“I Can’t Breathe” Walk Through Leesburg | Face Masks

To limit the spread of the coronavirus, protesters wore face masks at Sunday's "I Can't Breathe" walk in Leesburg. The walk was in honor of George Floyd, a black man killed by a Minneapolis police officer earlier last week.

For many Americans, “space” means leaving the Earth’s atmosphere and exploring the galaxy. They think of this weekend’s SpaceX launch. Or going where no one has gone before on “Star Trek.”

But the concept of space has a different meaning for African Americans. It’s about finding places in American society — white society — where we are free to just be. Those spaces have been shrinking in recent months. With the flames lit in Minneapolis spreading to other cities after yet another black man’s death, it felt like only an airhole was left.

I am tired. Tired of how routine violence against African Americans at the hands of white people has been and continues to be. Angry as a journalist that this has happened so often that we all know the angles that must be covered, the questions to be asked, the stories to be written. Angrier still that as an African American journalist, I must explain, again and again, how dehumanizing this all is.

And I think: Is doing this kind of job enough? Shouldn’t I be doing something to stop the racism, the violence against us?

For years, my identities as an African American and a journalist have been in sync. Growing up, I was curious (my family would say nosy). I read my hometown newspaper religiously and watched the evening news. I especially loved how journalists used facts to shine a light on the world’s injustices while also telling stories people needed to know to make decisions in their lives. As a teenager, I attended a two-week minority journalism workshop and my career choice was set.

But in recent times, the dissonance between the two parts of me has grown louder.

I woke up Tuesday morning to video of George Floyd, a handcuffed man, struggling for breath while a police officer pressed a knee into his neck for several minutes even after he stopped moving and pleading for air. Bystanders captured the video and can be heard increasingly pleading with the officer, Derek Chauvin, and three others to come to his aid.

I heard echoes of Eric Garner repeated. “I can’t breathe,” said George Floyd. My heart broke. And I cried. But as a journalist, I had to put my individual feelings on the back burner.

I immediately shared that horrible video to make sure my colleagues were responding to the story quickly and covering the anger arising online, on the streets of Minneapolis and beyond. I did my part. But inside, I went from anger to rage to exhaustion.

The week’s misery had begun on Memorial Day when a black man asked a white woman in Central Park to leash her dog. Birdwatcher Christian Cooper pulled out his phone. On it, he captured Amy Cooper calling police to report she was being threatened by “an African American man.”

In the words of Yogi Berra, it was deja vu all over again for black folks. Cooper was later fired by the investment firm where she worked.

The birdwatcher said he felt targeted — just like Ahmaud Arbery, a black jogger in Georgia. He was killed when a white father and son chased him through their neighborhood and shot him in February. No charges were filed until two months later, after video of the shooting leaked online.

On Friday, I awoke to the words of the president of the United States: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” he tweeted, summoning the civil rights era with a phrase used in the 1960s by a Miami police chief and by George Wallace, an aggressive segregationist.

If African Americans being killed by police is the throughline of our times, then the drumbeat of aggressions for existing in white spaces is the steady rhythm. No driving while black. No swimming while black. No picnicking while black. No shopping while black. No standing while black. No sleeping while black. No breathing while black.

No being me while black.

And all this while the coronavirus stalks black bodies, killing us disproportionately. Doctors talk about our illnesses, but they don’t delve into the systemic inequalities that bring them to bear. Being sick while black is dangerous, too.

There is one space where we are welcome: jobs that, during the pandemic, have been deemed essential. We keep subways and buses moving, grocery stores stocked, food delivery services humming while many white-collar workers stay home. And white men hang governors in effigy for not reopening fast enough as African American deaths rise.

Barack Obama, the nation’s first and only black president, tackled what getting back to normal means for African Americans in a statement Friday about George Floyd’s death.

“We have to remember that for millions of Americans, being treated differently on account of race is tragically, painfully, maddeningly ‘normal,’” he said, “whether it’s while dealing with the health care system, or interacting with the criminal justice system, or jogging down the street, or just watching birds in a park.”

Part of me wants to go off and join the fight. To put aside my journalistic reserve and give full voice to my anger, my disappointment that my country doesn’t always live up to its lofty ideals of equality and justice. To build a brighter future like it seemed on “Star Trek,” where races, nationalities and even species lived together in mutual respect and Lt. Uhura’s presence as a respected, competent black officer assured little Amanda of her place among them.

