Nicole Wittmann

Nicole Wittmann is running for Loudoun County commonwealth's attorney office as a Republican.

A group of Loudoun County voters and local Democrats are claiming that Republican Commonwealth's Attorney candidate Nicole Wittmann should be disqualified from the ballot in November's election.

In a court petition filed to determine the qualification of Wittmann, the Republican nominee is being accused of falsifying a residency statement in her Certificate of Qualification form and erroneously stating she was qualified to vote in Loudoun.

The petitioners, led by Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Lissa Savaglio, Vice Chairwoman Shelley Tamres, Avram Fetcher and Debbie Piland, claim Wittmann's voter registration is connected to an apartment within Loudoun where Alex Rueda, a Wittmann co-worker at the commonwealth's attorney's office, lives. Wittmann filed her Declaration of Candidacy listing the Loudoun County apartment in question as her address.

Candidates running for any office in Virginia must be a resident in the state for one year preceding their election and be qualified to vote for that office, according to the Virginia Constitution.

"The law is pretty clear that you have to be a legal voter at the time you file your candidacy papers, and there is question about whether she had proper domicile in Loudoun County when she registered to vote,” Reston-based attorney Mike York, who is representing the plaintiffs, told the Times-Mirror Tuesday. “And that's all the petition is asking for – a review of her qualifications as a legal voter."

The petitioners say they have evidence Wittmann continues to reside at a former address in Herndon.

Wittmann is facing Democratic nominee Buta Biberaj, a Leesburg attorney, in the contest to succeed Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman (R), who was appointed to serve as a 20th Circuit Court judge in February.

Leesburg attorney Charles King, who has been retained by Wittmann, said his client lives in Loudoun County and their team was prepared to set a trial date for the case until Loudoun County Circuit Court judges recused themselves. The Virginia Supreme Court is now assigning a judge in the matter.

"Biberaj’s suit is a desperate attempt to take the decision about who should be our next commonwealth’s attorney away from the citizens and move it into the courts,” said King, who was the Republican nominee for Loudoun County Board of Supervisors chairman in 2015.

King added, “Biberaj is taking this cheap shot because she can't defend her total lack of experience and her record of coddling dangerous criminals to the voters of Loudoun County."

Biberaj responded Wednesday by saying, "I would refer Mr. King to review the pleadings and recognize that I am not a party so this is not my lawsuit—it is the lawsuit of the people of Loudoun County.”

"The reality is that no one is or should be above the law,” Biberaj said. “The Virginia Constitution and voter laws have set the legal requirements for a person to be eligible to run for elected office. The rules apply to everyone and must be obeyed, especially if you are asking to be trusted to represent the people of Loudoun as its highest law enforcement official. There is no worse message to send to our community than that the laws don’t apply to you.”

Biberaj has practiced as a defense attorney in Loudoun County for more than 25 years and served as a substitute judge for a decade.

Wittmann has been a prosecutor in the Loudoun Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney since 2005, serving as the chief deputy since 2012.

Loudoun County Office of Elections Director Judith Brown said Wednesday she has been in consultation with the state Board of Election on the matter.

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Justice was served many thanks to Charlie King!


If that had been a democrat that had "intentions" of living in Loudoun but didn't actually live there you would be screaming foul.


Loudoun4, if you read the report it plainly says that a sitting president, because the department’s Office of Legal Counsel had issued an opinion that states an “indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President” would be unconstitutional, he could not be charged. It leaves it up to Congress to impeach the president before charges can be made. That was the reason that he could not make determination on Obstruction. As Meuller said on May 29th, First, the opinion explicitly permits the investigation of a sitting president, because it is important to preserve evidence while memories are fresh and documents available. Among other things, that evidence could be used if there were co-conspirators who could be charged now. And second, the opinion says that the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing. He did prosecute those, 34 people and three companies, that he could. There was no collusion found directly with trump, it was with his team. That group is composed of six former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one London-based lawyer. Many of the convictions were due to lying to the FBI about their involvement with Russia. It was people like Papadopoulos for the trump tower meeting or Flynn spoke to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about sanctions.

Since they need to impeach him before they can charge him they are now doing a impeachment inquiry.


amerigirl...Persidnet Trump has not broken any laws....even the phony Russia story peddled by liberal media and politicians found no collusion and no, McCabe has been referred for prosecution. The IG report could have filed charges against Comey for leaking and lying, but they are waiting for the other IG reports on FISA abuse -- you know spying on your political opponents using the entire intelligence agency behind it is not something anyone should want, yet that is what Obama and team did....Durhams report, and how this whole fake investigation even got will see a few behind bars before it is all said and done and it will be the democrats, not anyone else....


Oh pleeeeze, he hasn’t broken any laws? They did find collusion with the trump team and they did find obstruction. Read the Mueller report. Such referrals are not uncommon when the Justice Department IG has completed its work, but they don't automatically trigger any action. Prosecutors could try to prove that McCabe broke the law, or they could do nothing. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty. The spokeswoman said lawyers for McCabe believe that the referral is "unjustified." What did Obama have to do with the Durham report? Do you mean Samantha Power? That has nothing to do with how the investigation was started. It was started by Comey getting fired. Would you like a list of laws he broke?


If he did collude ror obstruct was was he NOT charged with anything? read Muller report says no Collusion and cant make determination on Obstruction....of course not, he didn't have enough evidence to charge him with anything....b/c he didn't do anything illegal.....just wait....democrats will be in jail and recite the only part of the constitution they know....the 5th....


Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney in 2008 and became Jim Plowman’s Chief Deputy in 2012 that say it all. PTSD is not a defense.


