Rogers said.

Purcellville Town Councilman Ted Greenly attended the protest.

“This is a county school, but safety for residents is important, which is why we are closely following this issue,” Greenly said.

Greenly encouraged residents and students to come and speak at the next council meeting to express any of their concerns.

Loudoun Valley parent Stacy Ashton said she was at the protest to “take a stand for making change to the chaos going on in the school.”

“We can't just stand by and watch it happen. Our kids' education is at stake,” Ashton said.

Parents have launched a petition to remove Ross from her role as principal.

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LCPS got rid of the director of Special Education, Dr. Jimenez, for the ongoing special ed scandals...and have moved other principals due to multiple complaints, why not Ross?


Mgolf, I am sorry if you think how I feel about this is wrong and me getting passionate about this is wrong. But ask the students how they feel. Not just the parents, the kids in Loudoun Valley. We need to have choices and be able to speak out loud about how we feel. We will not have our parents or other people to able to choice or make decisions for us. Once we leave high school we won't know what to do. But if you let us be who we want to be, let us choice how we want to learn and go with the flow we would be better prepared. Maybe if Ross wasn't principal it might be better for security purposes but you don't know how another person would do. Instead of trying to get upset and have a "protest"; first ask all the students not just one or two that just hate school. We try our best but if we don't good grades it's either because of the teachers, we have a lot going on in our personal lives and it can't just rotate around school.


Bela, I never said you were wrong for speaking your mind. My opinion is that name calling and using "shut up" is extremely immature. You can freely say those things but it overshadows the points you're trying to make. I have spoken to Valley students and parents and most are confused as to what's going on and they are looking for structure and administrative leadership. Not really clear what you mean by, "We need to have choices and be able to speak out loud about how we feel." because students have always had choices and freedom of speech at Valley. As a student at Valley 20 years ago, I was able to choose different paths, clubs, classes, and I was able to speak publicly about how I felt (this was before Facebook) so you can't say you need PL or PBL in place to have these choices and freedoms. Parents are protesting because they have asked Ms. Ross for years to answer their questions about how children are being educated, school safety, PL & PBL planning and implementation, and they have been answered with silence or blanket LCPS statements. You say another principal may not do a better job. Is that a good reason to settle? There are assistant principal's out there who could be the next Ken Culbert, and those men and women should be offered the opportunity to be the game changer Valley needs. One problem with letting the student body "go with the flow" is you will probably survive but you may not thrive. Why are you so quick to want to only teach yourself and not take advantage of the life experience and education your teachers have? Why not collaborate with teachers when setting goals or trying to prove a hypothesis? What's the risk for you? Is the bar going to be too high? PL and PBL are awesome concepts but are not being implemented properly at this school. You and your peers are worth more. Good luck and wishing you the best.

David McKinley

The Superintendent has a basis to believe that Sarah Ross has endangered the "health, welfare, safety and morale" of students as well as falsified student records. Why has he not dismissed her and filed a petition to revoke both her administrative and teaching license as is his "duty" according to the Virginia Code? Report this to appropriate authorities (Nancy Walsh, Patty Pitts) and email the official misconduct line and licensure (at) doe (dot) virginia (dot) gov. The Commonwealth, unlike the media, can unseal whatever files they feel like and open up the hood. LoCo Schools needs a good long investigation going back at least a decade. God knows what else they've covered up with settlement and nondisclosure agreeements.


I am a student at Loudoun Valley high school and I think all you prissy parents need to back off. Times have changed we have technology and more and more freedom. The more you try to hold us back and not let us do something the worse the school will get. Everything we have done at this school has helped me. The teachers are there we can go talk to our friends and do work. We don’t have to sit in a class anymore because WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY. Our colleges will introduce this too and there is A LOT of online colleges. We know how to sit in a class but we are learning on our own pace and teaching ourselves so we can be independent. So you guys who are complaining about Ross shut up. It is not her fault that they picked our school to be the test trial school for personally learning. But I am glad they did. I have been happier than any other schools and I’ve been to a lot. So please for the love of all living things stop and ask everyone in this school how they feel not just a few kids but everyone because if you did you would see.


