U.S. Rep. Wexton Roundtable | Good Digital Citizenship

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.-10th) hosted a virtual roundtable Sunday to discuss good digital citizenship amid the coronavirus pandemic. Pictured from top left, going clockwise, Loudoun County Public Schools School Psychologist Benjamin Fernandez, high school senior Havish Malladi, Congresswoman Wexton and Common Sense Media Regional Education Program Manager Barbara Huth.

Adults and parents are being encouraged to interpret online information appropriately as the coronavirus continues to spread.

The advice comes as more people are leaning on social media platforms during the pandemic. New platforms can be filled with news, data, opinions and some misinformation.

Managing misinformation was one of the key topics during a virtual panel discussion Sunday hosted by Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.-10th). The first-term congresswoman talked about good digital citizenship and the responsible use of technology.

While considering people’s stressors during the time of social distancing and changes due to the virus spread, Loudoun County Public Schools School Psychologist Benjamin Fernandez said one of the biggest battles in coping with stress is managing misinformation.

Fernandez said, “Once we're able to make sense with what's going on with facts, then we can make our own perceptions of the threats that are out there, manage how we understand and how we process things, which then in turn as adults and as parents and caregivers we can model appropriate and coping and calm for our children and other children ...”

Common Sense Media, a nonprofit aimed at promoting safe technology and media for children, encourages people to be skeptical, understand the different types of media content and identify credible sources when managing misinformation.

CSM Regional Education Program Manager Barbara Huth echoed those tips when discussing the importance of finding credible information. Huth said, "I think that’s something for all of us to think about” as information is spread even faster.

Later in the roundtable, Huth discussed the challenges of learning and working remotely.

“This new normal is hard for everyone involved, and we’re all learning together whatever your role is in it," Huth said. “So, I just always say, lead with empathy, lead with compassion for your kids, for yourself, for your teachers, for everyone. And, you know, everything that we do is not going to be perfect, and that's OK.”

Havish Malladi, a high school senior from Fairfax County, shared his experiences with the group. He said he’s using the time to learn about other subjects and spending time with friends and family until spring break ends April 14.

Unlike Malladi’s experience, Fernandez said he expects there to be stress with remote learning for both students and teachers.

Fernandez discussed the challenges and concerns parents are having with COVID-19, advising viewers to practice self-care, create a schedule, and for parents, consider how they are serving as role models for their kids.

In terms of children maintaining relationships, panelists suggested playing online games and connecting with peers on social media platforms to practice social distancing.

“I think during this time where we're kind of isolated and while we're at it, it's more important than ever to really take a look at our schedules to say, we need to make sure we're taking care of ourselves, as well as getting things done," Fernandez said.

On March 31, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced a stay-at-home order to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, and he recommended Virginians continue to follow social distancing guidelines if they must leave their homes. The executive order is in effect until June 10 unless updated or rescinded.

The number of positive coronavirus cases in Loudoun County has reached 167, including at least four deaths as of April 5, according to the Virginia Department of Health records. The governor said coronavirus cases in Virginia may peak between late April and late May.

Sunday’s roundtable, which included discussions on cyberbullying and monitoring online activity, was the first in a series of conversations centered around good digital citizenship.

“This is really important now, especially as we are all at home so much more on our devices,” Wexton said. “We need to spend a lot more time on them. We need to figure out the best way to navigate this transition and being a good digital citizen in the time of coronavirus will help all of our families better get through this really difficult time.”

Wexton represents the 10th District, which includes Clarke, Frederick and Loudoun counties, portion of Fairfax and Prince William counties and the cities of Manassas Park, Manassas and Winchester.


Watch the full online discussion below:

(31) comments


Letfreedom, based on you right wing lying, you made up statements that were false and inaccurate. No one said that everyone in the county should make the average pay, not those making more or those making less. You just want to make up stories that fit your agenda. Is it right that the people who are running the county should make less than the average pay? Is that position worth less? You just want to rant about liberal, the left an everything they stand for right or wrong, true or false.


Round, I'm a dog person, what do your rats think of it?


Discourse by post ends of the political spectrum could be useful to keeping our nation from splitting apart. But I don't see it happening. Instead, both extremes think the other sides information is fake, while their side is the honest truth. For our democracy to flourish both extremes need to listen to both sides and not simply dismiss it as fake news.


But there is a difference of repeating things you've seen on conspiracy websites and stating things with documentation.

pual mase

The Dems and their media mouthpieces are conspiracy machines.

The evidence is in plain sight.......just listen to Maddox, Lemon, Blitzer , Acosta on any day twist themselves in knots trying to weave a Trump scandal.

Then watch AG parrot it shamelessly.



Amerigirl, what do your 10 cats think of this topic?


Common Sense Media? started by the self described liberal activist, Steyer. Nothing to see here, move along.

Virginia SGP

This sounds like a bunch of gibberish. What concrete advice was given? Be skeptical of Wexton's dubious political comments?


You haven't even checked it out, you have to ask what advise was given but you deem it gibberish? I'm a tad skeptical of you comment.


