Purcellville's Catoctin Creek Distillery to unveil new whiskey; proceeds to assist struggling restaurants

Catoctin Creek's #InThisTogether Infinity Barrel will be released June 1.

When the coronavirus pandemic began in March, Purcellville's Catoctin Creek Distillery quickly jumped in to help the community by producing free hand sanitizer to be distributed locally.

Several weeks later, owners Scott and Becky Harris have announced a new initiative to assist struggling restaurants and bars.

Using barrels from a select program that gives restaurants an opportunity to sell custom-made whisky, Catoctin Creek decided to ease the eateries' burdens by buying back the barrels.

The Harrises said they then aged the leftover whisky, blended and re-barreled it to produce a complex, spicy and fruity combination.

On June 1, the new whisky will be released, called #InThisTogether Rye. All profits from the limited 80-proof release will go to charities supporting struggling restaurants and bars.

“This was difficult for us to do, but we decided to spin this hay into gold by creating a rye whisky that is unlike anything you will ever see again,” Scott Harris said in a prepared statement.  “During this difficult time, we are truly all #InThisTogether, which is why 100 percent of the profits will go to our neighbors, friends and community members in need.”

The new whisky goes on sale for $45.09 and will be available for curbside pickup at Catoctin Creek's tasting room on Main Street in Purcellville. It will also be sold at liquor stores in Washington, D.C., Delaware and Maryland and online for shipping in Virginia only.

Profits will benefit charities including Restaurant Workers Community Foundation, an advocacy nonprofit created by and for restaurant workers; USBG’s Bartender Emergency Assistance Program; Ayuda DMV, which provides social services and language access services to low-income immigrants; and Southern Smoke, a crisis relief organization for people in the food and beverage industry.

More information can be found at catoctincreekdistilling.com.

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Per the internet (and we know Google is always right), both spellings are correct in specific cases, depending on the type and country of origin. However, if it's made in the US, it's spelled whiskey.


So, actually, the US Federal Code spells it whisky. The GENERAL rule is "whiskey" is Irish and American, and "whisky" is Scotch and Canadian, HOWEVER, some companies, like Catoctin Creek and Maker's Mark, for example, spell using the Scottish spelling to honor their families' Scottish heritage.

#TheMoreYouKnow :-)


Not always true for the US, a lot of regional differences and some people will chose different spellings for different reasons. For example, Maker’s Mark doesn’t use an E even though most bourbons typically do. According to Catoctin Creek they spell it without the e because of their family’s Scottish heritage.


I really hope you meant the site google sent you to. Google doesn't provide answers it is just a search engine.

John M

Is it spelled "whisky" or "whiskey"? I always thought it contained an "e".


See reply to Jane, above.

Loudoun Observer

I've had prior versions of Catoctin's Rye whisky at several local restaurants and it's amazing. If you are even a little fan of Rye, these guys are top notch.


I will grab myself a bottle or two.


I'll bring the mixers and ice.


Sounds good!

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