Rich McMunn

Rich McMunn is running for a seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

Navy veteran Rich McMunn announced Thursday his candidacy for Ashburn District supervisor on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

McMunn hopes to succeed Supervisor Ralph Buona (R), who is not seeking reelection. Democrats Kiran Gunnam and Mike Turner are seeking their party's nomination.

“I’m running for supervisor because there is more work to be done,” McMunn said in a prepared statement. “I never thought I would run for office, but I’ve experienced the high tolls and the congested roads that Ashburn families face every single day. Solid plans to solve some of these issues have been put in place, but we need to ensure that they are properly implemented. The proposed Greenway alternative is a great example of a project that needs to be completed as quickly as possible.”

McMunn’s campaign priorities include fighting high tolls, reducing congestion, accelerating road projects that bypass the Greenway, investing in education, keeping taxes low, ensuring proper growth around the new Metro stations and enhancing green space in Ashburn.

The Republican candidate served in the Navy for two decades, focusing on the submarine force. Following his retirement, McMunn moved to Ashburn with his two daughters and wife Debbie. He works as a director for an IT company in Loudoun County.

“I have two young daughters in Loudoun County Public Schools,” McMunn said. “I want them to have every opportunity to succeed and grow in their education. And when they come home, I want to be able to enjoy the outdoors."

Buona first won office in 2011 by more than 20 points. In 2015, he won by 4 percentage points over Turner.

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Rich, I honor your service and can appreciate your stated goals even though some of them clearly are on opposite sides of the ledger. Because of that I am hoping you will supply a bit more detail on how you would contribute to the management of such conflicts. Prior to avoiding the Greenway have you considered properly assessing it and getting Loudoun commuters a discounted rate? Knowing property taxes are already about 30% higher than the average of Virginia why wouldn't you consider challenging the free ride HHMI is getting while owning nearly 3/4 of a billion in Ashburn assets on 600 acres? Not everyone in our community has both pensions and an IT job to live on so organizations like the Good Shepherd Alliance (also in Ashburn) provide housing, food and support to many homeless yet there support from the BOS does not represent the value they provide to Loudoun. Finally supporting education is quite appropriate as I invested 8 years of my lf eon that board but just throwing money over the transom without requiring prudent financial management will only get you that $700 Pentagon hammer or in this case turf fields that were never financially justified when they replaced a already in place field with water well support. I believe this community wants great management not partisan based talking points. Awaiting your input.


You raise some valid points, however Mr. McMunn has just announced I think it is fair to expect that he will provide more details at the appropriate time.

I do find it ironic however that when members of the Democrat party throw ideas out like the New Green Deal, Medicare for All, Free College and Guaranteed living wage that no specifics are ever supplied. Let's be fair and demand the same level of detail from all candidates. Let's also have meaningful debates and town hall settings where the constituents can ask the questions.

The main priorities of our local Loudoun government are to provide safety (police, fire), education and wellness of the living environment such as parks and playgrounds. Having seen first hand the education system of Loudoun my impression is that the money is not the issue. Instead it is the constant turmoil the teachers and the administration is put through to respond to every fad proposed 'to improve education', the majority of which fail terribly. I can go into specifics but in general the constant revamping of teaching methods and approaches cause loss of productivity of the teachers, disadvantage the students and create confusion with the parents. So while I agree throwing money at the problem may not work, it seems to me that the School Board itself should be on the hot seat. As a fiscal conservative myself I have to tell you that I do not mind paying more in local taxes since I see the direct impact in the services I receive. While we should limit waste, I would rather focus on those facets of Government (state and federal) where it seems we as constituents are nearly voiceless and control seems to be totally with politicians who ignore us after their election.


Bob, given Mr. McMunn has just announced I would expect him to clarify his positions and provide more details in time. I see no issue in his platform and while I agree that throwing money at a problem doesn’t always work the issue you highlight about education seems misdirected. The problem I have seen is that the constant revamping of the methods and curriculum cause significant confusion on the part of the teachers and school administrators, the parents and the most importantly the students. Just for once I would like to see the teachers have more say and not have everything top,down driven by a school board and superintendent who,give much too weight to “education experts”.


He looks Irish does that count?


Thanks to Rich McMunn we can be spared having another anti Semite backer. A party that elects Samarih should be shut out come election time. Of note that the LTM did not note is that Suzanne Fox announced and is running against Boysko, yahoo!


He has no chance. He isnt or doesn't have the following, transgender, anti semitic, criminal record, person of color and pro illegal immigration. He shouldn't waste his time or money.


You say that about all of the candidates. I think it's time you seriously thinkk about running!


Sorry Amerigiirl, I too do no meet the mentioned criteria

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