But I’m doing my part right where I am. I’m telling stories that help readers understand the world around them. I’m sharing the voices of the unheard and holding those in power accountable. Just as important, I am working to make our newsrooms more accurately reflect the communities we cover and to make our storytelling and our decision-making more inclusive.

My voice is the voice of facts and context. My voice is the hope that they can bring the understanding and, eventually, the equality that my country’s founding documents promise.

My space is the newsroom.

I’m good here.


Amanda Barrett is a deputy managing editor at The Associated Press.

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I mean, the title SAYS "perspective", so I'm not sure what you all are complaining about. This is a PERSPECTIVE piece, not a journalism piece. I believe the author is trying to say that she's had to put her feelings on the backburner while reporting factual news in general, NOT in this article. Her feelings and her pain are valid and it makes me really sad to see how she's being criticized for her emotions in an OPINION piece.


i think her opinion is a load of crop.


I think your opinion is a load of crap

pual mase

Nice comeback Guest.

I don’t give a hoot about her feelings, pain and emotions.

I see someone sharing propaganda that is now ripping apart the country.


Pual. It is quite apparent that you don’t care what your neighbors are going through. Way to be a decent human being

pual mase

No guest , I do care about my neighbors. That’s why am calling out the author of this propaganda piece.

I do not care about her “feelings” because they are crafted to manipulate people to believe her lies. And I do not care about your generalizations about me or your opinions.


Pual, that's because yu can't live without conspiracy theories, much like your idol.

pual mase

Sure AG keep listening to the lefty news outlets and dem spin-masters.

Your liberal fantasy world must be nasty place. I wish you well on your inevitable fall and long recovery.


Pual, I have to say you have some of the worse posts on here that have nothing to do with the articles, you must come here to look for a fight. Lefty news? I know you think you know everything I do but wrong again. My world is full of truth and friends too bad your isn’t. Wishing stuff, oh please grow up.


Black Lives Matter is demanding the defunding of police departments across the country. Sounds like BLM set the bar a little high, no way we're going to defund our police departments. Sadly, I'm wrong because the LA Mayor just announced that he is going to defund the LAPD by $150m and give that money to black communities or "communities of color". Check back in a year and see how that decision worked out.

pual mase

Diverting police funding to support BLM agitators in LA and freeing arrested rioters with no bail in NYC are terrific examples of liberal policies run amok.

What next?......government checks to pay rioters directly? It’s probably happening already, disguised as community grants, unemployment insurance, etc.

Liberal politicians are literally destroying America.


You are just chock full of conspiracy theories. Guess you don't understand defunding. Most places release you on your own recognizance for misdemeanors. Liberal this liberal that, you'd blame your constipation on liberals

pual mase

AG I know you have an aversion for the truth but criminals in NY are being freed without bail for much more than misdemeanors like burglary, vehicular assault and sex trafficking and other serious offenses. That’s why crime spiked in NY after it’s liberal politicians passed the most progressive bail reform in the nation.

Guess you don’t understand defunding. It means less resources for law enforcement.

Facts aren’t conspiracy theories, but it seems to be your knee-jerk reaction when you have nothing to back your lies.


Facts aren’t conspiracy theories, but it seems to be your knee-jerk reaction when you have nothing to back your lies. Pual, what criminals are you talking about? Tell me what sex trafficker has been release, give me examples your vagueness seems to cover an extended area that could easily have holes poked through. Crime in NYC was at it lowest for quite some time until recently, you make it sound like it is an ongoing thing. Guess you don’t understand defunding, it also means less duties for cops that social workers could be doing to stop wasting cops time with petty spats.


This is the 9th night of protests. Mass destruction and violence. Businesses lost forever. 10 police officers shot and 2 killed. Protesting is fine but what do they ultimately want? No justice no peace? Reparations? Elimination of "systemic racism"? Yes all of the above. However, what they want makes for great signs and smart sounding demands. These same demands have been, well, demanded for decades and what's happened? Why is it the exact same message today the same as it was in the 60's, 70's, 80's?

The rioters consist of radical blacks, whites, hispanics, etc. The rioters are not bound by any organizations, they do not have a leader or spokesman that can articulate their ideas, offer suggestions and work with the right people to try and ensure change. These people have no idea who George Floyd is but invoke his name and death as an excuse to "vent". The rioters and protestors demands have recently been released by Black Lives Matter. They want to defund all police departments and have all prisoners released. Pretty lofty goal.

