Pet Detective on the case for missing dog

Ellie, a 35-40 pound black dog, has been missing since September, when she broke away from her newly adopted family after spending less than three months in the Middleburg Humane Foundation. Courtesy photo

After weeks of unfruitful searching, the Middleburg Humane Foundation hired the Pet Detective to find a missing dog.

Volunteers with the nonprofit animal shelter have spent every day searching for Ellie after the canine broke free of her leash after five hours with her new family. She has been missing since Sept. 28.

Karin TarQwyn, officially a "K9 PI," was called in Jan. 14 to profile the 35-40 pound black dog and set up a perimeter, hopefully leading to the location of the animal.

But Ellie's not an easy target. Her nature is "sweet, but shy," according to the Humane Foundation, so she doesn't stay in one place for long. Sightings of the dog have rolled in, but volunteers haven't had a verifiable last-seen since the beginning of December, when Ellie was spotted outside of Purcellville.

With the help of TarQwyn, volunteers and Humane Foundation staff are widening the search perimeters, crafting bigger signs and pinpointing ideal locations to set them up.

"MHF volunteers are hopeful that Ellie will now be brought home safely with the guidance of Ms. TarQwyn," the Foundation said in a statement.

TarQwyn is a maverick in K9 Profiling and Aerial location for finding missing pets.

With training in private investigation and work in K9 Search and Rescue units in the California rescue Dog Association, the pet PI found her calling in missing animals in 2004 after her dog, Jack, went missing in 2002. At the time, she was frustrated with a lack of resources, systems or techniques for finding him.

When not in her home state of Nebraska working with families over the phone, TarQwyn travels around the country with a crew of dogs, finding families missing pets. She specializes in dogs like Ellie who are shy, timid, aloof, reserved or skittish (STARS).

To pay for pet detective services and get better cameras for locating Ellie, the Humane Foundation is raising money by selling T-shirts and directing people to the GoFundMe account, which has so far led to $855 in contributions.

Anyone with information on Ellie's whereabouts is as asked to call 571-233-5898.

Courtesy photo/Middleburg Humane Foundation

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