U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R)

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock will again win the Republican nomination in Virginia's 10th Congressional District, fending off a challenge from conservative Shak Hill.

With more than 98 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday night, more than 60 percent of voters in Tuesday's GOP primary cast ballots for Comstock compared to nearly 40 percent for Hill, according to the Virginia Department of Elections.

Comstock was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014 after serving in the commonwealth's House of Delegates. She'll face Democratic state Sen. Jennifer Wexton in November.

Virginia's 10th Congressional District race is expected to be one of the closest contests in the country. Democrat Hillary Clinton defeated Republican Donald Trump in the district 55 percent to 38 percent, and The Cook Political Report has tagged the race a “toss up.”

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calm your frazzled nerves democrats and accept that the people of Loudoun actually like Barbara Comstock. Your Dump Comstock bumper sticker campaign has zero effect.


I guess people do not think term limits are(is) a good thing.

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

30+ percent of GOP voters would go somewhere else if given a chance. That's roughly the percent of marks who buy what Don the Con is selling. Skim them off and Comstock gets her smiling irrelevance handed back to her on election day.


Trump is doing serious damage to the establishment -- if that is what the GOP has become they will get beat like a drum (or like a Gillespie) every time...the Trump crew isn't voting for the GOP establishment anymore, they see no difference between them and the Democrats....Comstock will lose because she wouldn't hold a town hall to talk with the people she represents -- has nothing to do with Trump and all the wins he is bringing this country...lowest unemployment, north korea war ended, peace on the horizon, lowest food stamp rolls in 8 years, lowest minority unemployment rate, tax cuts, good SCOTUS pick, wages rising, yea, who the heck would want to vote for a person that has a record like that....Comstock fought this progress each step of the way and even asked trump to step down because she believed in the fake dossier -- she is foolish, lacks courage, has no ideas and time to get a real job Barbara -- Maybe Ted Kennedy's office will have you back....


Correct the trump crew....Comstock will get the MAGA support in general though....will Stewart get the establishment vote is the big question?

Duncan Idaho

Not from me. Gop had a slim chance with Freitas; they have no chance with Stewart. Comstock will get my voye because she's not a Trump toady, but she will probably be one of the seats the Democrats gain when they flip the house. You have no idea the damage Trump is doing to the Republican party.


What this vote demonstrates is how paper thin Comstock's support is--if nearly 40% of Republicans were willing to vote for a nearly complete unknown from the fringe, while one assumes that Wexton will have 100% of Democratic votes in November, given the demographics in this district this race sounds like a win for Wexton.


I wouldn't be so sure. Leaning right moderates will likely move towards Comstock vs. Wexton (as compared to if Shak won). Shak voters will never vote Wexton, so should also support Comstock. Wexton is a Pelosi-like Democrat, and voters (including moderate Dems) in the 10th tends to be more fiscally conservative... It should be an interesting race.


61% is an upset by any political percentage measure.


Are you proof reading your own comment? 61 to 39 is about as good as it gets pal!

Duncan Idaho

Not if you're an incumbent running against a no-name candidate

Duncan Idaho

A 61 - 39% win is not “handily defeating” your opponent. Sounds liike a lot of MAGA hats voting for Stewart went for Shak as well.

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