BLM also sates on their website that "We demand investment in our communities and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive." Hasn't the government been "investing" in black communities? Baltimore has received $50b +/- over the past 10 years and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Why? Politicians, the very people they voted for.

So my questions for the Liberal Loudoun Loons that are down with the movement, if your house catches fire OR your a victim of a home invasion OR rape OR assault OR your son or daughter is sexually abused (God forbid) OR you see someone without a mask and is not practicing social distancing, who are you going to call? Black Lives Matter? ANTIFA? Maybe some of you would, but I'd bet that the rest of us would call 9-1-1 and for the record, 9-1-1 is not a secret Trump code but one available to everyone. Not sure how can you possibly support a movement that demands the eradication of law enforcement and the destruction of the very communities they claim they want to protect.


Where??? Most of the rioters have gone home. DC is very peaceful. You think the gov has invested in black communities? Maybe with bigger police forces, but no. What have they done? The school systems sure haven't improved, or oversight on housing.

pual mase

Yet these liberal run cities have some of the highest spending per pupil and school acheivement still lags. It’s because liberal run cities spend exorbitant amounts for teacher pensions instead of students so they can buy union support.

There have been trillions spent on poverty programs with no little result.

Diverting funds from law enforcement won’t make. a dent either except allow for more crime ........and the cycle of liberal ineptitude goes on.


Liberal this liberal that and claims to know the future, geeze


David Dorn


How on earth did this get published as news?


Dude. This is the letter to the editor section. Opinion as welcomed here. That is the purpose of this section. What is wrong with you?


Author of this propoganda piece says that says she wants to “put aside my journalistic reserve and give full voice to my anger”.

Too late.

This article is a good example of the fact-free, biased “journalism“ the AP is known for.

What a phony.

There are millions of black Americans that have succeeded in America in business, politics, athletics, arts. and everyone you look in American society.

Ms Barrett herself is an apparently educated, employed and in a position of some power. I’m sure many of these successful, productive black Americans faced discrimination but overcame it like many non-black Americans have faced and overcome.

Black lives matter was based on the disproven “hands up, don’t shoot” lie.

Since then BLM has beat the drum of systemic racism as the cause of ills in the black community when the facts and objective analysis show otherwise.

Scapegoating others for your problems is wrong, as is gross labeling of others as racist.

The problems in the black community will never be solved until the people with the problems take responsibility for their own behavior that contributes to the problems.

It will also take an honest discussion which this article is not.

Off course racism should be condemned and bad police behavior be rooted out.

But conflating such tragedy to condemn America and engage in reverse racism is wrong and shouldn’t be supported or appeased.


Well all you have to do is look at history. 100s of thousands of all races died to create freedom for African Americans, by the way virtually all white. Do any of you know who wrote and enacted the emancipation proclamation? I'll give you a hint. It wasn't liberals. The sacrifices made and deaths that have occurred to stand for justice for all races especially African Americans are too numerous to count. Senseless slaughter in the name of a "cause" is worse than anything that has happened in history. These riots and just look at who is doing the rioting, is nothing short of what happened in the holocaust. Because you are who you are you must be attacked and killed. Sick, sad, false narratives. Real simple, arm yourselves and protect yourselves, your property and your love-ones. Liberal garbage wants you to be sitting ducks. I pity the fool that tries to destroy what I have.


I"ll one up you, Who got prison reform passed?

Another hint, it wasnt liberal, actually it's the current President.


What? You are saying whites should be congratulated for freeing their slaves? Disgusting

pual mase

The 500,000 Union (mostly white) soldiers that died to save the Union and free the slaves ought to be respected


Who says they are not respected. You are projecting your own misgivings on others. Americans are quite capable of multitasking and managing complex thinking. How about you ?

pual mase

Hey guest I am "projecting" your comments are ridiculous.

I doubt you are capable of any critical thinking at all.

Your idea of multitasking is: shall I call this person a racist or that person a racist.


It wasn't liberals? That was back when the republican party held democratic views and vise versa. Yeah, look at who is rioting, I saw Hawaiian shits, I believe that is the boogaloo boys. Then the proud boys were advocating that all these at right groups go out dresses ads Antifa and do damage. Real right wing garbage.


