Christine Langley-Obaugh

Christine Langley-Obaugh

For nearly 10 years, Christine Langley-Obaugh said she has been working with clients in a variety of ways to help overcome stress, trauma, anxiety and pain.

This spring, she opened STREST, with an office on West Main Street in Purcellville, bringing her back to the area where she grew up and graduated from Loudoun Valley High School. She holds a master’s degree in education and community agency counseling from George Mason University.

Langley-Obaugh said that it is normal for people to have anxiety and situational depression and sometimes society makes people conform in order to be accepted, she said.

Her goal is to help remove fear and provide a new way to heal, using grounding techniques and deep breathing exercises.

“It is a holistic approach to healing,” she said. “I offer a wide variety of services, without diagnosis.”

With her training in life stress reduction and traumatic healing, she also practices Reiki, which is a healing technique based on channeling energy into a patient’s body.

She also offers integrated energy therapy and rapid memory healing, which are sessions that last about 30 minutes that she said can help clear toxins and blockages in the body.

This summer, Langley-Obaugh will work with the Purcellville Cannons baseball team providing mind strategies for sports.

The idea is to assist athletes who may have limiting beliefs in themselves and to assist with uncovering upsets or distractions so they can focus on the game, she said.

“Or if someone has had an injury, it can help them understand their own mind is strong,” she said.

“It is important to teach self-value and to re-program your thinking,” she added.

She believes that unresolved trauma passes through generations of families and many people have a hard time dealing with those feelings and are left with unprocessed emotion, which can become toxic, she said.

“The cells in your body retain the toxicity of unprocessed emotion. Energy healing is a modality that can be utilized to release that toxicity from the cells of the body,” she said. “We repeat what we don’t repair. What we fear, we cover. It is normal to deny and ignore painful emotions. If we suppress them, we will come down with illness or injury. The body retains all of this when we push it down.”

Her goal is to help people reach life fulfillment.

“Stress, loss and trauma are all connected. A stress response can shift into overdrive and our body will react to it,” she said.

For more information or to contact Langley-Obaugh, visit

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