PVHS assembly Kirk Dolson

Park View High School Principal Kirk Dolson at a school assembly in August 2019.

Loudoun County Public Schools has named Kirk Dolson, principal of Sterling's Park View High School, the division's Principal of the Year.

Dolson has served as principal at PVHS since 2014, according to LCPS officials. He is known among his community for his intentionality with students and for promoting equity among Park View's student body, which includes many first- and second-generation immigrants.

Loudoun County School Board Chairwoman Brenda Sheridan, who represents the Sterling District of LCPS, wrote a letter nominating Dolson.

"He is a nurturing father figure to the young people in his care, regularly visiting the students who reside at the homeless shelter," she wrote.

Sheridan added, "He is deeply entrenched in the idea that every student can learn, grow and succeed with appropriate supports in place."

One student who experienced such support firsthand is Andrea Munoz, a 2019 PVHS graduate who believed "high school wasn't an option anymore" when she began living on her own at age 17.

Munoz said Dolson orchestrated a system by which Munoz took online classes and met with teachers in order to ensure her graduation.

"He didn't give up on me and believed that I wanted to graduate," she said in a prepared statement. "Words can't describe how grateful I am for [Dolson] helping me graduate."

PVHS Student Body President Matthew Chesnutt further commented on Dolson's personable nature.

"He learns students' names, their backgrounds and their stories, because he knows that his job is just as unique as the students he takes care of," Chesnutt said.

Along with naming him Principal of the Year, LCPS has nominated Dolson for The Washington Post's Principal of the Year Award.

A video honoring Dolson can be found at vimeo.com/393782222.

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LCPS Substitute

Well Deserved! He was always in the hallways before school getting to know everyone who came into the building! Even the subs! In some schools, that doesn't happen.

(Really only one school and I think she is gone).



Are we now measuring the school system employees on how "intentional" they are and how much "equity" they can bestow?


I don't think you understand the word as it is meant, intentionality is the power of minds and mental states to be about, to represent, or to stand for, things, properties and states of affairs. The way they use equity it means focus on the ideals of justice and fairness.


67% of my (and everyone else's) tax bill is fed to LCPS in order to EDUCATE students. Measure and reward LCPS employees based on how well they that execute that singular mission. EDUCATE THE CHILDREN.


If you read the article it is about educating and making sure that all children get the proper education so they can graduate. Stop you caps yelling and make some sense.


Your reading comprehension is atrocious. I used the terms that were used in the story. Good grief.


how much of your taxes do you thing are going toward "Rewarding" this great educator? Get a life.


Hey DB, how about you go pound sand.


Not word about how much of your tax dollars were spent for trump to put his name on a letter if you had direct deposit on your stimulus check? Or all those billions for a worthless border wall? or your tax dollars spent on his golfing or the golf cart renewal the secret service just signed? Believe me this is piddling in comparison.


Hey ace - I take it you agree with me that kudos for educators does not mean wasted taxes


Pound sand??? In other words you were wrong but you would never apologize because of your bad temperament and still have to say something mean.



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