POPCYCLE reopens with outdoor classes in Ashburn

Teresa Yasutis is the owner of POPCYCLE in Ashburn. She has recently launched outdoor socially distanced classes to bring her fitness community back together. 

When the coronavirus pandemic began, Loudoun's fitness studios and gyms were quickly shut down in order to help contain the spread.

Now that the commonwealth is gradually reopening, POPCYCLE, a locally-owned spin studio in Ashburn, has reopened with outdoor classes in a parking lot outside the studio.

Owned by Teresa Yasutis, the local shop celebrated its third anniversary in June. For now, Yasutis has decided to reopen entirely outdoors with equipment at least 12 feet apart.

“We are calling it POPCYCLE Outside. Riders are feeling safe, and classes are early mornings and again at night,” she said.

When the studio was closed, Yasutis rented out bikes and held virtual classes.

But the community aspect has been missed, she said, and finding a way to bring everyone back together safely has been important to her.

Yasutis said the studio is built around building mental and physical wellness.

“I love indoor cycling and connecting with people. We play loud music and help people feel good about themselves. It's been so much work, but it's a wonderful community,” she said.

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LOL. Riding stationary bikes outside. I wonder if it has occurred to any of these people to try riding a real bike. LOL!


Seriously. This concept boggles my mind.

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