Bela, it would be great if academic success was based only on how you feel, but it is gauged on test scores, academic knowledge, comprehension, and application. Parents aren't fighting to hold you back, they are fighting so you will receive an education that gives you the skill sets to reach your full potential. Unfortunately the test scores have not been equivalent to the GPAs received at Valley. Test scores are not always the best way to measure certain students abilities (especially those with test anxiety or kinesthetic learners) but in the past, the standardized tests and AP scores were pretty equivalent to the GPAs of the student body, until now. The tone of your message does not defend you or your peers feelings about PL or the state of Valley. You had the opportunity to proofread and correct your written comment in this forum and you still chose to name call and tell people to "shut up". A perfect example of why students should be engaging with an educated adult in a classroom setting and not alone or with a group of peers in a hallway. Technology or not, you will have to deal will a rainbow of personalities in real life and you'll get nowhere talking to people the way you did in this comment.


Just asking, is this info about your school being a test school given out to college admission boards? Does it effect your GPA with them?


Folks - nothing is going to change until the School Board gives Eric Williams the boot along with his $580K+ salary. He can take Sue Ross with him on his next junket.


Marv, it's okay for you to post your opinion but nobody else? Isn't that typical republican? If MAGA wants that user name it is her or his choice. But you going off on that choice has nothing to do with this article. [offtopic]. Don't be so thin skinned.


Sue Ross has a proven track record of FAILURE. Bravo to fellow parents for writing posts and picketing in front of the school. We need more of this as the School Board does not want to discharge their duties. Actually, a case could be made that they are scared to do what needs to be done and that is remove this hot mess from her leadership position. Our kids continue to suffer, we pay our taxes on time and Ross will be cowering in her office with the door closed this fall when school opens up for a new school year. Lvstudent....fake student post, but nice try.
Salute to LTM for shedding some light on a very troubling situation. Keep pealing back this rotten onion!

More Cowbell

Time to close down all schools and have kids learn from home on computer. Teachers can do their class from home. Almost as much corruption in Loudoun County schools as in Politics. No tests and all kids get same grade, B- or C+.


After reviewing the comments my question is if these high school students choose to leave class and roam the halls abusing this privilege, how will they function in college if they can’t sit through high school classes? When a child turns 18 they cannot be expected to be responsible and accountable for their actions and be prepared to go off to college to be on their own when they have never been held accountable for their actions before. Discipline begins at home, it is not the responsibility of any school system, youth group, or community to teach children discipline or respect, that responsibility lies with their parents.


Exactly! My question is does this really happen? I can't imagine it does outside of a handful of trouble makers.


They probably won't function well in college or in real life because they won't make the grades to get to college or the fake grades that got them there won't let them succeed past the first year. I agree that discipline begins at home, but during adolescence, peers and teachers/coaches actually have the most impact on a child's self esteem and efficacy. Teachers have been limited in how they can speak to or discipline kids, so really at school, peers weigh heavily on students choices. Take this scenario, the DMV (government entity like LCPS) decides to mail out drivers licenses without having the kids take a test. Even if a parent says, "Don't drive" but the kid is told by peers let's drive we won't get in trouble because the DMV says it's ok, the kid's more than likely at least going to try it. Kind of like the vaping issue, it's obviously not taken seriously by admin at Valley and even if parents say "stay in class and do not vape", the kid may try is because what's the risk? Is the parent going to suspend their child? They could, but knowing LCPS that parent may be hit with a truancy violation. It takes a village, parents need their rules reinforced at school by teachers and administration.


David, In a word the school system resembles a protectorate. LPCS is allowed to function independently because the BOS have been impotent in setting efficiency and fairness standards for the school board to enforce in oder to get its $1.3 billion which is now going up nearly 8% per year plus billions in future debt to build schools. And all of this is done without LCPS allowing parents to even provide direct input into the performance of the system which they are in the best position to evaluate. This can be fixed when BOS members truly represent Loudoun citizens and not the developers who sponsor their election campaigns. With an independent, competent Chair of the BOS you have a chance of fairness, efficiency and community support logic to be used in all decision making. What we have now is only possible because the majority of registered voters in Loudoun don't vote in local elections so the developer sponsored parties control the vote. Tell your neighbors to get out and vote on November 5th and this gets fixed!


