Chris Harmison

Veteran law enforcement officer Chris Harmison announced his campaign for sheriff in front of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office headquarters in Leesburg on March 20. 

Veteran law enforcement officer Chris Harmison announced Wednesday he is running for Loudoun County sheriff.

Harmison will seek the Democratic nomination over Army intel officer Justin Hannah. Harmison and Hannah hope to unseat incumbent Mike Chapman (R), who is seeking his third term as Loudoun's chief law enforcement officer.

“We need a sheriff who is committed to fair and unbiased policing for all people,” Harmison said in a prepared statement. “My campaign is about transparency, direct community involvement, and improving communications at all levels.”

Harmison's priorities include improving interactions and relationships with governmental and non-governmental partners, establishing Citizen Advisory Committees in each of the four Loudoun County Sheriff's Office substations in the county and a commitment to openness and diversity in the operations and hiring for the agency.

The Democrat who once worked closely with Chapman has claimed that the sheriff is retaliatory and vindictive by nature and that morale is low at the LCSO.

A native Virginian, Harmison in a statement said he began his career in law enforcement at the age of 21 as a full-time police officer for Fairfax County. He held various positions in Fairfax and eventually landed as the chief deputy of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, a position to which he was appointed by Chapman.

Harmison lives in Leesburg with his wife Monica and their two children.

Announcing his campaign in front of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office headquarters in Leesburg, Harmison said he believes he is the person for the job because he has spent his entire career in law enforcement.

“It’s that kind of law enforcement experience that the voters are looking for," he said.

Harmison ran for sheriff as an independent in 2003, falling in a six-way race to Republican Steve Simpson, who claimed 46.5 percent of the vote.

Chapman won his first term in 2011 over Simpson with 54.2 percent of the vote. He then claimed his second term with 60.8 percent of the vote in 2015.

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Mike Chapman is a man of total integrity and with the approval rating that he and his deputies have EARNED, as a team. I wished the malcontents would put their thirst for power and positions aside and support the great public servant that we all have in Mike Chapman !!

Worker Bee

Chris Harmison is a genuinely good guy with many years of law enforcement experience, who is liked and respected by the rank and file in the Loudoun County Sheriff's office. The incumbent has a long history of retaliation against anyone who he feels is insufficiently loyal to him. As a constitutional officer it seems he can get away with that, but that does not make it right. As to all the back and forth about Democrats are bad or Comey was bad or whatever, spare me. In local government, let's look at the person, their qualifications and platform. Particularly in law enforcement which should be as non-partisan as possible. I lean republican but vote for the person in local races, and Harmison is definitely the right person for the job.


The only question to be answered is will Sheriff Chapman set a new Loudoun County margin of victory percentage?


Good choice for sheriff position....this guy would be good for Loudoun....He is nothing like lying and leaking Comey or dishonest McCabe or corrupt Page/Stroke and the rest of the Mueller collusion, no obstruction, Trump completely exonerated, still major questions around crooked Hillary, DOJ and FBI leadership that needs to be investigated.....I remember CNN and MSNBC sayin the Trump family would be leabing the WH in handcuffs...maybe as a political persecution by the banana gov. we have today, but not for any crimes -- Dems lose again...


be still my heart, you know he is a dem right? Also Comey never leaked anything that was not his to say. It doesn't say that there is no obstruction, it passes that on. Congress will probably be the ones to decide that. The trumps have committed so many crimes I wouldn't be surprised if they do leave in handcuffs. Most having to do with their businesses.

Virginia SGP

When a campaign is based on nothing but alleged "low morale", you know it is doomed.

Note that there was nothing cited about statistics or poor effectiveness by Chapman. Harmison's whole campaign seems predicated on (1) giving total control over to the bureaucrats in downtown Loudoun via a police force and (2) making sure top officials in the LCSO can create division and speak out politically against their boss with impunity.

With regard to turning it into a police force (1), why run for the job if you can serve as a sheriff? With regard to allowing union partisans to create divisson within the force (2), no organization works like that anywhere. In the federal administration, there is massive turnover every 4/8 years precisely because you want everyone pulling in the same direction. If you advocate for a different CEO to be appointed upon a change in a private company, you won't last long either as you worked against the new CEO. It is remarkable that these folks think any organization would prosper with such a strategy. That is why they cannot point to any negative results. Maybe if they could force Chapman to keep naysayers throughout the organization, then we would see negative results. Is that what they want just to get power?

Please tell me his campaign is based on something substantive. It appears all these guys want is power and control.


"Low morale" is only 1 item on his campaign, if you would take the time to research. However, "low morale with deputies means less protection for you, for your children, for your friends. When those deputies are working with low morale, do you think they are doing their best work? I want them well taken care of, with proper gear and support from admin. Without that, we will become a santuary for criminals... Oh, wait, we already are. This is where Brian Reynolds was safe and sound for years until the FBI stepped in.


looking for downtown Loudoun on the map?.. Any good manager will get as much data as they can before they male a decision. A study on the pros and cons of a police department before you make a decision is not a bad thing it, Chapman deciding he will not enev look at it so he can keep power is a bad thing and bad management ... lets send him to downtown Loudoun.


It reads that his campaign is running on “transparency, direct community involvement, and improving communications at all levels.” by “improving interactions and relationships with governmental and non-governmental partners, establishing Citizen Advisory Committees in each of the four Loudoun County Sheriff's Office substations in the county and a commitment to openness and diversity in the operations and hiring for the agency.", not low morale. That is just a problem that needs to be addressed especially if it is because Chapman “is retaliatory and vindictive by nature”. Is that substantive enough?


thank you for your reading lessons. i ain't got no good readin' skills. you're so smart.


Watch out Loudoun County. Do you want to become a sanctuary county for Illegals?


What makes you say that? Do you know his platform or are you just saying that in your opinion all Dems support illegal immigration?


Yes, they all do. All dems support illegal immigration and they are anti American. If you are a Democrat you should be ashamed of yourself


Workhard, that is like me saying that if you are republican you are a liar and anti-american. That is nothing more than a trump claim that has been disproven many times. The man lies so much they keep a count, 8,158 in his first 2 years alone. Dems have offered trump border security improvements such as retrofitting ports of entry, new sensors and drones, more immigration judges and border patrol agents, and additional technology, among other measures. But all he wants is his” I made a promise that I can’t keep” wall that Mexico was suppose to pay for. He just can’t be sensible when it comes to border security.


Have you read this candidates views? Obviously not.

Also, it IS a sanctuary for illegals with Chapm at the helm. Brian Reynolds is a prime example. The Feds had to step in.

Chris McHale

Based all of the recent LCSO daily arrest reports. I think Loudoun is already a sanctuary county.


I really wish they would take politics out of law enforcement. It does not belong there. At least he has experience.


James Comey had experience and looked how that turned out. He destroyed the FBI with partisanship


Partisanship? which side? when he went after Clinton right before the election or Trump for foreign ties?

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