2019 Loudoun State of the County | Phyllis Randall

Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) praises her fellow supervisors and county staff at her State of the County address on May 22.

Incumbent Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) will enter November’s general election with an endorsement from the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters.

The organization, which has never before endorsed a candidate in a local election, said Randall was a “rare and much-deserved case.”

“Chairwoman Randall has always had an open door for Loudoun’s firefighters to listen to their concerns and has consistently showed her support from the dais and in the public eye,” VPFF President Robert Bragg III said in a prepared statement. “She is an unwavering ally of Loudoun County and Virginia’s firefighters. We wish her luck on her campaign.”

Chartered in 1955, the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters, or VPFF, represents more than 8,000 professional firefighters and paramedics across the commonwealth.

Bragg went on to praise Randall for enhancing the hazardous duty supplement multiplier for public safety employees retirement plans. She was also recognized for helping to restore employer contributions, pushing for a county pay and compensation study to make Loudoun more competitive in northern Virginia and spearheading a policy change to support cancer presumption for firefighters.

Randall tweeted, "Such an honor to earn the endorsement of [the Virginia Professional Firefighters]! I’m beyond excited because this is a very rare distinction for a local candidate to receive. My commitment to our First Responders is unwavering and my gratitude to their service is unending."

Randall is facing attorney John Whitbeck, the Republican nominee, and attorney Robert Ohneiser, who is running as an independent, in the Nov. 5 election. All registered voters in Loudoun County can cast a ballot in the chairman of the Board of Supervisors race.


Editor's note: The Times-Mirror does not report on all political candidate endorsements. Endorsement stories will typically be written when the endorsement was either unexpected or came from an individual or organization that has traditionally been viewed as non-partisan or bipartisan. 

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David Dickinson

So, the LTM thinks just because it puts and "Editors Note" that we don't see their blatant free advertising for the Democrats?


Just where in this article did they show any bias towards her? They put that on the bottom of every political article, be it pro Democratic or Republican.

There are none so blind as those who choose not to see. Check out your favorite Republican story and you'll find that disclaimer there too.


Which candidate will curtail spending and reduce the size of the local and inflated government?


So long as the Loudoun Republican Party doesn't put up a Trump clone, the odds of Randall winning is very slim.


I was going to ask why but jke seems to think that if I ask that question I'm trying to make myself the voting police. Lets try this. Since Loudoun has become so blue why do you think that?


You mean like John Whitbeck? He's been hiding his Trump support. Most of his campaign material hides that he's a Republican. You're not wrong, there's a reason his campaign ads are super generic. "John Whitbeck supports red stop signs and blue skies."


In other news the professional firefighters back the democrat nominee for President in 2020, 2024, 2028...


No thank you. Another person will definitely be receiving 5 votes from our family.




So you're the self-appointed voting police now?


Ace, I asked a question and you think it makes me the the self-appointed voting police? Is there some form of logic behind that?


She is such a hypocrite and so disrespectful to applicants whose application she is against. One time she even ate her dinner at the dais when a group was presenting and negated their facts with her mouth full. At the very least be respectful of an applicant, people pay a lot of money to get their application heard without bias. She is terrible and needs to go!


Randall has done a good job as Chairperson....should be an interesting election....


By a "good job" you mean by accepting donations from the developers and by ample pork spending? When she was pandering to the rich in western Loudoun, she stated how people in the east say "stupid things" to her. I am not sure what is "good" about her own brand of divisive dialogue. And, her sense (not) of fiscal responsibility is good too?

More Cowbell

I don't vote on whether a group or someone endorses a politician. I look at what they did while in office. She pushed for huge raise for next/future BOS, continues to allow over development, gives a blank check Loudoun Schools, wastes money, gives to charities outside Loudoun.


She and 4 other supervisors voted on increasing the supervisor pay for the next board in 2020. 3 Republicans voted in favor of it and apparently the head of the Loudoun Republicans, Jim Bonfils, was in favor of it too. The pay for the supervisors has been the same for over 10 years. Why is that an issue?Their pay, like the rest of they county staff, should be comparable to their competitors. Why would you want Loudoun to be behind everyone else? Who cares if she donates to charities outside of Loudoun? The fact that she does should be commendable.

Chris McHale

You are correct in that she is not the only one to vote for the raise, which is why I will not vote for any of them. The conflict of inte on that is outrageous. It should be on the ballot just as bond spending is.

More Cowbell

First off the county shouldn't be giving taxpayer's money to charities. She was a major push for the huge raise. It would be different if only a 5-10% raise, but it's like 60-70%. So, you're saying the current group of BOS is horrible because of pay and we'd have better if we paid more???? You just killed your argument since Randall signed on for lower pay or she is incompetent? Another fake argument, Loudoun is not Fairfax.


Chris and Cowbell, the job is much more intense and time consuming. Remember it used to be considered a part time job. A raise seems reasonable . Also, cowbell, she gives her own money not tax payers to charity. The board of supervisors gives out grants to non-profits. That is an ongoing practice for years.

Chris McHale

Amerigirl -. I never said a raise wasn''t neccessary. My issue is that they gave it to themselves. It should be on the ballot.


Chris, many of BOS reps took pay cuts to serve the county and they haven't had a raise in 9 years. It is illegal for them to have cost of living raises like most workers get automatically. Why would we discourage someone from serving? I have never heard of a political body that had their raise done through a ballot option. I could be very wrong on this but I thought it was the body who voted on it. Got any info on that?


Definitely discouraging when politicians use tax money to buy campaign contributions like this.


Considering I was never even contacted by this organization I wonder what comparative data they shared with their 9000 members to support their VOTING for this endorsement. For the record, I am the attorney who recently retired so I have the time to serve as Chair (which is a full time job) and I have no conflicts associated with doing that no matter what topics, organizations or people the Board of Supervisors is dealing with.


What have you done for the firefighters? Randall apparently has done a lot if you read through the endorsements.

Chris McHale

This advertisement is paid for by the Loudoun Times Mirror.


And who could not have predicted this?


If you read the article you'd see that they don't endorse local races...



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