Route 7-Battlefield Project Map

State and local leaders are celebrating the groundbreaking of the Route 7-Battlefield Parkway interchange project that will eventually remove the stoplight and bring a new shared-use path and sidewalk along Battlefield Parkway in the area of the project.

In addition to a ceremonial ribbon-cutting with VDOT and elected officials Tuesday morning, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority is holding a community meeting about the project Thursday night at John W. Tolbert Jr. Elementary School in Leesburg. The community meeting is from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the school located at 691 Potomac Station Drive.

The project, according to VDOT officials, includes a grade-separated interchange at Route 7/East Market Street and Battlefield Parkway, adding auxiliary lanes on eastbound Route 7 between the bypass and River Creek Parkway and removing the signal and modifying the intersection west on Route 7 at Cardinal Park Drive.

The more than $77 million project is slated for completion in fall 2021. Approximately $58 million in NVTA regional revenues is being allocated toward the initiative.

Beginning in fall 2020, Battlefield Parkway will be closed between Russell Branch Parkway and the Marketplace at Potomac Station shopping center entrance for about 10 months, according to VDOT officials. Traffic will be detoured via Fort Evans Road to the north and Russell Branch Parkway and Crosstrail Boulevard to the south. Traffic will be maintained on Route 7 during construction.

Local leaders note that once the project is complete, drivers will have a signal-free drive on Route 7 between City Center Boulevard in Sterling and Berryville, a distance of more than 30 miles.

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Couple of questions:

1 When the intersection was originally set up didn't VDOT add a lot of material to make is higher than the natural flow of the land? If so why not return it to that level and guild an underpass instead of an overpass so the entrance ramps all around would be cheaper as they would be at ground level?

2 Are they REALLY planning to block the entrance and exit to the landscape business and wood shed product business similar to what was done at Lexington (which led to a lawsuit)?

My concern is that all these questionable decisions eat up the VDOT budget which then becomes their excuse for not managing the roads in Loudoun they are responsible for.


Phase 1 of this project includes construction of an access roads from Potomac Station Drive to the 3, not 2, businesses whose direct access from Route 7 will be impacted by interchange. Direct access from 7 would be removed during phase 2.

I find it amusing that you would call removing this access a questionable decision since it might spark a lawsuit as closing down Lexington did. In response to an article on this website regarding the BoS voting to eliminate the light at Lexington and the nursery owners objections you said, "Tear down that light! It is absurd to impede thousands of commuters per hour when there are two major turnaround capable overpasses within hundreds of yards of this light. Battlefield parkway light is next to go!"


Fall of 2020 is when Battlefield closes -- right before the town elections. This will be interesting...


The map does an excellent job of explaining the project.

Chris McHale

Why did they just not do this when they built Battlefield Parkway?


Good question! Makes the tax payers look stupid.

Doug Glatt

Chris its another example of uncontrolled growth. Allowing developers to build and build without fully understanding the long term costs. Why, every November, do we vote to put our County further into debt while a majority of these costs should be covered by the developers? Next month $93 million for schools, $23 million for Fire Houses, $42 million for parks, and $57 million for roads?

Loudoun has always been reactive instead of proactive.

David Dickinson

Because developers make campaign contributions to shift the cost burden from them to the public.

More Cowbell

Lack of planning. I remember when there was only 1 light between Sterling and route 15(Ashburn Village Rd and 7)

David Dickinson

"drivers will have a signal-free drive on Route 7 between City Center Boulevard in Sterling and Berryville, a distance of more than 30 miles."

Hands down, this is the best thing the BoS has ever done.


If we didn't have the WORST drivers on the East Coast in Loudoun, particularly Leesburg we could celebrate. We have town police, sherriffs and Staties and the speed limit on Rt 7 avgs 65 to 75! Red lights are at the discretion if the driver, as are yields and stop signs. I'd rather drive blindfolded in Paris!


Have you ever driven in NYC?

David Dickinson

I hear you. I don't know why police enforcement of speeding and driving infractions in general has become so lax.


Hooray! Let's pave over everything and drive until the wheels fall off. [censored][censored]

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