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The Loudoun County School Board is seeking name suggestions for two Dulles elementary schools that will open in the fall of 2021, according to Loudoun County Public Schools.

A Dulles North area school, currently referred to as ES-23, will be located in the Arcola Center development off Evergreen Mills Road. The second elementary school, ES-29, will be in the Dulles South area, co-located on the Lightridge High School site in Aldie.

Board-appointed naming committees for ES-23 are scheduled to meet Oct. 16 and Nov. 6 at the LCPS Administration Building, which is located at 21000 Education Court in Ashburn. ES-29 naming committee meetings will be held Oct. 30 and Nov. 14 at Goshen Post Elementary School, located at 24945 Lobo Drive in Aldie.

The committees will consider geographic and historic names, as well as names of people who contributed significantly to the quality of life in Loudoun, LCPS, the Commonwealth of Virginia or the United States. Barring extraordinary circumstances, the committees will not consider naming a school facility after any individual who is currently living or has been deceased less than five years.

Name suggestions should be mailed to LCPS Division of Planning Services — 21000 Education Court, Ashburn, VA 20148 — or emailed to lcpsplan@lcps.org no later than Oct. 11. Those suggesting a school name are asked to provide background information to aid in the selection process.

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Comment police in da house.


Let's be smart & sell Corporate Sponsorship - AOL HS, Mars HS, Amazon HS. Or just give them numbers like NYC so as not to offend anyone.


How about surveying the cloud computing companies or other large companies in Loudoun for suggestions they will support upfront and as the school needs support over the years? Wegmans, Howard Hughes, Microsoft or even Amazon? They all have histories and unlike some of the school names we already have did not participate in slavery to build their farm or wealth. Or I guess we could just ask for hundreds of millions more every year from taxpayers hiring staff that never teach, building turf fields on top of perfectly good well water fed grass fields, scheduling buses with only a few students as riders, charging parents to let children participate in athletics and paying some teachers more than twice what other teachers earn doing the same job or give the Superintendent another $25,000 yearly bonus.


Guess "2 billion dollar bond elementary school" isn't quite as catchy.


Since one of the schools may have nearly a majority of kids from the Indian subcontinent, why not give the school a name from that region.


You mean like Apache, Seminole, etc?


Can't tell if serious.


I wish the School Board would go back to naming schools after places, not people. Whenever naming rights involve people, feelings get hurt. Think back to the "Team Mathias" debacle, for example. Maybe the young teen deserved to have a school named after him, or maybe not. But all the ruffled feathers and hurt feelings could have been avoided if the school board had just stuck to considering a few landmarks.

Virginia SGP

How about we name these schools based on the giants of science. Fairfax has such schools (Edison HS). We could pick any number of heros from Claude Shannon to Nikola Tesla to James Watson to Richard Feynman to Enrico Fermi. Imagine if these names rolled off our kids' tongues like the modern-day politician or sports star. It might change a few perspectives and excite them to pursue academics as much as hobbies.


Great idea!


SGP - your post presumes that Loudoun students are not already academically motivate and that hobbies are not worthwhile endeavors - both are so wrong.


Is there one post you ever agree with? He said a few not many. Get off your high horse for just once.

It might change a few perspectives and excite them to pursue academics as much as hobbies.


springer that is pretty judgmental. It's a comment page, that's his opinion. your comment was personal. .


That is a fantastic idea.

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