Loudoun4, you make so many statements without any back up. What other IG reports? They have done their report and found he broke no laws, only policy. That is the same thing he did when he said that he found more Clinton emails right before the election. Did you complain about that? Obama will go down as one of the best presidents, he, Clinton and Reagan are the highest rated in modern history whereas trump ranks 42 and 44 out of 45 in the 2018 surveys. Show something that makes you think different. He was a president for the people, not corporations. The Mueller report was an investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 United States presidential. Don’t you think interference by another nation, a hostile nation, deserves an investigation? If trump had nothing to hide then why did he try to stop it? Obviously, he felt guilty enough to think they were after him, he repeatedly said so. I guess you believe every word he said with your statement the about using government resources. Think about the law then, he wants to build a wall using federal monies that were not allotted to him just to please his base. On Aug. 14 he had a trip to Pennsylvania paid for by the taxpayers to speaks to contractors at the Shell Chemicals Petrochemical Complex an official white house event. He used a slur to demean Sen. Elizabeth Warren, insulted former Vice President Joe Biden bragged about poll numbers that he inflated, took credit for legislation signed into law by his predecessor, urged union leaders to vote for him (“and if they don’t, vote them the hell out of office”), and mused about canceling the 2020 election and serving as many as four terms. That is using government resources to attack political opponents


Do you think it would be more accurate if Buta said it was a lawsuit by democrats who live in Loudoun County. As is I am a resident and am not a party to this lawsuit. Whose bright idea was it to nominate a criminal defense attorney to run for the chief prosecutors job, the democrats, meaning they will not prevail at the ballot box so lets try some parlor tricks.


It says that doesn’t it? It lists everyone that is participating and you’re right you name is not in there, neither are the rest of the citizens of Loudoun. Also don’t understand why you think the type of attorney you are makes a difference, it’s whether you are a good attorney or not. It is not an uncommon practice. Do you think a Toyota salesman is incapable of working at a ford dealership? What parlor tricks? Either she lived there or she didn’t. Her car is at her house in Herndon, that is where her phone is listed and her bill are delivered. If there are any parlor tricks it’s her knowing she had to live in Loudoun and making it look as if she did.


Am I missing something? According to the article “Candidates running for any office in Virginia must be a resident in the state for one year preceding their election and be qualified to vote for that office, according to the Virginia Constitution.”

Last time I checked, Herndon is a town within the commonwealth. What’s the problem?


The question is whether she was eligible to vote for the position she was running for when she filed for office. A Herndon resident would not be allowed to vote for the Commonwealth Attorney for Loudoun County.

David Gibson

She's done nothing wrong and everything she's done conforms to what's required, Loudoun County just had a bunch of bleeding heart liburals that hate anything GOP....


You should look at the facts instead of blaming liberals. Is that your go to, blaming people you don't like regardless of the facts? It's the facts that matter, she was not registered in Loudoun in time. She is the only person to blame for that. I guess you can really mess up when you're trying to cheat the system.

A Fan of Sanity

Seems fairly easy to confirm. Where did Wittman vote on Nov 6, 2018? If she voted in Herndon/Fairfax County, then she was not a resident of Loudoun County as of 1 year prior to this coming November 3rd.


Wittmann is dishonest with no integrity and like Plowman she thinks she's exempt from following the rules and of law. Unfortunately she had a good teacher in Plowman. The entire CA's office needs to be cleaned out and Ms. Biberaj is the perfect candidate for the job. She's smart, honest and fair with the highest of integrity and is exactly what this county needs. These "good ole" boys and in this case "girls" (Wittmann) in "ole Virginia" need to put out to pasture to graze and get fatter. This county is full of well to do, young, highly intelligent and progressive citizens who don't aspire to these "ole Virginia" racist rednecks like Wittmann. All we have to do is show up and vote! Biberaj for county attorney! Go Buta!


There are unanswered question about Briskman's filing and her finances yet the LTM did not do a story about her. Is there some sort of a double standard with the LTM or are they biased? Yes the story was sent to the LTM last week.


FAKE NEWS: Typical of this paper to falsely charge a gop candidate for something like this, they did the same thing to Ramadan if I'm not mistaken....then take a look at the IG report released today on Comey and then you will see someone breaking laws and not following the rules like everyone else.....

Duncan Idaho

If you had nothing to say about the Mueller Report’s damning conclusions on Trump’s behavior, you forfeited your right to complain now about the IG Report’s conclusions on Comey.


Actuall Duncan Mueller looked like a lost political hack at his hearings....didn't even know who fusion gps was...he may be prosecuted for playing right into this about your hero James Comey? wait until the other IG reports come out, ...that is the government you support, one that uses the government resources to attack political opponents....Obama turned this country into a 3rd world Glad the GOP is being led by Trump and all the oher never trumpers have had there records exposed as being useless pawns in effort to implement the globalist agenda.....MAGA 2020....


They only believe what they have been told about the Mueller report from trump and conspiracy theory media.


The law is very clear on this sort of thing. Keep you eye on attempts to subvert the intent of the law and cloud the issue. It shouldn't take a fair-minded judge more than 10 minutes to decide this case.


Y'all got scooped on this by basically everyone.


They sure did but the editor had a whole host of reasons why....SMH!


She moved from Herndon, I saw the moving trucks. Dem hit piece to try and discredit her.

Virginia SGP

Wittman is a disgrace. When not lying about where she lives (isn't that misrepresentation a crime?), she is stacking charges against a decorated veteran with PTSD to put him behind bars for decades (see Johnson case). Wittman has never sacrificed anything (not military or law enforcement). She shouldn't be allowed near the prosecutor's office.

Problem is Buteraj isn't much better. She wants to prosecute folks for what they think and has no intentions of holding officials to equal justice under the law. She is in lock step with Chair Randall who openly flaunted her ability to suppress criticism in violation of the First Amendment.

Loudoun needs some honest, competent folks to step up in the next election.

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