Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing | County Mayors

Mayors from around Loudoun County at the April 24, 2019, Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing.

Local organizations, alliances and citizen advocates for the past three years have made it a point to keep residents focused on Loudoun County’s future. With that future in mind, members of the Board of Supervisors lugged with them giant folders and copies of letters, petitions and testimonies before approving the 2019 Comprehensive and Transportation Plans earlier this summer.

Weeks after adoption, town and county leaders reflected on the plan and the community engagement that influenced the board’s decisions.

Loudoun Chamber Policymaker Series 2019 | Jennings

Loudoun County Planning Commission Chairman Fred Jennings answered questions about the 2040 Comprehensive Plan during the April 10 Loudoun Chamber of Commerce "Shaping Loudoun’s Future” event.

2019 Comprehensive Plan | Motions, Draft Plan

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors adopted the 2019 Comprehensive Plan on June 20, 2019.

2019 Comprehensive Plan | Motions, Draft Plan

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Dear COLT, Area P1 is not rural! It hasn't been since Heritage High School went in, and Evergreen Sportsplex was built. Now, it has the incredible ION facility and the new Super Walmart a 5 minute walk away. Area P1 didn't leave the RPA; the RPA left Area P1 many years ago.


You guys are too cynical. Larger population of Loudoun won a significant battle mostly shutting down Mr. Jenning's planning aspirations with his version of the Comp plan. obviously its a continuous struggle but some credit seems to the BOS. I am sad Buenou who represents my district is not running again. He seems to have been good.


Contrary to the Comp Plan, Sup Higgins and this board gave Loudoun Mutual Insurance $42,000 to pay for fees to change their zoning to industrial/commercial in the Waterford National Historic Landmark and county historic district. How many other businesses have they done this for? They will sell the property and make a killing, without paying the taxpayer back. What historic district is not complete without a McDonald's or Taco Bell? The plan is a meaningless piece of paper when you have Minchew bending the ear of buddy Higgins. Pathetic.

Charles Houston

An oft-repeated statement is that there are "49,000 by-right homes already in the pipeline" under existing zoning. Now we read that the new Plan allows some 41,0000 new houses. Does this mean we now face fewer new houses, 41,000 vs 49,000? If so, hooray. Or does it mean we’ll see the 49,000 by-right PLUS a tsunami of 41,000 more? That would be 90,000 new houses and the end of Loudoun.

I smell a rat. Did we get snookered?

Perhaps a reporter will ferret out the real numbers and citizens can react accordingly.

Charles Houston

Paeonian Springs

More Cowbell

Expect housing to double or triple. 30 years in Loudoun and BOS have never stuck to plan.


Nice try but NO! The newly elected officials who start in January 2020 are not limited to using zoning to execute this plan - they should (and I will) put the plan beck up for consideration. WHY? The TPA "COMMITMENT" was violated by 54%. The term "housing units" that are needed to balance demand for low cost housing is a bait and switch waiting to happen. Where are builders only building studios or one bedrooms at pre-determined low pricing so new professionals and others challenged by the high cost of housing can rent or buy them? Should we expect the 41,000 houses in the queue to look like Creighton Corners, River Creek, Belmont Country Club or is there a section in the Plan requiring non-student generating studios and one bedroom apartments? Any plan the county approves should be fully supported by the towns inside the county meaning the conflagration with Leesburg alone warrants the plan to be revised. As a litigator I may be over sensitive to double talk, misleading statements and outright lying but as Chair of the Board of Supervisors causality must be shown as real. Traffic is already at unacceptable levels so was the infrastructure comment intended to imply more lanes on 7 or 28 or 15 or 9 would resolve the current problems much less serve the traffic from another 41,000 housing units? What is the expected tax rate with 41,000 more housing units that don't cover the cost of educating the students generated or shouldn't that be considered when approving such a plan? We are already 33% higher in property taxes than the average county in the state. Only the developers who get a return on their campaign donation investments and the state of Virginia gain as new income tax rolls in as Loudoun chokes from the exhaust fumes wasting precious time in bumper to bumper traffic and paying way too much in both property and personal property taxes with his plan which merely delays the development of the rural policy area but does not honestly protect it.

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