Waxpool Elementary vicinity map

Loudoun County Public Schools staff and the School Board are weighing capacity and future boundary adjustments as they begin the process of drawing attendance zones for Waxpool Elementary School, set to open next fall.

LCPS staff presented five members of the School Board with two potential boundary adjustment plans for the Dulles North area around Waxpool Elementary. The new school will open at 42560 Black Angus Drive in Ashburn, near the intersection of Belmont Ridge and Waxpool roads.

The major difference between plans 1A and 1B is 1B leaves schools under 125 percent capacity in the next two years. Areas around Madison’s Trust and Creighton’s Corner are projected to continue growing in the coming years.

LCPS Planning Services Director Beverly Tate said staff could develop a plan to further reduce overcrowding in the Dulles North area, but many students would have to move again when ES-23 opens in the fall of 2021 at the Arcola Center site.

Under plan 1B, some students would have to move again when ES-23 opens, but Tate said this is necessary to reduce overcrowding. This year, Madison’s Trust is 235 students over capacity, and Creighton’s Corner is 224 students over capacity.

Board Chairman Jeff Morse (Dulles District) asked staff to provide which planning zones have been moved in the past five years, in an effort to minimize multiple moves for students, and for staff to provide information on future planned developments in the next presentation.

As part of the boundary adjustment, under either plan, some students from Hillside, Mill Run, Moorefield Station, Legacy, Creighton’s Corner, Rosa Lee Carter, Madison’s Trust and Cardinal Ridge Elementary schools may be assigned to a new school next year.

Middle and high school boundaries will not change in the adjustment process, Tate said.

Parents can view plans online and check to see under which planning zone they fall through the LCPS home page.

Morse urged parents to look at attendance boundary zones for the 2019-20 school year, because Independence High School will open next fall, and those attendance boundaries have already been set. This year’s attendance boundary zones do not reflect the opening of Independence High School.

The next meeting in the boundary adjustment process is a staff briefing and public hearing on Oct. 22. The School Board is set to adopt the boundary adjustment at its regular Dec. 11 meeting.

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What kind of a "plan" is it when they know, going in, that some students will have to be relocated twice in the next three years? There is zero excuse for this...and if I was a parent there I'd be lawyering up as we speak.

More Cowbell

Unsure why LCPS has a planning group(except to spend/waste more tax $$$). They(and school board) do a horrible job at initial planning of all new schools. They lack common sense and logic when drawing up boundaries.

Virginia SGP

Let's review the facts on enrollment at LCPS:

1. By opening 3 new schools in 2018-2019, LCPS added 3600+ new seats of capacity.

2. LCPS only had 1250 new students enroll -> many MORE new seats than students.

3. In Ashburn elementary school (particularly northern Ashburn), schools have 100's of open seats. In Eric Hornberger's district, there are elem schools at 81% capacity or 77% capacity.

Why aren't the northern Ashburn schools being rezoned as well? Their capacity will continue to drop as the neighborhoods mature and fewer school-age kids live in those homes. Hornberger split the Lansdowne neighborhood in his own district because of "Seldens Landing overcrowding" and promised never to bring them back. Yet Seldens is 81% full and there are only 20 kids in classrooms. Dulles South has schools at 122% capacity and 29 kids in similar classrooms.

We need not waste $$ by accelerating the construction of schools whe we can easily accommodate the Dulles area students by zoning them north (not skipping schools but each Ashburn school should receive kids from its south, not from its north).

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