Ì simply see this as a result of liberal America.

Many years ago this was a nice rural town to raise children. However, society has changed for better ? 20 years ago this community would never had this issue.

Honestly it seems liberals move to low crime highly Republican towns and within 20 years or less deteriorate or completely destroy everything that resembled why they moved ????
Very confusing


Good luck getting her out of the principal role. At Tuscarora parents have tried getting rid of Pamela Croft without success. There is a long list of things that she has done and still LCPS doesn’t do anything.


Exactly, unaccountable guvment run schools, overrun by illegals in many places. Go check out Sterling elementary and you'll see a hot mess.


This article should instead be titled: “Idiotic Parents Who Dont Understand a Thing” Firstly, there is no way of just getting up and leaving a class without specifying where and why you are going. Secondly, you can NOT just go out to your car for an unspecified amount of time. I have personally done this and was only out for 15 mins. and got in trouble. With regards to the vaping in bathrooms, that has nothing to do with Mrs. Ross. These parents were probably in high school smoking cigarettes in the bathrooms. Kids are changing and experimenting with new things, and there is no cause and effect regarding Personalized Learning. Lastly, this article is completely biased. Not a single decent thing said about Mrs. Ross and the school. Only parents that really have no sense of what is actually going on. If you don’t want to take your kid to valley... LEAVE. No one cares. Go to another school and you will find that you were taking for granted what you had - excellent staff, great teaching, and a safer environment then many other schools. Get your facts straight please, and maybe interview some students and teachers too.

Virginia SGP

Highly doubt this was written by a student. But in what world is the media required to say "decent thing[s]" about a subject who blocked the press' access to a meeting and doesn't appear to know what personalized learning even is?


1. Ordered teachers to give fake, inflated grades. She took no action when SpEd teachers were writing the answers to state tests on the board while the SpEd students were taking the test (Ross likely ordered that but we can't know for sure)

2. Students at LVHS had the highest GPA in the district in AP classes yet the lowest AP test scores

3. Fired the football coach who was insisting on protective technology to help players avoid concussions

This woman is a disaster. There is virtually nothing that a principal can't get away with and yet keep her job.


you’re more than welcome to interview me and find out for yourself, but you know what you might be better off behind your screen :)


I guess you noticed that some of the people that post here are just conspiracy theorist and nothing is real.You did nice job on your post.


I'd be glad to talk to you. 1988 Mutiple Scholarship Graduate. Feel free to call me and I'll even post my number. Gerald Shipp would never have had this nonsense. I'm Gay. Sue Ross is a disgrace. Here's my number (703) 433-9782. There. While you sit behind your screen.


ValleyStudent, public schools are funded with taxes, meaning administration are paid by the taxpayers (parents). Do you not understand why these parents are angry? They are paying for an administrator who doesn't answer questions and whose doing an "ok" job at a school that was superlative before she took the helm. Vaping is absolutely the principal's problem to deal with. Vape has nicotine which is a DRUG and school zones are drug free. Locking bathrooms is not a solution. Giving consequences when vaping is discovered is the solution. Also, I'm GLAD to hear you got in trouble for being out of school for 15 minutes. In your words "[I] was only out for 15 min. and got into trouble[!]" shows how it was almost a shock for you to receive a consequence and that there is essentially no fear of retribution for not being in class. Telling concerned parents to, "Go to another school and you will find that you were taking for granted what you had", is no defense for an administration that is not upholding the standard of education we expect from Valley. As a student, do you feel prepared to take on the rigor of the real world? Do you have long term goals? When I was done at Valley, I was prepared. In my day ( 20 years ago), administration worked with teachers and counselors to make sure kids were prepared to succeed whether they were going to Columbia University or going to work right out of high school with the goal of opening a business. I hope you have the same confidence in life my classmates and I had coming out of Valley, if you don't, start questioning why you're not prepared. In this forum, please take the opportunity to read comments, talk to, and engage (maturely) with the people who don't think this administration is doing a good job. It's always good to hear both sides (it doesn't mean you need to switch sides). Also, please SHARE the great things you have experienced. Not you being a representation of the student body but YOUR actual positive experiences. It would be refreshing to read! After gaining some perspective through conversations on both sides, if you find you still support this administration, you will support Ms. Ross a lot more with evidence of her do-gooding instead of calling concerned parents names or saying "just leave we don't care".


