Paul VI Catholic High School — Loudoun campus

The new Chantilly campus of St. Paul VI Catholic High School will open for the 2020-2021 school year after two-and-a-half years of construction.

After a two-and-a-half-year construction, the ribbon-cutting at St. Paul VI Catholic High School's 68-acre Chantilly campus will take place Thursday, school officials announced Monday.

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington will participate in the ceremony and bless the new facility's auditorium, stadium and baseball field shortly afterward.

"This is an exciting time for the St. Paul VI Catholic High School community and the Diocese of Arlington," Burbidge said in a prepared statement. "The new state-of-the-art facilities will ensure that the school continues its tradition of excellence in Catholic education for generations to come."

PVI first opened in 1983 and operated out of the former Fairfax High School building in Fairfax City.

The student body now comprises approximately 1,000 students, nearly triple the school's initial head count of 350.

The Diocese of Arlington, which oversees four high schools, including Paul VI, announced in June 2015 the school would be moving to Loudoun, and the official campus groundbreaking took place the following February.

Per Monday's announcement, more than 1,000 rosaries are buried in the new campus's foundation, having been prayed over by faculty, staff, alumni and students.

PVI is scheduled to open for the coming school year five days a week and will employ a hybrid model combining in-person and remote learning methods, though some families selected a 100 percent distance-learning option.

Officials say a maximum of 50 percent of students will be allowed in the building at a time while the rest will join via livestream, alternating on a block schedule.

Head of School Virginia Colwell extended thanks to Whiting-Turner and VMDO Architects, as well as donors and other PVI supporters.

"Moving an entire school to a new location during a global pandemic was a huge undertaking, but with planning, teamwork, faith, and of course social distancing, we are in our new home," she said.

Thursday's ribbon cutting will begin at 8:30 a.m. on the new campus at 42341 Braddock Road in Chantilly.

A mass in the school chapel and the blessing from Bishop Burbidge will follow at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., respectively.

More information on St. Paul VI Catholic High School is available at

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More Cowbell

At least some kids in Loudoun will be learning.


I challenge the nay sayers, the doom and gloomers and the stay at home forevers to wish the school, the staff and the students a successful school year.

Can you do it?


How crazy is that??? There is a pandemic, they do the best they can with what they have to work with.


I challenge you to stop posting, Can you do it?


Not wanting children to get educated is possibly the most sad, pathetic and selfish thing I've ever heard of.

LCPS and the rest of the public school kabal are ruining families, while the Arlington Diocese is offering a much-needed alternative. Kudos to them. I wish them all the success in the world.


Boohoo ace boohoo, to bad so sad for you and your made up story. There is no one that doesn't want kids educated thee is also no one that wants to participate in your stupid challenge, because it is stupid. Do you think everyone need a catholic education?


Some people seem to WANT a microscopic virus to win.


Some people are smart enough that they know what a microscopic virus can do and want to defeat it by not letting it spread.


Yes, you're a genius. No doubt about it. Activity wishing for failure when a school is trying to actually teach children.



Yes you are obviously not a genius. Nobody is wishing for a school to fail, in fact they are ALL trying to make them succeed during a pandemic. That thing that you don't seem to think really exists even though it has killed over 170,000 Americans. What is really disgusting is how you try and lie about about any solution but what you think is right as being disgusting and lie about the persons intentions. Creating conspiracy theories about it and the way people deal with it is not productive.

David Dickinson

Loudoun's next football powerhouse is born.


Since our state legislature is in session now would be the ideal time to push for school vouchers. I wonder if any democrats have the fortitude to do so.


Fortitude isn't the problem, you need to find someone that agrees with you and is for them.

Virginia SGP

While 100% in-person would be preferred, at least they have courage to follow science instead of the irrationally paranoid, selfish teachers of LCPS.


Yes, 100% in-person! St. Theresa in Ashburn and other Catholic schools are also open 100% in-person while the rest of the county hides for a virus that (per CDC's weekly table) only hospitalized 3 in 100,000 (or 0.03%). Wake up and live you best life today!

Virginia SGP

While the secular progressives curse the religious folks, we can see these religious schools are not cowering in fear. One wonders if America would even exist if the cowardly secular progressives had gained such power earlier.


Who? Give an example.


Sorry I don't fit your description, want tot try again.


Yes hurry before they decide to shut down.


What makes you think they will “decide to shut down”..please clarify because your presumption that they will shut down is insulting and condescending.

The schools that decided to create a safe reopening plan to fulfill the main purpose of employing teachers, to educate our children, should be applauded and our community should ALL be hopeful they are successful. Many people working for these schools and the families who send their children there have worked very hard and spent countless hours to plan a safe reopening. Anyone rooting for these schools to fail just so they can say I told you so needs to do some serious soul searching!


Beef how is saying they will shut down is insulting and condescending? That makes no sense. Becuase of the number of schools that have opened and then closed. Small private schools don't make the news but they are still schools and it is happening to other schools. Colleges make the news, like Notre Dame, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill moved to all undergrad online. Sure it wold be nice if they were successful, But why not wait awhile to give them a better chance?

Virginia SGP

Half of Virginia's school districts are opening in-person. Get a clue.


SGP and half of VA school districts were not hit as hard with covid. Whats with the nasty "Get a clue" can't you ever just post without trying to degrade someone?

Barry Hussein

Exactly. "We can't teach from the grave," meanwhile I noticed a group of teachers having a (maskless) good time at a local eatery over the weekend. Back in my world, settling in to another day in the office with my colleagues. No hysteria here; we understand it's what's expected and whining about it gets you nowhere ... unless your LCPS


How do you now they were teachers? What restaurant?

John M

Uncle Julio's at One Loudoun,. Six teachers around a table, drinking it up. My daughter recognized 5 of them and couldn't name the 6th but knew she worked at the school. Two of them left the table twice in an hour to go outside and smoke. No wonder they're so worried about COVID that they don't want to go to school.

Virginia SGP

Many of the teachers are walking heart attacks. Would be good to replace these so kids have better examples to emulate anyway. COVID just provides a convenient justification.

John M

Barry, were you at Uncle Julio's at One Loudoun last Friday evening? That's where we saw a group of teachers.


Well, you have to be honest, no all teachers are worried about covid. I'm guessing that Uncle Julio's is taking precautions so they might have been safe. Personally I wouldn't do it, but I'm probably much older than them.


Do you eat with a mask on? Did they put one on when they left the table? I bet they couldn't have gotten in if they weren't wearing one. Restaurants are taking the proper precautions, just like most places.Quick question, indoor or outdoor dining?

Virginia SGP

Your Hypocracy knows no bounds!

Teachers are MORE likely to contract COVID from teachers than kids. Yet you excuse socialization outside the family but then back them up when they won't teach kids 6 feet apart in school. Unbelievable. Sickening, actually.


SGP, did I ask you? But you got you little bit of nastiness, that you have to start off everyone of your post with, in. Again that was is to Barry and John, and you were not there so you cannot answer the questions.


Hilarious. The resident expert on all matters demands proof.


Hilarious. The resident expert of lying lies again. Who demanded proof? Is there a reading problem, did you not understand the post?

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