Berkeley and Jeffrey Kern

Berkeley and Jeffrey Kern

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for an Aldie couple charged with embezzling over $50,000 from Loudoun-based youth soccer club Old Dominion F.C.

Jeffrey J. Kern, 40, and his wife, Berkeley C. Kern, 46, are due in Loudoun County General District Court on March 31 at 1 p.m. They are facing a combined seven charges of embezzlement.

Attorneys Stephen Graeff and William Fitzpatrick represent Jeffrey Kern and Berkeley Kern, respectively. The lawyers appeared before General District Court Judge Deborah C. Welsh Friday morning for scheduling.

Old Dominion F.C. previously employed Jeffrey Kern as a coach for several of its travel teams, which allowed him access to each team's bank accounts, according to authorities. His wife, a volunteer with the club, was an authorized user of one of those accounts.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office's Financial Crimes Unit launched an investigation after the club reportedly discovered irregularities in the accounts. LCSO officials say the Kerns were determined to have accessed money from the accounts for personal use several times between 2015 and December 2018.

After turning themselves over to authorities on Dec. 19, 2019, Jeffrey Kern and Berkeley Kern were charged with five counts and two counts of embezzlement, respectively. They were later released from the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on bond.

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and only in Loudoun... “mitigating circumstances” lol


if they hope to recover the money, probation will be key - they obviously didn’t have it


I agree with you, Understated, they probably don't have the money. But looking at them, I'm guessing they could get it if properly "incentivized," whether by borrowing it against any assets, or earning it outright. The latter may take some time and a couple of continuences of the court case, though $50K is not an insurmountable sum in the Loudoun County economy.

On a side note, the previous LC Commonwealth Attorney's Office did a brilliant job against a contractor who ghosted us after receiving a materials deposit. It took a while, but after several countinuences, we were made whole. I didn't the contractor to go to jail, I just wanted our money back.

Sunday Sinner

Yeah I'm sure employers in the DMV area will be beating down the doors of these two LOL. They couldn't even get hired at 7 Eleven.


Not compelling. Why do we need to pick on this couple? Clearly made a huge mistaken -- but there may be a mitigating side that we don't know yet.


They took the money meant for the kids. Youth sports have tons of money coming in and some people see this as an open account to access. Taking a misreported expense for $100 is far different than taking $50,000 to pay for a trip or mortgage or dinners out when on vacation.the money came into the organisation to improve the program, not to improve the lifestyles of sticky finger officers. Much of the cash coming in has no accounting of how much ( raffles, concessions, sponsorships) and this leads to shady practices by some people who think they will pay it back someday or excuse it as an illegitimate part of their position.


A sad situation all around. While I'm sure there will be many commenters crying for a pound of flesh and hard time, my concern is for the soccer club and the $50K loss that's alleged. If the prosecutor can leverage repayment in exchange for a ton of probation and community service, more power to him (or her.) While vengeance may feel good, the soccer club being made whole would feel better.

Chris McHale

Now that is a thoughtful response that I can agree with 100%.


I’m sorry. I like to show compassion, but there absolutely needs to be at least a couple months of jail time to discourage this type of crime. I think if they’d have stolen a car, they’d be in for several years

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