The school board slept through several debacles with Pam Croft over at Tuscarora. With Principal Ross, "At least I'm not her...." might be a valid defense.


HMMMMMM, I googled Sue Ross and the only scandal I found was caused by all the parents fussing about her in this article. To me, this sounds and looks like a witch hunt. I really can't believe kids are "vaping" in the halls during class. Are there not camera's in the halls? If so, show the camera's, tell LCPS to fix it, lay down some rules and the Principal has 30 days to turn it around or go. End of story. I think there is more of a problem with drunk teachers, bullying, and not providing assistance to those kids that need it more than this witch hunt going on. I see no proof, just statements from kids, that are probably getting pushed by their parents. Show me vaping in the halls LTM so I can say "I'll be darned"


CindyLou, everything you stated that is a problem going unfixed because of this witch hunt "drunk teachers, bullying, and not providing assistance to those kids that need it" are also the responsibility of a principal to deal with. So, if vaping isn't going on, why hasn't Principal Ross fixed the bullying and drunk teachers? What has she done with her time to improve this school?


Coming from a Valley student, let me clear some things up. A few years back, there was in fact a grade inflation scandal under Ross’s administration.
Kids are in fact vaping during school, mostly in the bathrooms. Hence, why every godd*mn bathroom is locked. I’ve seen a couple kids vape during class, usually while the teachers not watching. Not in the halls, I’m not sure where you heard that from.
I personally don’t see much bullying or drunk teachers for that matter.
I think the whole personalized learning initiative is counter productive. Kids who have mental illness should talk with their counselor about stress and taking time off; this relaxed environment has only served to enable lazy kids to be lazier.


Sounds like high school hasn't changed much except we smoker cigarettes in the bathrooms.


As a former student of valley, I can tell you that these accusations being made about the state of valley's security are absolutely true. As a student I would sometimes leave class and wander the halls for as long as half an hour without being reprimanded by an administrator or teacher. There were even times where I'd leave my class and go hang out in another teachers room without being sent back to my class. As far as the vaping goes, I thought of it as an epidemic in the school. Men's bathrooms were almost always closed except during lunch. I witnessed kids vaping in the bathrooms first hand, i also saw kids selling juul pods in the bathroom. And as far as vaping in class, it's really not that hard to do. Juuls (which is the device of choice for most high schoolers) can produce very little amounts of vapor. All a kid has to do is, wear a hoodie, hide the juul in their sleeve, inhale it, and simply blow the vapor into their hoodie. That's all it takes. And as far as vaping in the hallways, if you can find me a camera that is able to pickup the almost invisible vapor produced my juuls, than I'll have you saying "I'll be darned" in no time at all


I may have problems with Valley and the way it is run but I do want to take issue with the grade change "scandal". That all started with a math teacher who was failing over 70% of his students. He was not teaching or helping students succeed, when students came to him with questions he told them to look it up in the book. He was also making unwanted advances on female students in his classes. Ms. Ross called him on the carpet and told him that he needed to change his students grades because it was his fault they were all failing not the students. Many of those students had A's and B's in every other math class in their academic life but were failing his class. She did the right thing in that case. No student should fail a class if the teacher fails to actually teach. That teacher is no longer in our school system - thank god.

Virginia SGP

So what about the testimony from parents of SpEd kids who saw "examples" of their kids work that the parents had never seen or were capable of producing?

What about the parents who observed the answers to the end-of-year assessments for SpEd kids written on the blackboard for kids who were taking the test?

Is that excusable too?

What about the fact that LVHS had the highest GPA in the district for AP courses yet had the lowest AP test pass rate. Doesn't that prove that there was massive grade inflation?


Government run schools, therefore no accountability for its leaders.


There is accountability in public (government run???) schools just like any job, public or private.if you want to keep your job.


Uh, yes, they are run by the guvment and tell me how they are accountable? I know you're probably upset they're there in the first place.

David Dickinson

I am impressed that parents at LCPS are FINALLY! taking some action. It is unbelievable to me that parents sit by scandal after scandal and problem after problem at LCPS and do nothing about it. Three cheers for the activism.


