Julio Aragon mugshot

Julio F. Aragon

A man was arrested in Ashburn May 14 after reportedly causing a vehicle collision while impaired, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded to the 44000 block of Allderwood Terrace around 9:24 a.m. and reportedly found the striking driver to be under the influence of alcohol.

Julio F. Aragon, 30, of Reston, was charged with driving while intoxicated — his second offense.

LCSO officials said Aragon was being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond as of Friday afternoon.

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Yep, that is just what Northam, Wexton, Pelosi and gang of leakers wants. They figure the people they kill while driving probably wouldn't vote for them anyway and since they let them right back out they will always vote socialist democraps. Check out Williams in Florida that was let out because he cried about I'm going to get the Corona virus, so you have to let me out early because of course "I'm not violent". Out one day and then kills a man. More reason to vote anyone out that supports letting criminals out at any time. Do the crime do the time. He had at least 3 dozen arrests, 2 felonies and 5 or more misdemeanors, now a man is dead. This falls on anyone who supports letting criminals out while this of course is one of the back bone of Botox Pelosi's 3T scam bill that gives free money to undocumented illegals. Oh and mentions Cannabis 10 times more than the word jobs. Vote all the Democraps out!!

More Cowbell

While everyone else is in lock down mode, seems many DWI criminals continue to drive and drink.... Guess they're thinking less cops on the road? This is like 4-5 person to have multiple DWIs. And these are the ones caught, imagine how many others out there still behind the wheel.


Im sure Amerigirl knows, she has a answer for everything.


I'm guessing they are easier to spot now. They need more serious consequences for DUI's


Another fine upstanding citizen out there to help the greater good. Don't worry, "Coonman" will have him out in no time to probably kill someone next time when he is crashing into people drunk. But that's ok, liberals will blame it on Trump. "Coonman" must go.


No mask? Sheesh.


It would be real, honest, news if the Times Mirror would publish the immigration status of those who do great things for the USA as well as for those for those who commit crimes.


But would you have said that if he was white? I doubt that is on the police report they use.

Chris McHale

Was he on his way to work?


I read articles like these all the time here in the latino times mirror


Thank goodness Governor Coonman has kept the ABC and vaping stores open while the rest of us rot away inside our homes.


Supermarkets and convenience stores sell wine, beer and cigarettes. Why are you rotting away? Get outside and take a walk or volunteer at a food bank or shelter. Seems like the only thing you know how to do is bitch and moan and insult the governor.


AMEN! I personally am glad ABC is open, or I wouldn't be able to read these comments with any humor!


Oldbroad, so with you on that one. Cheers!


Yes. Supermarkets and conveniences also happen to sell foodstuffs. Unlike vape stores and ABC. You understand that there's a difference, right? The governor deserves to be insulted. He's a baby-murdering, business-destroying piece of garbage.

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