Loudoun Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman

Loudoun Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman.

The General Assembly will fill another judgeship position in the 20th Circuit Court of Virginia after the Hon. Jeffrey Parker recently announced his retirement effective Oct. 31.

Leesburg Attorney Lorrie Sinclair and Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman (R) are being interviewed in Richmond on Friday, according to reports confirmed by the Times-Mirror.

The Fauquier Times first reported Parker’s retirement on Feb. 4, less than a month after Fauquier County Commonwealth's Attorney James P. Fisher (R) became the fifth judge selected to serve on the 20th Circuit. Fisher filled a position that had been vacant since 2017.

Plowman and Sinclair will be considered for an eight-year term, joining four other judges in the 20th District that cover Fauquier, Loudoun and Rappahannock counties. All judges are nominated by the joint House and Senate committees in Richmond and later appointed by both chambers in the General Assembly.

The Parker seat is based in Fauquier County.

Plowman’s fourth term as Loudoun commonwealth’s attorney ends this year. He has not yet announced a re-election campaign.

Lorrie Sinclair

Leesburg attorney Lorrie Sinclair addressing the Loudoun County Delegation in January.

Leesburg lawyer Buta Biberaj is seeking the Democratic nomination for commonwealth's attorney.

The demand for a fifth judge comes as the Loudoun County population has grown 27.4 percent from April 2010 to July 2017, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates. Loudoun County officials recently reported that the local population has grown to 402,561.

Controversy surrounded Fisher's nomination after he met with the state House and Senate Courts of Justice committees during a Dec. 7 joint session. Fisher was later appointed over two candidates who were not interviewed by the General Assembly committees until Fisher's nomination to the House and Senate. Loudoun County Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Sean Morgan and Sinclair were also in the running.

Concerned citizens, including local NAACP leaders, have called for a more transparent vetting process and consideration for the first African-American judge in Loudoun, which Sinclair would have been were she appointed.

Phillip Thompson, a member of the Loudoun NAACP branch, said he doesn't believe Sinclair has been given legitimate consideration by Republican leadership in the General Assembly.

"I believe the process was engineered by Republicans in Loudoun and Richmond. Lorrie Sinclair was never given proper consideration," Thompson said. "The prospect of having a black female judge was too much for the Republicans ... so they engineered this process. Again the Loudoun judiciary has been 'white-washed' as has been the 'Virginia Way.'"  

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More Cowbell

Not a Plowman fan. Too many criminals getting very light sentences or no sentence for felonies. Criminals with multiple DUI/DWIs still out driving. MS-13 gang members getting bail.


Lorrie Sinclair might just save Loudoun's Circuit Court. We do not need or want entrenched establishment types.


Plowman is the best person for the job, regardless of race, gender, or any of the identity groups.

Virginia SGP

Because he is willing to violate constitutional rigjts and take bribes from defense attorneys as campaign contributions?


Lorrie Sinclair has a very strong background in the law both as a prosecutor and private lawyer. She scored exceptionally high in the evaluation done by the Loudoun Bar committee responsible for evaluating judicial capability and she is has exceptional judgment capability which should be the point of selecting a judge. Before party politics I hope whoever is making this decision takes a moment to study the shootings in Purcellville and Costco, vehicular manslaughter and murder cases in Landsdowne and the failure to bring charges in the case of the girl killed in Ashburn on the last day of the Big Apple Circus yet when the suspect died the case was closed and many other high profile events that were NOT fully or timely prosecuted. JUDGMENT COUNTS when selecting a judge.


Bob O, I worked for the Big Apple Circus, both when they were here and on the road. I have zero recollection of that incident. Are you sure it was BAC, and not the Cole Brothers, which used the same lot?

Virginia SGP

Are they seriously considering the most CORRUPT man in all of Loudoun - James Plowman - for a judgeship?!!!! I wouldn't wish Plowman on even my worst enemies. I pity Fauquier county.

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