LVStudent is clearly an LV teacher writing under the guise of a student.


I hope not; that grammar is horrendous.


Maybe not, the students have started an online petition to keep her.


When they have to do it 3 times it should tell you something.


I had several of my children graduate from Valley years ago. But since Sue Ross took over EVERYTHING has gone down hill. Valley use to have the highest SATs in the county. This "feel good" insanity is a prescription for disaster.Students roaming around at will absolutely no discipline. Students who want to achieve and learn will suffer. But Ross is "hands off" hiding behind her PC trash. HOW many scandals, incidents is it going to take before she is removed.


LCPS will never fire Ross, to do so would be an admission that the parents were right and the massive taxpayer-funded school bureaucracy was wrong. Next thing you know, people will actually start questioning their elected officials!! And we can't have that, can we?
Seriously, the school system is just like the police department with its' Blue Wall of Silence. There have been multiple protests to remove the principals of other schools over the years (Tuscarora, Dominion, Briar Woods, Discovery to name a few), and none of them have come to fruition.
I'm sure Ms. Ross will be at LVHS on the first day of school in August 2019, hiding in her office and ignoring students and parents.


Refreshing to see a student (Lvstudent) take time to engage in a conversation in such a positive and mature manner.


Ross is incompetent....certainly not an effective leader. Great to see the citizens holding their public administrators accountable....the government won't...


In my past interactions with Sue Ross, she was accessible, professional and genuinely concerned with the matter that was brought to her attention. She was a positive influence on our children and the students liked her.


The public school system is held hostage by political correctness.When my daughter was a senior at Valley,I attended a meeting.Ross was there,she never spoke,and the LCPS information officer never answered a question directly.Sue Ross uses her sexual orientation as a shield.Nobody will lift a finger to remove her as principal.Go ahead and slam me with insults; "insensitive", "sexist" ," white male priviledge",whatever.


