Purcellville tests 156 people for coronavirus at event last Friday

Aperiomics and the Town of Purcellville teamed up for a testing COVID-19 testing event on June 19.

The Town of Purcellville’s COVID-19 testing event in partnership with Sterling-based biotechnology company Aperiomics on June 19 was attended by 156 people.

Results from the tests showed that four were positive for coronavirus, and 11 were positive for antibodies. Two were positive for both the virus and antibodies, so 13 people altogether either had or have had the virus.

The testing — which included both RT-PCR tests for active infection along with IgM/IgG Antibody tests for COVID antibodies — was offered at an outdoor drive-thru site at the former Rite Aid location at 801 E. Main St. in Purcellville. Aperiomics’ COVID-19 test is done by using a throat swab, and the antibody test is completed by taking a sample through a fingerstick, which draws one drop of blood.

Testing was free for people with Medicare, and those covered by health insurance were given a superbill to submit for reimbursement.

At the June 23 Town Council meeting, Purcellville Town Manager David Mekarski said the event was a “success.”

The town paid Aperiomics a deposit of $7,500 for the testing, or $30 per individual, and will be reimbursed $4,680. The remaining amount — $2,820 — will be taken from the town’s CARES Act funding of $892,000, Mekarski said.

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