2019 Loudoun State of the County | Phyllis Randall, Ruby Brabo

Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) was introduced at the May 2019 "State of the County" address by South Region Director Ruby Brabo from the National Association of Counties Board of Directors. 

A re-election campaign video from Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) released on Facebook has been taken down after it featured National Association of Counties Executive Director Matthew Chase without his permission.

In May, Chase was a guest speaker at Randall’s "State of the County" address at the county government center. However, Chase did not know that remarks made that evening would be featured in a Randall campaign video.

“Mr. Chase’s appearance was in error and was swiftly taken down, and I am sorry for any inconvenience or miscommunication on my part,” Randall Campaign Manager Sam Miller told the Times-Mirror.

National Association of Counties, or NACo, Director of Communications Paul Guequierre said in a prepared statement, “While there, [Chase] was asked to comment on video about Chair Randall’s leadership. He was happy to do so, as he has great respect for her and her leadership. He did not know his comments would be used in a campaign video. When the video was brought to his attention, he asked for it to be taken down."

The association says its policy is to not engage in partisan politics.

Randall (D) is seeking re-election as chair of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in November. She is facing Republican John Whitbeck and independent Bob Ohneiser.

Whitbeck is challenging the incumbent’s ethics after the campaign video incident, and he is criticizing her campaign for filming the video in the public government building. The Republican also noted Randall's decision to have a fellow Democratic candidate serve as an emcee for a county rural summit in late 2018, as well as her years-ago move to block a constituent on one of her social media pages.

“When running for chairwoman in 2015, Phyllis Randall campaigned on a platform of ethics, moving to adopt a code of ethics during the first month of her term. However, Randall has continually violated ethical practices during the last year as we are leading up to an election,” Whitbeck said in a prepared statement.

Randall eventually changed course on the summit emcee, while a lawsuit in the social media case found that she indeed violated the citizen's First Amendment right.

Randall said she almost immediately regretted blocking the citizen, frequent local government critic Brian Davison, and unblocked him less than 24 hours later.

Randall won a four-way race in 2015 to claim the chair seat. She claimed 37 percent of the vote to independent Scott York's 30 percent, Republican Charlie King's 29 percent and independent Tom Bellanca's 3 percent.

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You know those important local issues that demand attention? Yeah, this is the exact opposite of that. A Nothing Burger with Drivel Fries.


Loudounclear - great question. I'm sure both parties are telling folks they better stick with a party vote. This is why the developers spend on both party campaigns as it keeps their options open. I got more votes in the last election countywide than Phyllis so no it would not be a wasted vote. Go to candidatebobohneiser on Facebook and you will see what I believe in and over one hundred votes I made while on the school board chairing the finance committee for most of those two terms. I believe the Chair of the BOS is a full time job which Ms Randall has already shown incapable of leading and although John is a high capacity guy who I respect; I don't know how he can continue to run his own law firm and do justice to the position and avoid the obvious conflicts of interest in trying to do both simultaneously. Property taxes have to drop substantially, high density, student generating residential projects which are driving upward pressure on taxes have to be curtailed, assessments have to be fairly and competently approved by the BOS, commuters have to be treated fairly when Loudoun already subsidizes buses, Metro and the Greenway, VDOT has to be forced to do its job, waste management practices have to be seriously reviewed, homeless and near homeless support via local non-profits has to be more honestly supported and traffic can no longer be ignored meaning state, federal and contiguous counties have to get involved to fix this issue for the long term. If you and others can communicate to your friends to vote on November 5th we can get this done. Thanks for asking.


Having attended several recent BOS meetings and then watching some subcommittee meetings on video, I've come to the sad conclusion (as a Democrat) that Phyllis Randall isn't very bright, far too impressed with telling us about Phyllis and missing the point on many discussions. Whitbeck, of course, is an anti-Semitic ideologue which is worse and capable of doing much more damage as Chair. Not a great set of choices the major parties have offered Loudoun. What can the independent candidate do to show us we'd not be throwing our vote away?

More Cowbell

I can't vote for Randall for a number of reasons, main 1 being she voted the BOS a huge raise. For anyone to get that big of a raise, they have to show some accomplishments... I fail to see any from current group. More development, Metro debacle. giving LCSB a blank check, poor roads, money given to charities not in Loudoun and anytime you write an email to her, one of her many aides responds without answers, just BS. I'll pass.


Both Randall and Whitbeck are being funded by developers. Bob is in a refreshing and unique situation to actually answer to constituents not mega developers. I hope he will trim the fat in our run away budget and dump poor performers.

Chris McHale

The fact that Chase made statements that he does not want publicized is beyond acceptable regardless of why he is trying to hide these statements, unless of course the Randall campaign is trying to misrepresentat those statements. I'm leary of both parties. As for Bob Q. WTH you are using LTM as you're format. On occasion I use LTM to entertain friends with snarky comments. You cant expect people to take LTM comments serious.


You go, Chris...at least yours are posted! You must be important..LOL!


I am glad Bob comments on articles. He adds dimension that articles don't provide along with perspective from his time in Loudoun. I wish he and Brian D. had weekly columns for additional consideration on issues.


Even her friends are abandoning ship.


I think this guy Chase has tied a little too much self importance to himself....never heard of the person and could care less what he has to say,,,,


In the above article the issue of ethics is surfaced quite often. I expect political games from Ms. Randall but I am more concerned that she used the "State of Loudoun" presentation in an unprofessional misleading fashion. Promoting a 4 cent drop in property taxes as incredible while the data centers added 30 cents was misleading. Promoting that residential development is under control while NEVER mentioning the word traffic during the presentation was misleading. Ignoring the fact that the Loudoun tax rate is 33% higher than the average of Virginia was misleading. Most of the school board and most of the Supervisors didn't even bother to attend what she claimed was a triumph spoke volumes. Former Mayor Umstaddt should have run as the Chair not Phyliss as the representative of the democratic party. Our problems need to be clearly defined and professionally addressed not sugar coated within a reality show for the cameras. When will she admit her largest donors are real estate developers?


Regrettably I fear the "Loudoun Swamp" will never get drained ...we will never get our money back from Richmond, they will continue to suck us dry. The Metro will continue to be a debacle with shoddy construction and no one being held accountable. The roads and traffic will get worse and they will continue to throw money at "Feasibility Studies" of some sort until they get the response they want. BUT we can advertise Happy Hours now! Wow, we can just drink ourselves into a submissive stupor!

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