Thank you all for your perspectives.

With that being said, all races experience prejudices and cognitive biases to some degree. But, if we are to view things from a realistic, rational, and historical standpoint, minorities, specifically, African Americans have been disenfranchised the most than any other ethnicity across the world. We as a society need to focus on unifying rather than create division amongst each other. We all go through the cycle of life, but what I'll never understand is why some races feel better or mistreat based on their ethnicity or religion.

pual mase

I don’t disagree with you Peacemaker but it has been 4-5 generations since slavery ended. It’s been almost 60 years since civil rights laws passed.

My immigrant ancestors in the early 1900’s weren’t allowed in parts of the city. Their published wage scales were lower than african-americans. I can list a dozen derogatory names Americans of my ethnicity were called.

My ancestors and I never received the social welfare payments, job training programs and affirmative action preferences blacks have received.

I never heard heard my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles complain.

They assimilated and succeeded through hard work.

It seems no one wants to have an honest discussion about race .

It is easier to blame society and make empty politically correct statements while we excuse lawlessness in the streets.

The attitude and delusions expressed in this article are not a formula for success.


What I find interesting is hearing from people who've been here for generations complain about how "unfair" everything is, meanwhile I see a ton of successful immigrants and first-generation Americans all the time. So, which is it, is America so unfair, or are folks just not willing to put forth the effort to make it work for them? I think we all know the answer here.


did your ancestors get educated? With education comes opportunity. So your family has complained for years, now we now where your bias comes from.

pual mase

I specifically said my ancestors NEVER complained......AG you lie again.

No my ancestors were not educated, but it it didn’t stop there descendants from education and success. You have nothing to offer except unwarranted claims of bias.


Are you from India?


Sorry I can’t join this article”s pity party.

Life can be hard. Life is unfair.

Black people don’t have a monopoly.

Victimhood is the biggest obstacle in her life.


Apparently you are not watching the news thaw days

pual mase

I’m watching people rioting and killing for a BLM movement based on lies.


Many of those who were arrested were actually n the FBI data bases as ult-right.

pual mase

Another AG conspiracy theory.

How many are many compared to the overwhelming majority of looters and rioters that were certainly not white?


pual, there go those reading comprehension skills again. I said many, I meant many, get it? Really how many were black then?


The gentlemen in Louisville, KY shot at police first. The people protesting have a right and great reason why. The thugs rioting, looting and damaging property do not. If anyone thinks the rioting, looting and damaging property is okay, you are the problem. The Democrats are blaming Trump which is what they always do because Orange man bad. It seems almost all the rioting and destruction are in Democrat controlled cities being caused by people voting democrat. But let’s blame Trump and republicans. Maybe people shouldn’t keep voting the same way in those cities. As to eights...every legal person in this great country have the same rights. That’s a fact. Is there racism? Yes and it sucks. Will it ever go away...no. Since humans have been on this earth there have been conflicts and racism. Go to any country and it’s there as well. The weak mayors and governors are to blame. End of story.


There are bad apples everywhere. Protesters, rioters, and cops. Who blamed trump for the protests? He only got blamed for his antic with the photo op. Sure blame it on dems, because that's where the protest are, sure. they are a lot more spread out now. trump mouthpiece weak this and that, blah blah.


After 8 years on the LCPS school board I can say with certainty that ALL LABELS infer some sort of self serving, discriminatory intent. What happened to any injury to a fellow American shall not be ignored by the rest of us regardless of color, creed, legacy etc? What happened to no man left behind? What happened to all men are created equal and equal under the law? "NONE" of us alive today had anything to do with slavery, incarcerating Japanese Americans during WW2, stealing Indian land or the holocaust yet some carry hate as if there are still living participants. This is totally counter-productive. I am tired of ALL the partisanship BS of BOTH parties as it no longer serves discussion value but is merely hate speech using partisan coded words. I am tired of hearing about wealthy Hollywood sponsors of aggression as well as Mr. Soros and his son-in law helping to put the FBI into last place on the trust scale without being held accountable. I hope Loudoun can lead by example and show some maturity in planning for a long summer and a challenging fall if the virus is still with us rather than get drawn into this absurd globalist sponsored, sedition ridden, media sponsored hate speech. No matter what side an aggressive opinion is labeled as it just might be destroying the very thing that our forefathers fought for and died for and now lay in Arlington Cemetery as my parents do. Please stop labeling & blaming and start focusing on progress like the space shot the news barely covered last weekend. :-)


Here , here , beat the virus it’s not gone - lift each other up - Army Veteran here America needs to not give in to this pysop


Freedom--the only way you are going to "beat" the virus is through the development of a vaccine and associated therapeutics. Other than that, the virus will still be here.


with 7 mutations now.

pual mase

AG is certainly able to spot a mutation


Yes pual, guess I can because I see you!