The reason behind the problem of students roaming the halls and taking “wellness walks” is less so the admins fault as it is more so the students fault. While yes, admin, not just Ms. Ross, but admin as a whole, is responsible for letting “it” turn into an epidemic, it is primarily the students fault, in my opinion, for abusing the privileges that we are given. All it takes is one look in the mixing bowl, one look into the bathrooms (aka “vape lounges”) to see that the students abusing the privileges given to them are not the students who are respectful and studious, but rather those who, one can conclude, are spoiled kids who live with the belief that they, because of their upbringing, can get, and do, anything they want. And while many of these kids are nice and personable, their upbringing has flawed them. It is not the kids who are receiving straight A’s and 5’s on AP tests that are out, roaming the hallways, but rather those who could care less about the academic opportunity a school is meant to provide. The problem, at its root, is not an administration problem, but rather a parenting problem that no one is pointing out. The kids out there have no reason, in their belief, to go to class because of the LCPS grading policy (more on that later), and the fact that the majority of the kids in the halls have never had to work for anything, they have been given every opportunity in life, so they see no need for having to work for a “reward” that seems so distant and vague (college). By high school the belief that a kid can get anything they want is engrained into their DNA, it is impossible to remove this this late into the game. It is the job of the parent to not let their kid turn into a hot head, into a spoiled kid, and in this material society that is LOCO, it is very hard to not let this happen. Having not grown up here, It is not fair nor right for me to comment on a child’s upbringing from birth to pre-k. However, I can comment on the divide of wealth and how that relates to academics. While what I say will seem blasphemous, I promise that this very situation is happening in LOCO right now, and is the root of the disrespect for teachers and curriculum that in turn leads to an abuse of privileges. Say family 1 earns an income of 250k a year, and family 2 earns an income of 75k per year. Both live in the same development, and both have kids who are close in age. Say family 2 has an incredibly gifted kid, a kid who is great at sports and is academically advanced. Family 1, who has a kid the same age sees this, and tries to mold their kid into a de facto mold of family 2’s kid. Most of the time, this does not work out, leaving family 1’s kid disgruntled and low in confidence, so the family rewards the kid. This in turn creates a cycle, which by HS is impossible to break since, as stated above, this idea of privilege is ingrained into the kid. While many would argue this has nothing to do with a family’s income, I would in turn argue that this problem has income inequality written all over it. Resorting back to the fake families I created above, family 1 will find it easier to reward their kid with a material possession then deal, yes deal, with their kids low self-esteem. However, for family two, since they do not have the economic resources that family one had, they have no choice but to confront a problem, and in turn make it a learning experience for their kid. Sometimes it is easier to “bite the bullet” and cave in and give your child a “pick me up” however this tactic should not be relied on. And while those outcomes may not be true of every family, depending on income, it is true for many. And that is where the problem sprouts from. The kids who roam the hallways took the freedom given to us as a student body and abused it, and admin was too late to respond. However the blame admin is getting is not fair to them as a whole, especially Ms Ross. The protest Wednesday morning seemingly encouraged everything it was trying to protest. Kids were on edge for the whole day, distracted by rumors floating around. And while, because of its run time, the protest did not lure students from class into the hallways, it did create distractions for the student body. Instead of protesting “poor leadership” the parents who feel the need to be vocal about Ms Ross’s removal should be having conversations with their kid. Teach your kid right from wrong, teach your kid to respect the teacher, an issue lacking in schools today, teach your kid to respect the curriculum and preach to them that it is their duty to learn it, because many kids do not have that opportunity to do so. Now, I’m going to glance on the grading policy of LCPS. LCPS states that no late work can be marked down directly because it is late, and late work must be accepted no matter how late it is. This creates an attitude amongst students that if they do not feel like going to class that day, they do not have to, and they do this because the know that, because of the grading policy, there will be no significant punishment to their grade. This creates lazy kids, kids who do not know how to deal with real stress, kids who are becoming used to being coddled, and that is unsustainable. The reason for this policy was to alleviate stress, however later in life it will just create more stress for the kids who abuse that policy. They will have not learned proper time management skills, will have not learned how to work under pressure, and will have not learned how to handle stress. The teachers are being boxed in, being told that parents rule, and that student morale is more important that learning life-long skills, and while this was harsh wording, it is the most direct way to get my point across. In turn the teachers reach a breaking point to where they do not care about rules anymore, and we can not blame them for this. The county, under the guidance of superintendent Williams, who seemingly only cares about pubic image and not teacher morale and feedback, gives them (the teachers) no support in terms of parent-teacher disputes, and the students do not respect them enough to even sit in a seat for 90 minutes. Do not blame Ms Ross for your child roaming the halls, taking “wellness walks”, and using the “vape lounge”. Blame yourself, you had the most influence over your kids, and your parenting has resulted in your kid abusing privileges.

Virginia SGP

While I agree with many of your insights, you are mistaken about Ms. Ross' role.

Ross has a responsibility to ALL students to provide an environment conducive to learning. If the kids from Family 1's aren't responsible, the rest of the kids shouldn't be distracted. And the principal has a responsibility to help mold the spoiled kids as well. Many kids don't have any engaged parents at home or maybe a single parent struggllng to get by. That's one reason we have public schools. Ross is accountable for all the kids.

This is not the first time Ross has had a scandal. She openly pressured teachers to change grades. LVHS had the highest GPA but the LOWEST AP scores. That doesn't happen without some misconduct.

To add on to your analysis, part of the problem is that the Family 1's are often successful because of the parents' personality or owning a business. These things are not inherited like intelligence or athletic ability. Thus, Family 1 is often confused why their kid is middle of the pack in academics or sports. They push them to be at the top even though the kids are not naturally talented. I don't have a solution for that. The parents should not enable bad behavior though.


Whew, I couldn't even get past the first couple of run-on sentences.


This is no Valley student who wrote this - please.


AMEN to that


God the diatribe. Just go to class and be done.


Thank you to those that had the courage to protest today. I wish I could have been there. And thank you to the Loudoun Times for covering this topic. There is no more import issue than the education of our students.

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

Is there a petition for those who don't want to sack Sue Ross?


Don't tell me that your support this train wreck of an admin at LV while ranting against Trump.


MAGA - He won - She lost - Get over it.


What ranting? Did I miss something? or is it you just don't like the user name?


Anyone who advertises his political proclivities in his user name can't be taken seriously.


Why is that?

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