Solid advise.


The best way to manage misinformation is to turn off CNN, MSNBC and ignore all of the other ignorant, hateful people who try to blame Trump for causing all of the world’s problems.


Another Conspiracy theorist that only listens to the liar in chief to get his news. Trump can only blame himself for the problems he has caused. Thank CNN, and MSNBC for reporting and backing it up with evidence.


I present exhibit A.

pual mase

CNN and MSNBC stopped being news outlets years ago.

They have become anti-Trump , liberal mouthpieces with no regard for facts and objectivity.

They exist to take down Trump, It is fascinating and scary that so many libs buy into their propaganda as witnessed by AG posts.

Where the “solid evidence” that explains MSNBC’s years long accusations of Russian collusion....debunked by the Mueller report.

Where was the “solid evidence” to support the sham Dem impeachment? .....It didn’t exist.

Where is the “solid evidence” of federal mismanagement of the corona virus crisis when Trump was ahead of most Dems recognizing the threat and acting decisively to shut down China travel as WHO and Dems criticized the move.

I’m sure AG will have some BS comeback to save face.

Pay no attention to liberal liars.


pual, speaking of BS, you must be getting your news from (the being sued for lying) fox network. The Mueller report was not debunked, in fact 2 Russians were indited. The networks mentioned even back up what they say with documentation, fix makes up stories and refutes them in the middle of the night when no one is watching. If trump didn't lie so much they wouldn't have so much to report on. That's a fact. There was solid evidence for impeachment, did you read it? They knew that the senate would do nothing with it, but it did put his impeachment in history. Do you EVER back up what you say with real evidence? Do you ever even check to see if what you proclaim as truth is close to truth?


@paul mase - Don’t let facts (or the blatant lack thereof) get in the way of a sensational hoax. If you repeat a lie enough times and with enough emotion, then people will buy it. That’s the strategy of CNN, MSNBC, NYT and WaPo. There’s a very good reason why they are all called “fake news.” They ask for it.


Wexton recently voted to give herself a pay raise now she is preaching to us?? If she really cared, she would not have approved her pay raise, she would donate her salary and focus on helping companies manufacture medical supplies.


OMG the last raise they had was in 2008. Would you work at a place that didn't even give you a cost of living raise for 12 years? As Matt Letourneau (R) said. " When the [county] budget increases and when the population increases, then the workload increases but it's the same number of people." He also brought up that supervisors do not always qualify for certain benefits, programs and automatic pay increases that county staff do.

Be honest, would you work a job with less benefits, higher work load, and no pay raise for 12 years?


Do you have a non-government job?


Yet Politicians all somehow enrich themselves through these public service positions. Strange how that works.


tolerant, I am retired. I don't have a job. Common sense says you would not work a job under those conditions, right?


Roundhill, enrich themselves through these public service positions? Board members will get $66,826 in 2020, which is up from the current $41,200. How rich is that? The average income in Loudoun in 2017 was $71,535.


“Board members will get $66,826 in 2020, which is up from the current $41,200.”

I sure wish I had the (abusive) power to give myself a 62% pay raise. Damn, it must be nice to be a politician.


Let, so you seriously think they should continue to make a little over half of what the average person makes in Loudoun? Be smart, look at the amount of people that were here 8 years ago (338,275) to now, and the average income back then ($45,507) to now ($71,535).

More Cowbell

It was never meant to be a job. Their ego get in the way. And most stay way too long. $60K raise is outrageous.


Cowbell, what do you mean it was never meant to be a job? Would you hold a job under those conditions?


Good grief. The Google expert showing off their lack of UNDERSTANDING of yet another topic. A Federal elected position isn't supposed to be a "job."

More Cowbell

I don't recall anyone asking them to run. They decided to run. Just like volunteering your time to a good cause. Some do it and most don't. Same goes with donating money, some do it and most don't. If they don't like the pay or work, resign. There are 100s of other corrupt egos wanting that position.


Pual and Let’s Have you noticed that you have no facts that can back up anything you said about the media? The big difference is Fox says things without any corroboration and refutes it later or claims that it is their opinion. The other outlets you mentioned all say if they cannot verify info that they are given when they can’t verify it. Usually they can and have used the freedom of information act to do so. The news should not be opinions and if they are it should be stated that it is. The only ones calling it fake news is trump and his sheep. He wants to be able to lie and not get caught. Flat out lying about things like the Mueller report and saying that there is no evidence when evidence can be easily verified just makes one look stupid.


Cowbell, you don’t recall anyone asking them to run? There seems to be a lack of understanding about how political parties work. Both parties ask people to run and they sponsor their nominees. Would you do that job, yes it is a job, for half the standard pay in Loudoun when your constituents have access to you at all times, knowing you won’t have a raise for 8 years?


Based on flawed leftist logic, all Loudouners making less than $71,535 are entitled to a raise to bring them up to the county average income of $71,535. Nevermind the fact that that would mathematically raise the average, therefore requiring further pay increases to be “fair”. Wow. Is it any mystery why progressive liberal policies simply don’t work?

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