Dana B

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Santayana, 1905

Sir, I can believe that it is very likely that there are still Americans alive today who were involved in putting Japanese Americans in internment camps. That happened in 1942-1946. There are still Holocaust guards who are being brought to justice as late as 2019.

I also think your rant on George Soros identifies your own political bias.

Consider muting yourself, reading and considering what others are saying.


I'm convinced of one thing.

There are way too many people in this country without real skills - electronics/electricians, plumbers, builders, mechanics, nurses, veterinarians, architects, engineers, etc.

We have far too many professional opinionators that have nothing to do and too much time to do it. They bring nothing to the table except opinions.


fortunately most of those folks live in great big cities of enlightenment


Maybe this can be at the table if we can remember back when the ww-2 memorial was blockaded- I as a Army Veteran went for the other vets my grandfather fought in ww-2 when I got there a lot of young vets were there - I think i could tell from the look in their eyes - how and the world could this be happening . I felt the same thing and helped carry the barricades over to the White House stacked high . A Chaplin gave a prayer then it was asked we all walk on peace to the other memorials - during this time someone was there with a huge confederate flag - I sensed it was a setup and questioned the person and he admitted he was paid to be there with the flag -that hurt and it hurt a lot to defame the honor and why we were there for our brothers hurt a lot - so when i say fractionally I can feel the pain of the protestors.


LetsBreal--what do you define as a "real skill"? The occupations you cited require "real skills" and technical knowledge. As to point two, what did you expect to find in the comments section of the local newspaper? The daily horoscope? Get real. People are entitled to opine all day long if they desire. Who are you to make the determination that "they have too much time to do it?"


I'm referring to the entire article.

Real skill - something where at the end of the day, you have a service or product.

A traditional journalist providing hard news is a real skill. We were here, here is footage of X, Y and Z happening. The facts of the story are these. These are the documents we found in investigating this. We found this and you probably didn't know about it because it was being hidden from you. You get my point. Investigative journalism. Substance.

The real detriment is while you get stories like this article, there are real stories that go unreported. You're simply left with a bunch of opinion and perspective.


LetsBreal--I got it. Thank you very much for the clarification. I totally agree with you. I wish we had more real objective journalism and less opinion too.


Then you guys need to watch major news networks, turn off fox


Serious question for the Editor at LTM: Why does this piece appear under the heading "News?"


I'm really awestruck by this article. There are a number of items that really stand out. Ms. Barrett said her voice is the voice of "facts and context" AND "as a journalist, she had to put her individual feelings on the back burner". Simply saying you're a journalist (6) times in one article doesn't make the article factual, full of relevant & supporting context or that she has placed her feelings on the back burner. In fact, if we're being factual and honest, none of these statements that I cited are true. For example, she said: "I am tired. Tired of how routine violence against African Americans at the hands of white people has been and continues to be." First of all, in these two sentences alone, she did not place her feelings on the "back burner" because she started the first sentence with "I am tired". Secondly, she didn't say some white people, she said "white people" which suggests all white people and I think we both know that this is neither factual and is way out of context. I would fully agree that some white people use violence against black people and as a journalist, I'm guessing you can appreciate the context I am trying to convey. Ms. Barrett castigated an entire race for the actions of some. Maybe that's what she really thinks, but if she placed her "individual feelings on the back burner", the context of that statement would have been or should have been made more clear.

Ms. Barrett goes on to say: "But I’m doing my part right where I am. I’m telling stories that help readers understand the world around them." Again, so much for placing her feelings on the back burner. What she has written, in most part not entirely, has completely distorted any sense of understanding she is trying to convey to your readers and the world around them. Again, yes there are injustices around and yes there is racism (includes every ethnicity) but to suggest that all white people routinely commit acts of violence against blacks is utterly false, inflammatory and leaves readers with the impression that all white people are evil doers.

