Round Hill mandatory water conservation

Water tower in Round Hill. 

Round Hill residents are being instructed to restrict their water usage for at least the next three weeks following a system failure at one of the town's water treatment facilities forced the system to be shut down.

Officials said water should not be used for washing cars, watering lawns, filling swimming pools or other activities until the order is lifted.

Water quality was not affected, said town administrator Melissa Hynes.

On Wednesday night, Round Hill Town Council members met in an emergency session to discuss what was described as a "critical water situation" in the town.

At the meeting, town staff explained that due to an operational issue at the Goose Creek Water Treatment plant — which is one of the town's three water treatment plants — it caused three wells to go offline.

The town's utility staff found that the source of the problem is a massive filter system used in the plant, which needs to be replaced. 

The failure of the system required the water treatment plant to be taken offline while emergency filter media replacement and valve repairs are completed.

As a result, residents are being asked to only use water that is necessary until repairs can be made at the water treatment plant.

The town of Round Hill has three water treatment plants and 11 wells serving 5,000 people or 1,700 households. In-town residents comprise only 18 percent of the town's water usage, according to Hynes. 

Hynes said the process of repairs and filter replacement will take several weeks.

Hynes said that while the filters are an expensive cost to the town,  contingencies are built into the budget to cover the repairs.

"We will move things around," she said. "We will make it work."

"We are trying to fix the pressure in the system," she said. "The water is fine, it's just we can't produce the water."

Hynes has concerns that if another well becomes inoperative, additional restrictions will need to be put into place. 

"Any person or customer found conducting any of these prohibited uses shall be subject to a fine not to exceed five hundred ($500) dollars for each violation," according to a statement from Round Hill officials. 

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