This last comment is just ridiculous and she is trying to paint a narrative that is really a reach. She said: "And all this while the coronavirus stalks black bodies, killing us disproportionately." If her goal is really trying to get readers to understand the world around them, she wouldn't suggest that COVID is harassing and/or persecuting black people. She's trying to make a suggestive link that does not exist, not to mention conflating two very different subjects. Is COVID impacting black communities more than others? The experts tell us yes, so no dispute. But to say COVID is stalking black bodies, again implies that some evil doer, probably white people, have crafted a virus that is so sophisticated that it can stealthy target black people while sparing the rest of us.

LTM, I see that Ms. Barrett is the Deputy Managing Editor for the AP. Do you really think this article was worth posting? There are next to no facts, it's racially biased against all white people and only leaves readers, who want honest reporting, more confused. How about you punish an article on all of the facts? Use the DOJ as your source. People are always screaming "we need more dialogue and a better understanding and equity". How can any of that be achieved when dishonest articles like this are circulated. Perhaps it's your intent to fan the flames like Dr. Williams, but until you stop this rhetoric and are willing to deal with facts honestly, the wheels on the bus will go round and round to no end.


That deserves a round of applause. [thumbup]

pual mase

Agree completely scottva.

Unfortunately this kind of propaganda is all over he mainstream media and good portion of the populace has already been brainwashed.

Losing My Religion

Thinking about Trump's Bible photo-opportunity yesterday, I have an interesting question for my former tribe -- Envangelical Christians: How much tear gas would Jesus use on protesters to clear a path for a photo of him in front of a church, holding a bible, upside-down, like it had germs on it?


Probably less than what was needed to try and stop it from being defaced. Idiot, you're going after Trump and say nothing about the church being set on fire. You didn't lose your religion, you never had any.


from the author "I am tired. Tired of how routine violence against African Americans at the hands of white people has been and continues to be."

Perhaps the author should contact the FBI and tell them that their expanded homicide data is incorrect. Table 3. Numbers don't lie


No white person can understand truly the horrific feelings acts like George Floyd incident brings up. Any violence is bad , and a good place to start is learning and growing from all this . Not all white people act like the individual who has been charged ,

My family is racially mixed , white , African American , Latino- but even before in the Army were all brothers - America and Americans need to always be in the mode of lifting each other up - anger and violence at any time is backwards moving - however the wounds are real and I feel them fractionally- People always say things about Veterans then demean them with actions. It does not compare to racial hate but it does hurt - the sight of George Floyd being pinned down hurts me as a human being - be safe and fight covid19


Another narrow-minded liberal ... try to see the world without the prism of race for a change and your would will open up and be a beautiful place to live. Try appreciating the fact that you live in a truly free country instead of focusing on your victimization ... Obama is now extraordinarily wealthy, what did he ever accomplish for the black community in America???


Another narrow-minded conservative who won't try for one hot second to put aside his experience to try and have empathy for another. Very sad indeed.


OK. This argument can also apply the other side too.


The United States of America, the land of opportunity for Whites, Black, Asian, Latinos etc etc etc. You get what you put into it. Doesnt matter who you are.


Workhardgetahead--true statement.

pual mase

Empathy for Floyd and his family of course.

No empathy for propagandists,rioters and looters and race-baiters like this author.


Under Obama the racial divide in this country worsened. That's what he accomplished. He had 8 years and did absolutely nothing but line his own pockets


BS. But look how trumpster has divided the country


You can only say that if you refuse to look at his accomplishments, which you would never do.

pual mase

Couldn’t find any Obama accomplishments.

I did see he oversaw corruption at the FBI, CIA and Justice to undernmine an elected president.

Also see he sent $100 billion of cash to the ayatollah’s in Iran that continue to call for the destruction of the US and Israel as they fire off their missiles.

And I did recall all the doctors we couldnt keep as my health insurance costs doubled.


Pual you are so sad. Do you know how to work a search engine? Highlight your words Obama accomplishments, paste them is to slot at the top of the search page and hit enter. Lots of them will come up for you. I tried your, nothing about that at all, must be another one of your conspiracy theories. You must be talking about what the trumpster said Obama did. He lied, he always lies if he thinks it makes him look good, haven’t you caught on to that yet? Fact checked, debunked. If you want the real facts; https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/issues/foreign-policy/iran-deal/q-and-a you have an entire section of questions you can click on.

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